Norwegian Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Details and Pictures

Norwegian Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Norwegian operates 18 narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737 Max 8.

While these planes are new, the in-flight experience will be similar to what you’d find on Norwegian’s 737-800 aircraft.

Most seats are a bit tight and offer few amenities, but roughly 10% of the cabin offers significantly more legroom.

You can select your own seat with a LowFare+ or Flex ticket, or you can pay extra for a seat assignment if you’re booked at the cheapest LowFare rate.

Norwegian LN BKC Boeing 737 MAX 8 UNICEF Livery
Norwegian LN BKC Boeing 737 MAX 8 UNICEF Livery

Boeing 737 Max 8 Norwegian Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegDeliveredName
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYA29 Jun 2017Sir Freddie Laker
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYB29 Jun 2017​Tom Crean
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYC17 Jul 2017Jonathan Swift
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYD17 Jul 2017Benjamin Franklin
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYE31 Jul 2017Sojourner Truth
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYF10 Aug 2017Clara Barton
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYG16 May 2018Maria Zambrano
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYH26 Jun 2018Tycho Brahe
Boeing 737-8 MAXEI-FYI24 Sep 2018Arthur Collins
Boeing 737-8 MAXLN-BKA13 Aug 2018Oscar Wilde
Boeing 737-8 MAXLN-BKB16 Aug 2018Mark Twain
Boeing 737-8 MAXLN-BKC6 Sep 2018
Boeing 737-8 MAXLN-BKD24 Oct 2018Marco Polo
Boeing 737-8 MAXLN-BKE29 Oct 2018Hans Børli
Boeing 737-8 MAXLN-BKF18 Dec 2018Theodor Kittelsen
Boeing 737-8 MAXSE-RTA20 Nov 2018Charles Lindbergh
Boeing 737-8 MAXSE-RTB20 Dec 2018Elsa Beskow
Boeing 737-8 MAXSE-RTC17 Dec 2018Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente

Norwegian Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 operates on short to medium haul flights, with a seating capacity of 189 Economy Class seats.

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While all Economy Class seats have 29 to 30 inches of pitch, Exit Rows and bulkhead seats offer a roomier 38 inches of pitch.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 Max 8 Norwegian

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 Max 8 Norwegian
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 Max 8 Norwegian

Norwegian’s MAX 8 has 189 economy seats in a 3-3 configuration — three more than the 186 seats you’ll find on the 737-800.

Unfortunately, that translates to even less room.

Each seat is 17.2 inches wide, with most seats offering 29-30 inches of pitch.

Both measurements are on the small side, and the legroom is scant, including by Norwegian Air’s own standards.

In comparison, the airline offers a pitch of 31-32 inches in its 787 economy cabin, and a relatively luxurious 46 inches in the premium cabin.

Even the airline’s older 737-800 aircraft have some economy seats with 31 inches of pitch.

With those dimensions, the average person is likely to feel a bit cramped on long-haul flights, so paying extra to select your own seat may be worthwhile.

You won’t find much in terms of amenities — each seat has a tray table, fan and overhead light, but they lack more modern accouterments like power ports and seat-back entertainment devices.

On the bright side, every row has access to a window, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a false window seat.

The cabin is also fairly uniform, so you won’t find any odd obstructions or protrusions.

Which Seats to Pick

Your best bet for a comfortable ride is in the exit rows and behind the forward bulkhead.

Those areas offer roughly the same amount of pitch, but my picks for the best seats in the cabin are the aisle seats in the second exit row (16C and 16D), since you get a little extra room for your feet under the seat in front of you.

The seats in row 16 recline fully, giving them a clear advantage over the other exit seats in row 15, which don’t recline at all.

However, row 15 still offers 38 inches of pitch, so it’s a good option for shorter flights or if you don’t mind being fully upright.

Keep in mind that passengers with special needs and children under 16 years are not eligible to sit in either exit row.

The window and middle seats in the exit rows are equally spacious, but keep in mind that the view is obstructed by the wings.

If you value a view above extra legroom, look for a window seat in rows 1-12 or 21-31.

My next choice of seats would be in the window or aisle behind the forward bulkhead.

These seats all offer extra legroom and the ability to debark first, but you lose a little bit of seat width due to the solid armrests that contain the fold-out tray tables.

The bulkhead seats are in row 1 on the port side, with A at the window and C by the aisle.

Norwegian’s 737 MAX 8 configuration does not have a row 1 on the starboard side, so seats 2D and 2F are the ones to target there.

Which Seats to Avoid

On this aircraft, last is least.

Row 32 offers a trifecta of suboptimal seat conditions: You’re at the back of the plane (so you’ll have to wait longest to debark), you have a limited recline due to the bulkhead behind you, and you’re in close proximity to the rear lavatories and galley.

I’d prefer a middle seat elsewhere in the cabin to the aisle or window seats in this row.

(For better or worse, the soda shown in the image below is not included.)

The other seats you should try hard to avoid are in row 14.

These seats don’t have the same noise or smell factor as those in row 32, but being directly in front of an exit row, they don’t recline at all.

On a shorter flight, you might be happier in an aisle seat here (14C or 14D) than in a middle seat elsewhere, but you should steer clear of the whole row on transatlantic or other long-haul routes.

Finally, the view in rows 13-20 is obstructed to varying degrees by the wings and engines.

Other than row 14, those seats are still preferable to the middle, but if you’re looking for a window seat, try to snag one farther toward the front or rear if you can.

Boeing 737 Max 8 Norwegian Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Internet. Norwegian offers free in-flight wifi, however, it is not fast enough to accommodate streaming video. It is recommended that you bring your own device with content already downloaded.
  • Food. Passengers can purchase on board food and beverages.

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