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TAP Air Portugal Fleet Airbus A330neo Details and Pictures

Airbus A330neo CS TUD TAP Air Portugal Delivery Flight

TAP Air Portugal Fleet Airbus A330neo Details and Pictures. TAP Air Portugal is the first airline in the world to fly the new A330neo. On today fleet, there’s 3 active Airbus A330neo, and 13 more on order. The extended-fuselage member of Airbus’ A330neo product line – the A330-900 – can accommodate 287 seats in a typical three-class layout or up to 440 for high-density configurations. Incorporating the latest-generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, along with aerodynamic improvements – including new composite Sharklet wingtip devices – as well as increased lift and reduced drag, the A330neo is a more efficient aircraft that will generate savings through reduced fuel burn.

Airbus A330 941neo CS TUB TAP Air Portugal
Airbus A330 941neo CS TUB TAP Air Portugal

Airbus A330neo TAP Air Portugal Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegDelivered
Airbus A330-941CS-TUB26 Nov 2018
Airbus A330-941CS-TUC21 Dec 2018
Airbus A330-941CS-TUD21 Dec 2018

TAP Air Portugal Fleet Airbus A330neo Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

This A330neo aircraft is equipped with the AirSpace by Airbus cabin, which as well as being innovative is even quieter and spacious and with lighting that is perfected and adapted for each phase of the flight, making a significant contribution to passenger comfort. It has state-of-the-art full-flat seats in Executive Class and more spacious and ergonomic seats in Economy.

It also has an entertainment system with the most up-to-date connectivity.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330neo TAP Air Portugal

There are two versions of the A330neo, the A330neo-800 which can travel 7500 nm (Nearly 14,000km) with 257 passengers, and the A330neo-900 which can travel a 6550 nautical miles (Just over 12,000km) with 287 passengers.

TAP Portugal has used this opportunity to fit out the new A330neo with a whole new interior.

There will be a three-class layout with 34 full-flat business class, 96 economy plus and 168 economy class seats.

There is the ‘Executiva’ section, a business class with lie-flat seats (6 foot 6″ if lying flat), privacy screen and large entertainment screen. Business class passengers are also expected to have complimentary WIFI. The seats will be 22″ wide and 44″ of pitch. They all have direct access to the aisle, but are staggered in a 1-2-1 configuration (As in, every odd row has access to windows, whilst event rows are next to the aisle).

Followed by a ‘premium’ economy section called Economy Plus. The seats are 18″ wide and have 34″ of pitch. The ‘plus’ being the additional legroom (3 more inches, wow) and different coloured seats.

Economy Plus customers can also upgrade to the ‘sky couch’ concept seen on Air New Zealand, a way to convert three economy seats into one lie-flat bed, or potentially an area for families to sit together.

This section will be followed by the standard economy cabin that we see throughout the world. The seats are 18″ wide and have 31″ of pitch.

Airbus A330neo TAP Air Portugal Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. TAP Portugal offers a variety of audio stations.More Information
  • Video. Each seat has a personal TV featuring a variety of TV programs and movies. More Information
  • AC Power. P110V outlets are available at all Business Class seats.
  • Internet. Wi-Fi service to access the internet is available on TAP Portugal’s A330neo aircraft. Different access plans based on data used and cost are available. Additional information may be accessed by clicking here.
  • Food. TAP Portugal serves complimentary meals, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks. More Information NOTE: Meals for children between 2-12 years of age should be requested at time of booking.

TAP Air Portugal Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Airbus A330neo Images Gallery

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