Volotea Baggage Policy Fees & Allowance

Volotea Baggage Policy Fees & Allowance. Check what can you carry on onboard Volotea Airlines flights free of charge as part of your luggage allowance and what the checked baggage fees are in 2024.

Volotea is a Spanish low-cost airline established in 2011.

Currently, it maintains 36 aircraft and flies to 79 destinations in Europe and northern Africa.

A thoroughly 21st-century company, the airline is backed by a trio of international private equity funds. 

Like most low-cost airlines, Volotea flights have one cabin class, and passengers are charged for every single incidental, including luggage. 

Volotea Airlines baggage allowance allows you to get enough space for your luggage and everything you need on a trip.

The airline offers 1 handbag and cabin luggage in Megavolotea and Megavolotea PLUS Cabin Class.

However, the standard fare doesn’t include any cabin luggage facilities.

Volotea Baggage Policy Fees Allowance
Volotea Baggage Policy Fees Allowance

Volotea Checked Baggage Allowance

Volotea Airlines do not have any free checked baggage allowance included in the fare.

Passengers can purchase up to 5 pieces of hold luggage, up to a maximum of 50kg per passenger, either online or at the airport.

Flight route, season and booking method all influence the Volotea Airlines luggage prices.

Baggage weightOnline priceAirport price
20kgFrom €9From €50
25kgFrom €16From €65

The Volotea Airlines fee for overweight baggage is €12 per kilo, payable at the airport during check-in.

Volotea Carry-On Cabin Baggage

Since Volotea only has one cabin class, carry-on baggage rules are the same for all passengers: one personal item and one piece of carry-on baggage.

Personal items include things like laptop bags and purses.

They must be 35 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm or smaller and fit underneath the seat.

Cabin luggage mustn’t exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. 

Together, passenger carry-on items — the personal item and small suitcase combined — cannot weigh more than 10 kilograms.

Jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, shawls, crutches, canes, and small shopping bags from duty free shops inside the airport are also permitted.

Passengers traveling with a Standard Fare ticket will be eligible to carry one handbag without paying any additional cost.

Passengers must ensure that the handbag completely fits under the seat before them.

Additionally, the standard fare doesn’t allow passengers to carry cabin luggage on the flight.

The Volotea Cabin baggage size for a small bag must not exceed 40 x 30 x 20 cm in size.

Alternatively, Megavolotea fare class passengers can carry one handbag for free that must fit under the seat in front of them.

Under the Volotea Airlines baggage allowance, passengers can also carry cabin baggage with a combined maximum weight of up to 10 kg.

The cabin baggage can be carried on, subject to space, and if there is not enough space available, the airline will keep the bag in the aircraft’s hold without charging any additional fees.

Passengers can collect the cabin bag at the time of flight departure.

Talking about the Megavolotea Fare class passengers, the airline offers them enough baggage allowance to carry up to 1 handbag that they can place under the seat and a cabin bag of not more than 10 kg to carry inside the cabin for free of charge.

Passengers must ensure that the cabin bag completely fits inside the overhead bin.

Priority Boarding is an optional service offered by the airlines that gives you access to carry carry-on luggage other than small bags inside the cabin on priority.

If you don’t purchase a priority boarding service, you must stick with the basic baggage allowance.

Alternatively, if you purchase a priority boarding service, the airline will allow you to carry the cabin luggage and the small bag inside the aircraft.

Small Luggage Without Priority Boarding

Each passenger traveling without priority boarding service will only be able to carry a small bag that can be kept under the seat in front of them.

The small bag must not exceed 40 x 30 x 20 cm in dimensions.

In addition, passengers can carry liquids only in bottles up to a limit of 100 ml.

The basic baggage allowance will be applicable if the passengers do not opt for priority boarding.

Handbag with Priority Boarding

Each passenger with priority boarding included with the hand luggage can carry a cabin bag.

Passengers must ensure that the small bag does not exceed an overall size of 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

Additionally, the cabin bag must be under 55 x 40 x 20 cm and can completely fit inside the overhead bin.

Also, the allowed maximum combined weight for both pieces of luggage must be under 10 kg.

Ensure that the cabin bag and hand luggage size do not exceed the 10 kg weight limit; otherwise, Volotea Airlines baggage fees of EUR 65 per item per flight will be charged.

The regulations on carrying liquids will be the same in both cases.

The airline only allows a maximum of 100 ml of liquid to be carried inside the bottle containers.

Volotea Excess Baggage Policy

Under Volotea’s luggage allowance rules, any baggage load over 32 kilograms is considered excess baggage.

Prepare to pay 12€ for every kilogram over 32.

For example, if all your luggage tips the scales at 43 kilograms, you’ll pay an additional 132€.

Volotea Sports Equipment Policy

Volotea categorizes sports equipment as special luggage.

Like all other checked items on the airline, you must book space.

If you do it online ahead of time it will be much cheaper than waiting till check in. 

Sports EquipmentBaggage Fee if Bought OnlineBaggage Fee if Bought Via Call CenterBaggage Fee if Bought at Airport During Check In
Ski and Snowboarding Equipment, Surfboards, Bicycles, Windsurfing and Scuba Gear, Et Cetera60€65€80€

Volotea Musical Instruments Conditions

Like sports equipment, musical instruments qualify as “special luggage” under Volotea’s baggage allowance policy, and the same rules apply.

If, however, the instrument is small — like a flute or clarinet — you’ll likely be allowed to carry it aboard.

You must find alternative shipping for instruments that weigh more than 32 kilograms because they cannot be checked on Volotea flights.

Volotea Pet Policy

Travelers can fly with their four-legged companion under some restrictions.

Passengers with any disability are eligible to travel with a guide dog inside the cabin.

However, each passenger flying with a pet must ensure the extreme safety of other passengers by checking all the safety measurements.

In addition, passengers can add their pets while making the reservation, and only cats and dogs are allowed to travel with a passenger as pets.

Before carrying your pet or making a reservation for them,

Points Below to Avoid any hassle:

  • The pet must be carried in a special container during the flight.
  • The inner side of the container must not be rigid, and there must be small holes for proper ventilation.
  • If the allowed container is unavailable, the airline may reject it.
  • Each passenger must be aware that they can only carry one pet on a flight per container per passenger.
  • The airline will allow a maximum limit of five pets in the cabin.
  • The maximum size dimensions must not exceed 50 x 40 x 20 cm, with an overall maximum allowed weight of 10 kg, including the accessories and pet.
  • Food and water must be covered and available inside the container to avoid any spills and hassles for the passengers and pets.
  • Passengers can carry the soft containers under the seat before them.
  • All the documents and proof must be available at the time of check-in, such as health, age, and vaccination certificates.
  • Only 8-week-old pets will be eligible to travel.

Passengers traveling with Volotea Airlines are allowed to carry a sufficient baggage allowance.

Whether traveling with infants or pets or carrying heavy luggage, Volotea Air makes it easy for every traveler to travel.

Volotea Airlines baggage allowance allows you to carry up to a maximum of 1 handbag that must fit under the seat in front of passengers.

The cabin baggage is not included in the standard fare; however, passengers can opt for priority boarding to include the cabin baggage in the carry-on baggage allowance for the standard fare.

The maximum combined weight must not exceed 10 kg with Volotea Cabin baggage size must not exceed an overall size of 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

Volotea Baggage & Luggage FAQ

What is the permitted Volotea carry-on luggage size?

According to the Volotea airlines baggage policy, all passengers are permitted to bring a cabin bag of a maximum size 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and a small piece of hand luggage (additional carry-on item) not exceeding the dimensions of 30cm x 20cm x 20cm.

Volotea Airlines hand baggage rules state that only Priority Boarding passengers are guaranteed to bring their cabin bag on board.

What is the Volotea pet policy?

Volotea Airlines pet policy permits passengers to bring a cat, or a dog in a bag or containers not exceeding the maximum permitted carry-on luggage size.

The maximum weight of a pet and container cannot exceed 8kg.

Pets are not permitted on flights to and from the UK, Ireland and Malta.

What are the Volotea sports equipment transport prices?

Baggage containing sports equipment weighing not more than 32kg can be transported by Volotea airlines for an additional charge between €60 and €80, depending on the booking method.

What is the Volotea musical instruments policy?

If your musical instrument exceeds the hand luggage dimensions of 30cm x 20cm x 20cm permitted by Volotea Airlines, you can purchase the special luggage service (price €60 €80) to transport your instruments in the hold.

Does Volotea include baggage?

Volotea Airlines fare includes hand baggage but no checked luggage.

If you travel with a suitcase exceeding the free allowance and maximum Volotea Airlines hand luggage dimensions, you will have to check it in at an additional cost.

How do I add baggage to my Volotea flight booking?

You can add more checked baggage to your Volotea Airlines booking up to 2,5 hours before the departure via the online booking system, call centre or at the airport.

Keep in mind that it is cheaper to add it before you arrive at the airport.

Are Volotea strict with baggage allowance?

Volotea Airlines have a strict baggage policy and the size and weight of your hold and carry-on luggage will be carefully checked before you travel.

You will be charged a fee of €12 per kilo for overweight luggage and will have to pay extra if your carry-on luggage exceeds the permitted dimensions and has to be checked in.