Austrian Airlines Fleet Boeing 767-300ER Details and Pictures

Austrian Airlines Fleet Boeing 767-300ER Details and Pictures. Austrian Airlines operates 6 wide-body long-haul aircraft Boeing 767-300ER.

This aircraft configured with Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class.

The 767-300ER, the extended-range version of the 767-300, entered service with American Airlines in 1988.

The type’s increased range was made possible by greater fuel tankage and a higher MTOW of 407,000 lb (185,000 kg).

Design improvements allowed the available MTOW to increase to 412,000 lb (187,000 kg) by 1993.

Power is provided by Pratt & Whitney PW4000, General Electric CF6, or Rolls-Royce RB211 engines.

The 767-300ER comes in three exit configurations: the baseline configuration has four main cabin doors and four over-wing window exits, the second configuration has six main cabin doors and two over-wing window exits; and the third configuration has six main cabin doors, as well as two smaller doors that are located behind the wings.

Austrian Airlines Boeing 767 3Z9ERWL OE LAX Salzburger Festspiele at Beijing Capital International Airport
Austrian Airlines Boeing 767 3Z9ERWL OE LAX Salzburger Festspiele at Beijing Capital International Airport

Boeing 767-300ER Austrian Airlines Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegName
Boeing 767-3Z9(ER)(WL)OE-LAEWiener Sängerknaben
Boeing 767-31A(ER)(WL)OE-LATThailand
Boeing 767-3Z9(ER)(WL)OE-LAWChina
Boeing 767-3Z9(ER)(WL)OE-LAXSalzburger Festspiele
Boeing 767-3Z9(ER)(WL)OE-LAYJapan
Boeing 767-3Z9(ER)(WL)OE-LAZIndia

Austrian Airlines Fleet Boeing 767-300ER Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Austrian Airlines long-haul aircraft Boeing 767-300ER (763) features 26 Flat Bed seats in Business Class, 18 Premium Economy Class seats and 167 Economy Class seats.

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Business class seats are arranged in a staggered 1-2-1 pattern — due to the configuration, they measure only 20 inches between armrests, which is a little tight for a premium cabin.

When it comes to seat selection on the 767, there aren’t any clear winners and losers, but you should still take your preferences into consideration when selecting the best place to sit.

For the most privacy and best window views, you’ll want to pick 1A/K, 3A/K, 5A/K, 7A/K or 9A/K.

With the exception of 1A/K, those seats are going to have a narrow 10-inch-wide entrance, so they might not be suitable for passengers with limited mobility.

If you want a window-side seat with plenty of room to get in and out, you’re going to want to pick 1A or 1K.

Across the entire bulkhead, you’re going to get more legroom and a larger seat entrance — from 18 inches for seat 1A up to 27 inches for seat 1D.

The seats lie completely flat into an approximately 74-inch bed with a generous foot well.

The mechanics are quite quick, and adjusting the bed into your preferred position takes about 25 seconds.

The overhead light can be controlled via either the IFE remote or by the touchscreen.

There’s also an adjustable reading light for more focused light, as well as a “mood light” button, which lights up the seat-side storage cubby and foot well.

As far as storage goes, these seats aren’t the most generous, but there’s a surprising number of small pockets to hold your items.

The pouch under the in-flight entertainment screen could hold — but not really hide — my 11-inch laptop, for instance.

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A water bottle holder next to the IFE screen could also double as a place to stash a phone or camera.

The small, 18-seat premium economy cabin lies just behind business class, and is laid out across three rows in a comfortable 2-2-2 configuration.

Austrian’s seats fit the bill: At 18.5 inches across, they’re nearly 2 inches wider than their economy counterparts.

The 6-inch armrest between each pair also added a comfortable amount of shoulder room.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 767-300ER Austrian Airlines

Wide-body aircraft Boeing 767-300ER (763) Austrian Airlines has 3 classes on board (Business, Premium Eco, Economy) with total of 211 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 767 300ER Austrian Airlines
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 767 300ER Austrian Airlines
Austrian Boeing 767 300ER Seating Plan
Austrian Boeing 767 300ER Seating Plan

Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER Specification Details

Type of aircraftLong-haul passenger aircraft
ManufacturerBoeing Commercial Airplane Company, Seattle, USA
Names – Austrian Airlines paintingChina (OE-LAW), India (OE-LAZ), Thailand (OE-LAT), Salzburger Festspiele (OE-LAX), Wiener Sängerknaben (OE-LAE), Japan (OE-LAY)
Number of aircraft6
Seating capacityBusiness: 26 Premium Economy: 18 Economy: 167 Total: 211
Min. legroomBusiness: 44″ (111.8 cm) Premium Economy: 38” (96.5 cm) Economy: min. 30″ (76.2 cm)
Wing span47.57 m
Length54.94 m
Height15.85 m
Max. cruising speed930 km/h
Max. cruising altitude13,137 m
Type of enginePratt & Whitney, PW 4060-3
Max. thrust2 x 60,900 Ibs
Fuel capacity73,100 kg
Max. range full payload9,800 km
Max. payload41,962 kg
Max. take-off weight186,883 kg
Max. landing weight145,150 kg

Boeing 767-300ER Austrian Airlines Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Austrian Airlines offers a wide variety of audio entertainment.
  • Video. Austrian Airlines offers on demand entertainment on a 15″ touch screen monitor in Business and 9″ touch screen monitor in Economy; each offering a diverse selection of over 100 hours of high-definition programming.
  • AC Power. Each Business Class and Economy Class seat features a 110v AC power port. There are no power ports available in Economy. All seats on this aircraft feature USB ports for charging mobile and tablet devices.
  • Food. Austrian Airlines offers a snack or small meal depending on the length of flight and time of day. Complimentary beverage service is also offered.
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Austrian Airlines Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Boeing 767-300ER Images Gallery

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