Progress Report on Boom Supersonic’s Overture Development

2023 marked a significant turning point for Boom Supersonic as they embarked on a groundbreaking journey to construct and operate their revolutionary Overture supersonic transport aircraft. This remarkable endeavor aims to bring back the era of supersonic commercial travel, which has been dormant since the Concorde. The previous year was undeniably dedicated to sourcing skilled … Read more

Boeing’s Safety Exemption Request Withdrawal Casts Uncertainty on 737 MAX 7 Timeline

Boeing’s recent withdrawal of the safety exemption request for the yet-to-be-certified Boeing 737 MAX 7, the smallest variant in its next-generation narrowbody series, has introduced more uncertainty about its future. The safety exemption, aimed at expediting certification, faced opposition from lawmakers concerned about potential issues with the anti-ice system. Boeing Withdraw the Request In response … Read more

TUI flight from Manchester to Madeira took around 60 hours to finally land

Passengers on a TUI flight from Manchester to Madeira experienced a nightmare trip lasting 60 hours and involving three diversions due to bad weather, finally landing in Madeira on the fourth attempt. Madeira Funchal Airport is known for its difficult landing conditions and unpredictable weather. The airline took almost an entire additional day to get … Read more

Which European Airlines Offer The Best Premium Economy Seats?

Which European Airlines Offer The Best Premium Economy Seats? As European travelers increasingly seek enhanced comfort and space during their flights, Premium Economy Class has become a popular choice. Offering more legroom and wider seats than standard Economy, the Premium Economy class provides passengers with an upgraded flying experience. In this article, we have listed … Read more