China Eastern Fleet Airbus A320ceo/neo Details and Pictures

China Eastern Fleet Airbus A320ceo/neo Details and Pictures. On current fleet, China Eastern operates 245 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320.

China Eastern flies both ceo and neo of this aircraft, there’s 177 A320ceo, and 68 A320neo.

China Eastern’s Airbus A320ceo/neo are primarily used on short-haul routes within China, other than that, this aircraft also fly to regional destinations.

Like many full-service carriers (except perhaps those in the Middle East), smaller aircraft make up a larger portion of the overall fleet.

This is also very much the case for China Eastern.

In fact, if we add up the carrier’s A320 Family and Boeing 737 aircraft, the total of 557 jets represents 94.6% of the fleet.

This firmly demonstrates the strength of China Eastern’s domestic operations – and the strength of the general domestic aviation market in the country.

This is something China Eastern and its fellow Chinese carriers have had to rely on, especially with the global health crisis.

Airbus A320 214 B 1609 China Eastern Airlines at Beijing Capital International Airport
Airbus A320 214 B 1609 China Eastern Airlines at Beijing Capital International Airport

China Eastern Fleet Airbus A320ceo/neo Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

China Eastern Airbus A320ceo/neo aircraft features a two class cabin configuration with 8 Business class seats and 150 Economy seats.

The China Eastern business class on this A320ceo/neo plane is very similar to a standard domestic first class seats that might be found on a Delta A320, pitch is 36 inches, and the seats are 20 inches wide.

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The seats on China Eastern’s A320ceo/neo are quite standard for regional aircraft into China, width is comfortable (around 21 inches).

Eight business class seats are laid out 2-2 in two rows.

B 1865 Airbus A320 200 of China Eastern Airlines at Beijing Capital International Airport
B 1865 Airbus A320 200 of China Eastern Airlines at Beijing Capital International Airport

The bulkhead seats have less legroom, while the back row has reduced recline due to the wall dividing business and economy cabins.

The legroom was better than you’d typically find in domestic first class in the US, though that was largely a function of there being only one row, meaning everyone was in a bulkhead.

While the seat featured good legroom, the padding was awful, and the seat was about as hard as a brick.

The amenities were a nice blanket and pillow and over-the-ear headsets that are not noise cancelling.

There’s no IFE screen and as Chinese carriers are typically strict about smartphone use (though new government regulations mean this could change), it’s worth bringing a laptop or tablet.

Fortunately the seats come with universal in-seat power outlets.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320ceo/neo China Eastern

Narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320ceo/neo China Eastern has two class configuration on-board (Business and Economy) with total of 158 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart China Eastern Airbus A320ceo neo
Seat Map and Seating Chart China Eastern Airbus A320ceo neo

Airbus A320ceo/neo China Eastern Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Video. Overhead TV’s are located throughout the cabin. However, on select short-haul flights, China Eastern will not offer in-flight entertaiment.
  • AC Power. Power ports are available at all Business class seats.
  • Food. China Eastern offers Chinese food and western-style food along with beverages and liquors.
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Airbus A320ceo/neo China Eastern Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

RegAircraft TypeDelivered
B-1018Airbus A320-200Oct 2017
B-1019Airbus A320-200Sep 2017
B-1028Airbus A320-200Oct 2017
B-1029Airbus A320-200Nov 2017
B-1035Airbus A320-200Dec 2017
B-1051Airbus A320-200Jan 2018
B-1607Airbus A320-200Sep 2014
B-1608Airbus A320-200Nov 2014
B-1609Airbus A320-200Dec 2014
B-1610Airbus A320-200Nov 2014
B-1611Airbus A320-200Dec 2014
B-1612Airbus A320-200Nov 2014
B-1613Airbus A320-200Dec 2014
B-1635Airbus A320-200Dec 2014
B-1636Airbus A320-200Dec 2014
B-1641Airbus A320-200Feb 2015
B-1655Airbus A320-200Apr 2015
B-1678Airbus A320-200May 2015
B-1815Airbus A320-200Mar 2014
B-1835Airbus A320-200Apr 2014
B-1836Airbus A320-200May 2014
B-1859Airbus A320-200Aug 2014
B-1860Airbus A320-200Aug 2014
B-1861Airbus A320-200Sep 2014
B-1862Airbus A320-200Aug 2014
B-1863Airbus A320-200Aug 2014
B-1865Airbus A320-200Sep 2014
B-2207Airbus A320-200Jul 1999
B-2219Airbus A320-200Aug 2001
B-2220Airbus A320-200Aug 2001
B-2221Airbus A320-200Dec 2001
B-2228Airbus A320-200Jan 2003
B-2229Airbus A320-200Jan 2003
B-2230Airbus A320-200Apr 2003
B-2335Airbus A320-200Oct 2000
B-2336Airbus A320-200Nov 2000
B-2337Airbus A320-200Dec 2000
B-2338Airbus A320-200Dec 2000
B-2356Airbus A320-200Nov 2002
B-2357Airbus A320-200Dec 2002
B-2358Airbus A320-200Jan 2004
B-2359Airbus A320-200Sep 2003
B-2372Airbus A320-200Mar 2004
B-2378Airbus A320-200Jan 2004
B-2410Airbus A320-200May 2005
B-2411Airbus A320-200Jun 2005
B-2412Airbus A320-200Jun 2005
B-2413Airbus A320-200Jul 2005
B-2415Airbus A320-200Jul 2005
B-6001Airbus A320-200Nov 2003
B-6002Airbus A320-200Sep 2003
B-6003Airbus A320-200Oct 2003
B-6005Airbus A320-200Nov 2003
B-6006Airbus A320-200Oct 2003
B-6007Airbus A320-200Aug 2003
B-6008Airbus A320-200Aug 2003
B-6009Airbus A320-200Jun 2004
B-6010Airbus A320-200Jun 2004
B-6011Airbus A320-200Jul 2004
B-6012Airbus A320-200Jul 2004
B-6013Airbus A320-200Jul 2004
B-6333Airbus A320-200Jul 2007
B-6335Airbus A320-200Aug 2007
B-6346Airbus A320-200May 2008
B-6370Airbus A320-200Jul 2008
B-6371Airbus A320-200Aug 2008
B-6372Airbus A320-200Sep 2008
B-6373Airbus A320-200Oct 2008
B-6375Airbus A320-200Nov 2008
B-6376Airbus A320-200Nov 2008
B-6399Airbus A320-200Dec 2008
B-6558Airbus A320-200Feb 2009
B-6559Airbus A320-200May 2009
B-6560Airbus A320-200Jun 2009
B-6585Airbus A320-200Jul 2009
B-6586Airbus A320-200Sep 2009
B-6587Airbus A320-200Sep 2009
B-6600Airbus A320-200Oct 2009
B-6601Airbus A320-200Oct 2009
B-6616Airbus A320-200Nov 2009
B-6617Airbus A320-200Dec 2009
B-6635Airbus A320-200Jan 2010
B-6636Airbus A320-200Feb 2010
B-6637Airbus A320-200Mar 2010
B-6638Airbus A320-200Mar 2010
B-6639Airbus A320-200Apr 2010
B-6671Airbus A320-200May 2010
B-6672Airbus A320-200Jun 2010
B-6673Airbus A320-200Jun 2010
B-6693Airbus A320-200Jul 2010
B-6695Airbus A320-200Aug 2010
B-6696Airbus A320-200Sep 2010
B-6713Airbus A320-200Sep 2010
B-6715Airbus A320-200Oct 2010
B-6716Airbus A320-200Dec 2010
B-6756Airbus A320-200Apr 2011
B-6757Airbus A320-200May 2011
B-6758Airbus A320-200May 2011
B-6759Airbus A320-200May 2011
B-6760Airbus A320-200Jun 2011
B-6796Airbus A320-200Jul 2011
B-6797Airbus A320-200Aug 2011
B-6798Airbus A320-200Aug 2011
B-6799Airbus A320-200Sep 2011
B-6801Airbus A320-200Sep 2011
B-6802Airbus A320-200Sep 2011
B-6803Airbus A320-200Oct 2011
B-6805Airbus A320-200Oct 2011
B-6829Airbus A320-200Nov 2011
B-6830Airbus A320-200Nov 2011
B-6831Airbus A320-200Nov 2011
B-6832Airbus A320-200Dec 2011
B-6870Airbus A320-200Jan 2012
B-6871Airbus A320-200Feb 2012
B-6872Airbus A320-200Mar 2012
B-6873Airbus A320-200Mar 2012
B-6875Airbus A320-200Mar 2012
B-6876Airbus A320-200May 2012
B-6877Airbus A320-200May 2012
B-6878Airbus A320-200May 2012
B-6879Airbus A320-200May 2012
B-6880Airbus A320-200May 2012
B-6890Airbus A320-200Feb 2012
B-6891Airbus A320-200Mar 2012
B-6892Airbus A320-200Mar 2012
B-6893Airbus A320-200May 2012
B-6928Airbus A320-200Jun 2012
B-6929Airbus A320-200Jun 2012
B-6930Airbus A320-200Aug 2012
B-6950Airbus A320-200Oct 2012
B-6951Airbus A320-200Nov 2012
B-8018Airbus A320-200Sep 2015
B-8111Airbus A320-200Oct 2015
B-8119Airbus A320-200Nov 2015
B-8222Airbus A320-200Dec 2015
B-8227Airbus A320-200Jul 2015
B-8228Airbus A320-200Aug 2015
B-8229Airbus A320-200Sep 2015
B-8237Airbus A320-200Nov 2015
B-8276Airbus A320-200Nov 2015
B-8281Airbus A320-200Dec 2015
B-8387Airbus A320-200Mar 2017
B-8391Airbus A320-200Apr 2016
B-8392Airbus A320-200Apr 2016
B-8393Airbus A320-200May 2016
B-8395Airbus A320-200May 2016
B-8496Airbus A320-200Jun 2016
B-8497Airbus A320-200May 2016
B-8498Airbus A320-200Mar 2016
B-8556Airbus A320-200Jun 2016
B-8557Airbus A320-200Aug 2016
B-8558Airbus A320-200Sep 2016
B-8563Airbus A320-200Jun 2017
B-8565Airbus A320-200May 2017
B-8566Airbus A320-200Apr 2017
B-8855Airbus A320-200Jun 2017
B-8856Airbus A320-200Jun 2017
B-8857Airbus A320-200Aug 2017
B-8858Airbus A320-200Sep 2017
B-8859Airbus A320-200Nov 2017
B-8973Airbus A320-200Jan 2017
B-8975Airbus A320-200Apr 2017
B-9900Airbus A320-200Jan 2013
B-9901Airbus A320-200Feb 2013
B-9902Airbus A320-200Mar 2013
B-9921Airbus A320-200May 2013
B-9927Airbus A320-200Mar 2013
B-9941Airbus A320-200Jul 2013
B-9942Airbus A320-200Jul 2013
B-9943Airbus A320-200Aug 2013
B-9945Airbus A320-200Aug 2013
B-9946Airbus A320-200Aug 2013
B-9950Airbus A320-200Jul 2013
B-9970Airbus A320-200Sep 2013
B-9972Airbus A320-200Oct 2013
B-9973Airbus A320-200Nov 2013
B-9975Airbus A320-200Nov 2013
B-1033Airbus A320neoSep 2018
B-1076Airbus A320neoJun 2018
B-1211Airbus A320neoSep 2018
B-1292Airbus A320neoJul 2018
B-300RAirbus A320neoJun 2018
B-301ZAirbus A320neoJul 2018
B-302GAirbus A320neoJul 2018
B-302HAirbus A320neoSep 2018
B-302WAirbus A320neoSep 2018
B-302ZAirbus A320neoSep 2018
B-303AAirbus A320neoOct 2018
B-303EAirbus A320neoSep 2018
B-303FAirbus A320neoOct 2018
B-304CAirbus A320neoOct 2018
B-304PAirbus A320neoNov 2018
B-305YAirbus A320neoJan 2019
B-305ZAirbus A320neoFeb 2019
B-306DAirbus A320neoApr 2019
B-306EAirbus A320neoFeb 2019
B-306FAirbus A320neoApr 2019
B-307FAirbus A320neoMar 2019
B-307JAirbus A320neoApr 2019
B-307ZAirbus A320neoMay 2019
B-308AAirbus A320neoJun 2019
B-308WAirbus A320neoOct 2019
B-308XAirbus A320neoDec 2019
B-308YAirbus A320neoOct 2019
B-308ZAirbus A320neoNov 2019
B-309AAirbus A320neoOct 2019
B-30AVAirbus A320neoOct 2019
B-30AWAirbus A320neoDec 2019
B-30AXAirbus A320neoNov 2019
B-30C3Airbus A320neoMay 2021
B-30CXAirbus A320neoMay 2021
B-30CYAirbus A320neoMay 2021
B-30CZAirbus A320neoDec 2019
B-30D0Airbus A320neoDec 2019
B-30D1Airbus A320neoDec 2019
B-30D2Airbus A320neoDec 2019
B-30DJAirbus A320neoSep 2020
B-30DKAirbus A320neoJan 2020
B-30DLAirbus A320neoFeb 2021
B-30DRAirbus A320neoDec 2020
B-30DSAirbus A320neoDec 2020
B-30DTAirbus A320neoMar 2021
B-30ESAirbus A320neoSep 2021
B-30ETAirbus A320neoFeb 2021
B-30FDAirbus A320neoFeb 2021
B-30FEAirbus A320neoJul 2020
B-30FFAirbus A320neoSep 2020
B-30FNAirbus A320neoDec 2020
B-320HAirbus A320neoMar 2021
B-320NAirbus A320neoSep 2020
B-322JAirbus A320neoDec 2020
B-322QAirbus A320neoJan 2021
B-323AAirbus A320neoJun 2021
B-323CAirbus A320neoMar 2021
B-323YAirbus A320neoMay 2021
B-323ZAirbus A320neoMay 2021
B-324AAirbus A320neoJun 2021
B-324ZAirbus A320neoJul 2021
B-325RAirbus A320neoJul 2021
B-325SAirbus A320neoOct 2021
B-325TAirbus A320neoAug 2021
B-325UAirbus A320neoSep 2021
B-325VAirbus A320neoNov 2021
B-326ZAirbus A320neoOct 2021
B-327AAirbus A320neoNov 2021
B-327EAirbus A320neoNov 2021

China Eastern Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Airbus A320ceo/neo Images Gallery

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