China Eastern Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Details and Pictures

China Eastern Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Details and Pictures. On current fleet, China Eastern operates 20 wide-body aircraft Boeing 777-300ER.

China Eastern will operate 777-300ERs on transpacific routes between China and North America, which will be a major market for China Eastern over the next three years.

The carrier plans to open new routes to North America and also boost frequencies on existing routes from Shanghai to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.

Starting in November, the carrier will deploy its first 777-300ER on services to Los Angeles and New York.

China Eastern’s wide body fleet consists of 51 A330s that don’t have a first-class cabin and 20 777s that each have six suites — two in the first row with a huge table and storage lockers (since there are no overhead bins), followed by a row of four.

The Boeing B777-300ER is a superb aircraft, a tried and tested long distance performer with a great track record for safety and comfort, and China Eastern Airlines has outfitted their premium classes aboard its flagship aircraft with style and panache.

China Eastern Airlines B 2025 Boeing 777 39P ER at John F. Kennedy International Airport
China Eastern Airlines B 2025 Boeing 777 39P ER at John F. Kennedy International Airport

China Eastern Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

China Eastern’s Boeing 777-300ER has a three class configuration with a total seating capacity 316 seats.

The aircraft is outfitted with 6 First Class open suites, 52 flat bed Business Class seats, and 258 standard Economy seats.

Fare ClassRows range  Number of seats Seat Pitch Inner width of the armrest Recline angle or range  
First Class  1-26N/A26.5 InchFully flat at 180 degrees 
Business Class6-205243 Inch20.33 InchFully flat at 180 degrees 
Economy Class31-44;61-7425832 Inch17.05 Inch6 Inch
Total number of seats 316 

China Eastern Boeing 777 300ER B 2005 at Toronto Pearson International Airport
China Eastern Boeing 777 300ER B 2005 at Toronto Pearson International Airport

China Eastern 777-300ER First Class

At the front of the aircraft, the first class cabin consists of just six suites in a 1-2-1 configuration, each with an electrically operated door that can be closed for privacy.

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Each suite is luxuriously appointed with an individual reading light and air vent plus a USB power port and in-seat power point for charging laptops and other devices. 

With a pitch of 200cm and a width of 67cm, these are some of the biggest of any first-class seat. At the press of a button, the electrically powered seat glides into a two-metre flatbed.

The partition that separates the two middle suites, 2D and 2H, can be lowered and the two seats reclined to make a double bed, ideal for a couple travelling together.

The handsome Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit comes with face cream, lip balm, cologne, a dental kit, eye mask, comb and ear plugs.

Pyjamas and slippers are provided for the ultimate in night time comfort.

The “Do not disturb” button ensures that first class passengers get as much sleep and privacy as they need.

For window-seat passengers, the power-driven shades allow infinite adjustment to let in as much or as little light as required.

Over-ear noise cancelling headphones are provided for the ultimate in listening comfort.

The 61cm touchscreen on the inflight entertainment system is dazzling, with adjustments for optimum viewing from any seating or reclining position.

The inflight entertainment system can be programmed via a remote controller as well as the touchscreen.

Storage space with each seat will swallow everything that a passenger might bring on board, conveniently close at hand.

The first-class cabin also has its own dedicated galley, and with a maximum of just eight privileged flyers, passengers can be assured of high level service and choices that range from simple to sumptuous, whether it’s from the Chinese or the Western menu.

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The menu is complemented with fine wines and an array of spirits.

At the front of the first-class cabin is a walk-up bar, although drinks can also be served in the privacy of individual suites.

If you’re traveling with a significant other, definitely nab the double bed seats at 2D and 2H.

If you’re traveling alone, the best seat is 2L, since it’s far from the lavatories on the left side.

Boeing 777 300ER B 2001 China Eastern Airlines at Beijing Capital International Airport
Boeing 777 300ER B 2001 China Eastern Airlines at Beijing Capital International Airport

China Easter 777-300ER Business Class

Immediately behind the first –class cabin on the China Eastern Airlines B777-300ER is a mini business class cabin with just two rows, creating a virtual private club.

This is the optimal choice for business class flyers looking for quiet and privacy, with the convenience of direct aisle access from every seat. 

Seats in both this smaller cabin and in the main business class cabin behind it are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with the central seats in a reverse herringbone pattern for greater privacy.

The shell-type seating allows passengers to recline their seat without impacting on the passenger sitting behind.

These seats come from the class-leading Zodiac Cirrus range, customised to China Eastern Airlines’ colour palette. 

Seat pitch is a generous 190cm, with plenty of leg room for even the tallest flyer.

Seat width is spacious at 60cm and the electrically-powered seat folds down to make a supremely comfortable lie-flat bed.

Storage in the overhead bins is huge. 

In tandem with China Eastern Airlines’ first class flyers, business flyers get pyjamas and slippers for the ultimate in sleeping comfort, plus Clarins amenities with a dental kit, eye mask, ear plugs, moisturiser and lip balm.

The 41cm video touch-screen comes with quality headphones and there’s a USB port as well as an in-seat power point, plus a reading light.

The business class menu offers a choice of Chinese or Western dishes, with a selection of premium red and white wines.

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Satellite-connected Wi-Fi is complimentary for both first and business class flyers.

If you reserve a seat in row 6, you’ll feel like you’re in a private jet because of the supreme privacy this mini-cabin affords.

There won’t be anyone walking around you, so it’ll truly be a quiet and peaceful business class experience.

The second-best seats would be the row of seats located in the middle of the large business class cabin.

After row 6, we think the second-best location is row 15.

This 11-row cabin has 2 sets of lavatories flanking both ends of the section.

By selecting the row of seats in the middle, you’ll minimize the chances of travelers walking past you, since the trajectory of the lavatories will always be away from your seat.

Boeing 777 300ER B 7349 China Eastern Airlines at London Heathrow Airport
Boeing 777 300ER B 7349 China Eastern Airlines at London Heathrow Airport

China Eastern 777-300ER Economy Class

China Eastern’s 777-300ER has a very dense 3-4-3 seating arrangement, with seats measuring 17″ wide and 32″-33″ in pitch.

This makes the 777-300ER economy seats an inch narrower than those on the A330.

There are a total of 258 seats, each with 6″ of recline.

The best seats are going to be 32B/C or 32J/K due to legroom from the exit row.

Passengers should avoid 32A and 32L due to the exit row protrusion, which will severely limit your legroom.

If those seats are already taken, seats in row 61 are solid as well.

Specifically, 61B/C and 61J/K are going to the next best seats if you can overlook the proximity of the lavatories.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777-300ER China Eastern

Wide-body aircraft Boeing 777-300ER China Eastern has three class configuration on-board (First, Business and Economy) with total of 316 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart China Eastern Boeing 777 300ER
Seat Map and Seating Chart China Eastern Boeing 777 300ER
China Eastern 777 300ER Cabin Layout
China Eastern 777 300ER Cabin Layout

Boeing 777-300ER China Eastern Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Each First, Business, and Economy Class seat has a personal TV with access to a wide variety of music channels.
  • Video. Each First Class seat has a 24″ personal TV, each Business Class seat has a 16″ personal TV and each Economy Class has a 11.1″ TV that provides access to various Movies, TV programs, Games (including multiple 3D games), Electronic books, photo browsing using USB, and In-flight browsing and ordering of duty-free goods.
  • AC Power. All seats on this aircraft feature a personal AC power ports.
  • Internet. Wi-Fi is available to all passengers in all classes aboard this aircraft.
  • Food. China Eastern serves complimentary meals, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks. More Information

Boeing 777-300ER China Eastern Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

RegAircraft TypeDelivered
B-2001Boeing 777-300ERSep 2014
B-2002Boeing 777-300EROct 2014
B-2003Boeing 777-300ERNov 2014
B-2005Boeing 777-300ERDec 2014
B-2020Boeing 777-300ERMar 2015
B-2021Boeing 777-300ERJun 2015
B-2022Boeing 777-300ERJul 2015
B-2023Boeing 777-300ERAug 2015
B-2025Boeing 777-300ERNov 2015
B-7343Boeing 777-300ERMar 2016
B-7347Boeing 777-300ERApr 2016
B-7349Boeing 777-300ERJun 2016
B-7365Boeing 777-300ERAug 2016
B-7367Boeing 777-300EROct 2016
B-7368Boeing 777-300ERMay 2016
B-7369Boeing 777-300ERMay 2016
B-7868Boeing 777-300ERApr 2017
B-7881Boeing 777-300ERMay 2017
B-7882Boeing 777-300ERJul 2017
B-7883Boeing 777-300ERJun 2017

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