easyJet Fleet Airbus A319-100 Details and Pictures

easyJet Fleet Airbus A319-100 Details and Pictures. easyJet operates 75 narrow-body aircrafts Airbus A319-100.

Airbus A319 represents modification of aircraft Airbus A320 with decreased number of passenger seats.

That is why the length of Airbus A319 is shorter than of Airbus A320 almost by four meters.

This is the main difference of these two models of Airbus S.A.S company.

Officially development program of Airbus A319 has started in May 1992.

Though researches over construction of these model have been made since 1990.

First flight of A319 took place on August 25th 1995. In March 1996 airplane has got certification.

EasyJet William Shakespeare Romeo Alpha Juliet Livery G EZBI Airbus A319 111 at Milan Malpensa Airport
EasyJet William Shakespeare Romeo Alpha Juliet Livery G EZBI Airbus A319 111 at Milan Malpensa Airport

Airbus A319-100 easyJet Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeReg
Airbus A319-111G-EZAA
Airbus A319-111G-EZAB
Airbus A319-111G-EZAC
Airbus A319-111G-EZAF
Airbus A319-111G-EZAG
Airbus A319-111G-EZAI
Airbus A319-111G-EZAJ
Airbus A319-111G-EZAK
Airbus A319-111G-EZAL
Airbus A319-111G-EZAN
Airbus A319-111G-EZAO
Airbus A319-111G-EZAP
Airbus A319-111G-EZAS
Airbus A319-111G-EZAT
Airbus A319-111G-EZAU
Airbus A319-111G-EZAV
Airbus A319-111G-EZAW
Airbus A319-111G-EZAX
Airbus A319-111G-EZBA
Airbus A319-111G-EZBB
Airbus A319-111G-EZBC
Airbus A319-111G-EZBD
Airbus A319-111G-EZBE
Airbus A319-111G-EZBF
Airbus A319-111G-EZBH
Airbus A319-111G-EZBI
Airbus A319-111G-EZBK
Airbus A319-111G-EZBO
Airbus A319-111G-EZBR
Airbus A319-111G-EZBU
Airbus A319-111G-EZBV
Airbus A319-111G-EZBW
Airbus A319-111G-EZBX
Airbus A319-111G-EZBZ
Airbus A319-111G-EZDA
Airbus A319-111G-EZDD
Airbus A319-111G-EZDF
Airbus A319-111G-EZDH
Airbus A319-111G-EZDI
Airbus A319-111G-EZDJ
Airbus A319-111G-EZDK
Airbus A319-111G-EZDL
Airbus A319-111G-EZDM
Airbus A319-111G-EZDN
Airbus A319-111G-EZDV
Airbus A319-111G-EZEB
Airbus A319-111G-EZEG
Airbus A319-111G-EZEH
Airbus A319-111G-EZEN
Airbus A319-111G-EZEY
Airbus A319-111G-EZFL
Airbus A319-111G-EZFT
Airbus A319-111G-EZFV
Airbus A319-111G-EZFW
Airbus A319-111G-EZFX
Airbus A319-111G-EZFY
Airbus A319-111G-EZFZ
Airbus A319-111G-EZGA
Airbus A319-111G-EZGB
Airbus A319-111G-EZGC
Airbus A319-111G-EZGE
Airbus A319-111G-EZGF
Airbus A319-111G-EZGR
Airbus A319-111G-EZIH
Airbus A319-111G-EZII
Airbus A319-111G-EZIM
Airbus A319-111G-EZIO
Airbus A319-111G-EZIV
Airbus A319-111G-EZIW
Airbus A319-111G-EZIX
Airbus A319-111G-EZIY
Airbus A319-111G-EZIZ
Airbus A319-111G-EZMK
Airbus A319-111G-EZNM
Airbus A319-111G-EZPG

easyJet Fleet Airbus A319-100 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

EasyJet allows passengers to pre-select seats by paying a fee during the booking process.

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Up Front and Extra Legroom seats are priced higher and come with the Speedy Boarding pass, allowing dedicated check-in and priority boarding.

On new versions of easyJet’s A319, none of the seats, except for row one, recline.

On older versions, all seats do recline.

Beware the seats in the back of the plane are narrower than those in the front.

The A319 aircraft is configured with arranged 3-3 (A-B-C, D-E-F) across 26 rows, with A-B-C in row one offering the most legroom.

1D-E-F has a bulkhead in front of it so is less spacious.

The exit row seats were 10 and 11.

Unlike on some Easyjet aircraft, the seats on this flight were the older product.

Tray tables fold down and are supportive enough to type on.

There were no headrest covers on the backs of seats 1A-B-C but other seats did have them and they advertised drinks (£1.80 for a Pepsi), menu deals (£6.20 for a soft drink and sandwich) and booking.com.

Boutique and Bistro magazines are in the seat-back pockets, and list prices for refreshments and snacks.

A bottle of still water, for example, costs £1.80.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A319-100 easyJet

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A319 100 easyJet
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A319 100 easyJet

The seats of this airplane are divided by exit rows into three sections.

All the seats have 3-3- configuration.

First section includes 9 rows of seats .

The seats of the first row are designated by EasyJet as XL seats that offer to passengers extra legroom.

To book these seats an extra fee must be paid.

These seats provide passengers with such advantages as priority in check-in and boarding process.

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Among disadvantages: the noise from galley and lavatories that are located close to these seats and reduced width of these seats as they tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable.

Also passengers inform that the seat 1A is colder than other seats.

The seats of the 10th row are located between two exit rows.

This is the second section.

These seats as well as the seats of the 11th row are designated as XL seats the price of which is a little higher because these seats have extra space for passengers’ legs and passengers of these seats will be among first to board.

These seats are considered the best seats on the airplane.

The third section has 16 rows of seats.

The only disadvantage of the seats 25C and 25D is proximity of the lavatories.

Missing windows, limited or no recline and close location of the lavatories make the seats of the last 26th row bad seats.

Types of seat on easyJet Airbus A319-100

There are three options:

Standard seats

(Free with FLEXI tickets and for easyJet Plus cardholders)

You choose where you want to sit, window, middle or aisle.

Up Front seats

(Free with FLEXI tickets and for easyJet Plus cardholders)

A seat in rows 2-6 (rows 2-5 on some aircraft), plus an additional small under seat bag (laptop or handbag), dedicated bag drop and Speedy Boarding.

Extra Legroom seats

(Free for easyJet Plus cardholders)

A seat with extra legroom, plus all the other benefits of Up Front.

Airbus A319-100 easyJet Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Food. EasyJet does not provide complimentary meals or beverages on board its flights. Passengers may purchase items on board from the easyJet shop. Products include sandwiches, hot meals, snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks.
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easyJet Aircraft Fleet narrow-Body Airbus A319-100 Images Gallery

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