Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A320Neo Details and Pictures

Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A320Neo Details and PicturesFrontier Airlines operates 44 brand new narrow body aircrafts Airbus A320neo, witth 3 orders on process.

Airbus A320neo is the base model of new family of medium-haul passenger airplanes constructed by European company Airbus.

A320neo represents deep modernization of popular airplane Airbus A320-200 with engines of new generation, improved on-board systems and bigger winglets (sharklets).

Each of the Frontier’s A320neo Family aircraft will feature lightweight composite Sharklets, 2.4-meter/94-inch tall wing-tip devices and new CFM’s LEAP-1A engines providing operators with double-digit improvements in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – with a 15 percent reduction upon entry into service. 

Frontier Airlines Airbus A320Neo aircraft tail livery name :

Wilbur the Whitetail, Poppy the Prairie Dog, Jack the Rabbit, Cliff the Mountain Goat, Champ the Bronco, Flo the Flamingo, Weston the Woodpecker, Sunny the Collared Lizard, Mia the Dolphin, Chocolate the Moose, Wiley the Bison, Shelly the Sea Turtle, Georgia the Painted Bunting, Flower the Hummingbird, Captain the Puffin, Colorado the Bighorn Sheep, Summer the Swan, Skye the Blue Jay, Scout the Pine Marten, Trixie the Fox, Junior the Lynx, Choo the Pika, Hazel the Chipmunk, Stretch the Great Blue Heron, Jo Jo the Grizzly Bear, Rosie the, River Otter, Hunter the Bobcat, North the Harp Seal, Eccles the Ermine, Fran the Sea Lion, Baja the Whale Shark, Meadow & West The Horses, Ed. Edwin & Eddie The Penguins, Al the Roadrunner, Lone Star the Longhorn Steer, Clover the Deer Fawn, Hops the Rabbit, Miracle the Seagull, Joey the Opossum, Rio the Jaguarundi, Blanco the Polar Bear, Scarlet the Tanager, O’Malley the Mallard Duck, Ichabod the Whooping Crane.

N310FR Airbus A320neo Frontier Airlines Sunny the Collared Lizard narrow body aicraft 1
N310FR Airbus A320neo Frontier Airlines Sunny the Collared Lizard narrow body aicraft 1

Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A320Neo Aircraft Details Ages and Registration Number

N301FRAirbus A320-251NWilbur the Whitetail
N303FRAirbus A320-251NPoppy the Prairie Dog
N304FRAirbus A320-251NJack the Rabbit
N305FRAirbus A320-251NCliff the Mountain Goat
N307FRAirbus A320-251NChamp the Bronco
N308FRAirbus A320-251NFlo the Flamingo
N309FRAirbus A320-251NWeston the Woodpecker
N310FRAirbus A320-251NSunny the Collared Lizard
N311FRAirbus A320-251NMia the Dolphin
N312FRAirbus A320-251NChocolate the Moose
N313FRAirbus A320-251NWiley the Bison
N316FRAirbus A320-251NShelly the Sea Turtle
N317FRAirbus A320-251NGeorgia the Painted Bunting
N318FRAirbus A320-251NFlower the Hummingbird
N322FRAirbus A320-251NCaptain the Puffin
N323FRAirbus A320-251NColorado the Bighorn Sheep
N324FRAirbus A320-251NSummer the Swan
N326FRAirbus A320-251NSkye the Blue Jay
N328FRAirbus A320-251NScout the Pine Marten
N329FRAirbus A320-251NTrixie the Fox
N330FRAirbus A320-251NJunior the Lynx
N331FRAirbus A320-251NChoo the Pika
N332FRAirbus A320-251NHazel the Chipmunk
N334FRAirbus A320-251NStretch the Great Blue Heron
N335FRAirbus A320-251NJo Jo the Grizzly Bear
N336FRAirbus A320-251NRosie the River Otter
N337FRAirbus A320-251NHunter the Bobcat
N338FRAirbus A320-251NNorth the Harp Seal
N339FRAirbus A320-251NEccles the Ermine
N341FRAirbus A320-251NFran the Sea Lion
N342FRAirbus A320-251NBaja the Whale Shark
N343FRAirbus A320-251NMeadow & West The Horses
N344FRAirbus A320-251NEd. Edwin & Eddie The Penguins
N346FRAirbus A320-251NAl the Roadrunner
N347FRAirbus A320-251NLone Star the Longhorn Steer
N348FRAirbus A320-251NClover the Deer Fawn
N349FRAirbus A320-251NHops the Rabbit
N350FRAirbus A320-251NMiracle the Seagull
N351FRAirbus A320-251NJoey the Opossum
N352FRAirbus A320-251NRio the Jaguarundi
N353FRAirbus A320-251NBlanco the Polar Bear
N354FRAirbus A320-251NScarlet the Tanager
N356FRAirbus A320-251NO’Malley the Mallard Duck
N358FRAirbus A320-251NIchabod the Whooping Crane
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Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A320Neo Cabin Class Configuration and Seats Layout

This new narrow body aircraft Airbus A320Neo offers 36 seats of stretch type and 132 seats of economy type.

Frontier has a consistent product across all aircraft: all-economy slimline seats at 29” of pitch with no recline and 3 rows of “Stretch” seating up front with 32”-33” of pitch, full tray tables, and a few degrees of recline.

Seat map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Airbus A320Neo Cabin Seating chart and Seat map
Frontier Airlines Airbus A320Neo Cabin Seating chart and Seat map

First 4 rows of seats represent seats of stretch type. Passengers of these seats will be able to take advantage of some extra legroom. Passengers may choose these seats at time of check-in or at the airport.

As the tray tables of the seats of the 1st row are located in the armrests the width of these seats is reduced a little. Also these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

The main disadvantages of the seats of the 10th row are as follows: limited legroom and cold by the exits during the flight.

The seats of the 11th and 12th row are also the seats of the stretch type. Passengers of the seats of the 11th row can get cold during the flight by the exits. At the same time these seats offer extra legroom.

Extra legroom makes the seats of the 12th row the best seats.

Passengers tend to congregate in the area of the seats 27C, 27 D and of the seats of the last 28th rowwhile waiting to use lavatories and thus causing discomfort to passengers of these seats.

Frontier Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Aircraft Airbus A320Neo Inflight Amenities Information

  • Food. Every flight features complimentary soft drinks and juices for Classic Plus fares. Economy customers will be charged $1.99 for coffee, tea, soda, and juice. For all passengers, alcoholic beverages start at $5 each. Frontier also offers a variety of snacks starting at $3 each. Complimentary chocolate chip cookies are served on all flights greater than 200 miles departing after 10am and all flights to/from Costa Rica. Fresh food is available on flights over 700 miles, costing from $3 to $7.50.
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Frontier Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Single Aisle Aircraft Airbus A320Neo Images Gallery

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