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Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Details and Pictures

Frontier Airlines Otto the Owl Airbus A321 211 N701FR on final at KCLE Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Details and Pictures. Currently Frontier Airlines operated 19 brand new narrow-body aircraft Airbus A321-200. On order, 1 aircraft is waiting for delivery from Airbus. During construction of passenger airplane A321 seat map of this airplane has remained almost the same as in A320 model. In Airbus A321 passenger seats have 3-3 configuration. Total number of passengers is 220. In case of two class configuration Airbus A321 may accommodate 185 passengers while Airbus A320 was able to accommodate just 179 passengers and only 150 in case of two classes. The airplane Airbus A321 is equipped with two jet engines. Flying range of A321-200 with maximum number of passengers on board and full fuel tanks is 4260 kilometers. Airtight cockpit and passenger cabin allows to make flights on the height of 10000 meters at a speed of up to 900 kilometers per hour.


N718FR Airbus A321 211 Frontier Airlines Aircraft Fleet Cali the Mountain Lion
N718FR Airbus A321 211 Frontier Airlines Aircraft Fleet Cali the Mountain Lion


Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Aircraft Details Ages and Registration Number


Aircraft Type Reg Airline Delivered Status / Fate Prev. Reg Fleet Number Aircraft Name
Airbus A321-200 N701FR Frontier Airlines Oct 2015 Active D-AZAA 701 Otto the Owl
Airbus A321-200 N702FR Frontier Airlines Oct 2015 Active D-AZAP 702 Courtney The Cougar
Airbus A321-200 N704FR Frontier Airlines Nov 2015 Active D-AVXH 704 Virginia the Wolf
Airbus A321-200 N705FR Frontier Airlines Dec 2015 Active D-AVXY 705 Ferndale the Pygmy Owl
Airbus A321-200 N706FR Frontier Airlines Dec 2015 Active D-AVZM 706 Max the Lynx
Airbus A321-200 N708FR Frontier Airlines Mar 2016 Active D-AYAV 708 Joe Bob the Badger
Airbus A321-200 N709FR Frontier Airlines Apr 2016 Active D-AZAH 709 Steve the Eagle
Airbus A321-200 N710FR Frontier Airlines Jun 2016 Active D-AVZD 710 Fallon the Falcon
Airbus A321-200 N711FR Frontier Airlines Jun 2016 Active D-AVZG 711 Powder the Polar Bear
Airbus A321-200 N712FR Frontier Airlines Jul 2016 Active D-AVZQ 712 Spot the Jaguar
Airbus A321-200 N713FR Frontier Airlines Aug 2016 Active D-AVZL 713 Mitch the Wolverine
Airbus A321-200 N714FR Frontier Airlines Sep 2016 Active D-AVYC 714 Cubby the Bear
Airbus A321-200 N715FR Frontier Airlines Sep 2016 Active D-AVYN 715 Cactus the Coyote
Airbus A321-200 N716FR Frontier Airlines Jan 2017 Active D-AYAC 716 Seymour the Walrus
Airbus A321-200 N717FR Frontier Airlines Feb 2017 Active D-AVZV 717 Luna & Lilly the Wolves
Airbus A321-200 N718FR Frontier Airlines Mar 2017 Active D-AVZX 718 Cali the Mountain Lion
Airbus A321-200 N719FR Frontier Airlines Jun 2017 Active D-AVYZ 719 Midnight the Wolf
Airbus A321-200 N720FR Frontier Airlines Oct 2017 Active D-AVXY 720 Crockett the Raccoon
Airbus A321-200 N721FR Frontier Airlines Nov 2017 Active D-AZAT 721 Cody & Dakota the Coyotes


Frontier Airlines Aircraft Fleet Airbus A321-200 Special Tail Livery Name

Every Frontier Airlines aircraft have special name based on their tail livery colors. For this Airbus A321-200, the aircraft name is : Otto the Owl, Courtney The Cougar, Virginia the Wolf, Ferndale the Pygmy Owl, Max the Lynx, Joe Bob the Badger, Steve the Eagle, Fallon the Falcon, Powder the Polar Bear, Spot the Jaguar, Mitch the Wolverine, Cubby the Bear, Cactus the Coyote, Seymour the Walrus, Luna & Lilly the Wolves, Cali the Mountain Lion, Midnight the Wolf, Crockett the Raccoon, and Cody & Dakota the Coyotes.


Frontier Airlines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Cabin Class Configuration and Seats Layout

This aircraft features Frontier’s Stretch seating which are the first three rows of the cabin as well as Exit Rows. These rows provide an extra 6 inches of legroom and may be selected at time of purchase or at check-in. These seats are free with the Classic Plus fare; $5 USD per segment for Classic fares; and $15 USD for Economy fares. EarlyReturns Summit and Ascent level members may request these seats free of charge. Stretch seating is increased legroom but remains an Economy class product.


Seat Map and Seating Chart Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-200 (321)

All stretch seats offer up to 8 additional inches of legroom. To choose these seats an additional fee should be paid.

The seats of the rows 1-3 are the seats of stretch type. These seats have 3-3 configuration. The main disadvantages of the seats of the 1st row are as follows: these seats are narrower than standard because the tray tables are in the armrest making them immovable and also there is no floor storage for the seats during take-off and landing.

The next 7 rows contain seats of economy class. 6 rows have 3-3 configuration and 1 row has 2-2 configuration. All these seats are standard only the seats of the 10th row are less reclining than standard because of the exit row located behind.

Behind the exit row the seats of stretch type are located, i.e. the seats of the 13th row. These seats are considered good seats because they offer extra space for passengers’ legs thanks to the exit row located in front.

Next 13 rows are standard economy class seats. The only disadvantage of the seats of the 26th row is limited recline.

The seats of the 27th row are the seats of the stretch type. The seats 27A and 27F are considered bad seats as they have no windows. The seats 27BC and 27DE on the contrary are considered good seats thanks to extra legroom they offer.

The noise from the galley and lavatories located behind will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 40C, 40D, 41ABC and 41DEF. The seats of the last 41st row are considered bad seats.


Frontier Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Aircraft Airbus A321-200 Inflight Amenities Information

  • Food. Every flight features complimentary soft drinks and juices for Classic and Classic Plus fares.


Frontier Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Single Aisle Aircraft Airbus A321-200 Images Gallery


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