Garuda Indonesia Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

Garuda Indonesia Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Garuda Indonesia operates 73 narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800NG.

Boeing 737-800 is the main airliner that Garuda Indonesia flies for short-medium domestic routes within Indonesia.

The configuration of Business Class cabin for this aircraft is 2-2 and there are only 3 rows, and for the Economy Class is 3-3 in 25 rows.

The 737-800 is the most popular variant of the 737NG and ranks as the most common narrow-body aircraft in service.

Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline, is among the largest operators of the Boeing 737-800, with a fleet of over 400 737-800 aircraft serving routes across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Garuda Indonesia PK GFH Boeing 737 8U3WL at Hong Kong International Airport
Garuda Indonesia PK GFH Boeing 737 8U3WL at Hong Kong International Airport

Boeing 737-800 Garuda Indonesia Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

PK-GEMBoeing 737-8AS(WL)
PK-GENBoeing 737-8AS(WL)
PK-GEPBoeing 737-8AS(WL)
PK-GFABoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFCBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFDBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFEBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFFBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFGBoeing 737-8BK(WL)
PK-GFHBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFIBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFJBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFKBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFLBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFMBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFNBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFOBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFPBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFQBoeing 737-81D(WL)
PK-GFRBoeing 737-81D(WL)
PK-GFSBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFTBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFUBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFVBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFWBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFXBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GFYBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GFZBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GMABoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMCBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMDBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMEBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMFBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMGBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMHBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMIBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMJBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMKBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMLBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMMBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMNBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMOBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMPBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMQBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMRBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMSBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMUBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMVBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMWBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMXBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMYBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GMZBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNABoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNCBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNDBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNEBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNFBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNGBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNHBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNIBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GNJBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNKBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNLBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GNMBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNNBoeing 737-86N(WL)
PK-GNOBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNPBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNQBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNRBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNSBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNTBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNUBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
PK-GNVBoeing 737-8U3(WL)
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Garuda Indonesia Fleet Boeing 737-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Garuda Indonesia narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800 seats 162 passengers in a two class configuration and is primarily used on short-haul routes.

This aircraft features 12 recliner Executive Class seats (business) and 150 standard Economy Class seats.

There were three rows of business class on this plane, configured 2-2, while economy was a different product altogether, in a 3-3 layout.

While the business class seat was wide and comfortable, the upholstery was old and the red pillows looked a bit grubby.

There were remotes in the arm for an IFE system.

Tray tables came out of the side armrests and there were UK plug sockets.

There were four pre-set positions for recline and lumbar support.

Reading lights were in the side.

Every seats in this business class has a retractable footrest that can be used to lean your feet.

Being in a bulkhead seats also has its own advantages, namely a wider legroom, although not too significant.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the seats in this small cabin but being in the front row means you get served first and can disembark quicker than everyone else.

Seat Capacity12 Business 150 Economy
CrewCockpit 2, Cabin 6
Operated in2009 – Present

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737-800 Garuda Indonesia

Narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800 Garuda Indonesia has two class configuration on-board (Executive business and Economy) with total of 162 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

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Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Garuda Indonesia
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-800 Characteristics

LENGTH39.5 m
RANGE5,425 km
MAX. SPEED853 kph

Boeing 737-800 Garuda Indonesia Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. All seats feature AVOD (Audio Video On-Demand), featuring a large variety music stations.
  • Video. All seats have AVOD (Audio Video On-Demand), featuring a large variety of movies and television programs.
  • AC Power. All Business class seats feature an AC power port. There is no power in Economy.
  • Food. Drinks and snacks are served on all flights. Hot meals are available on flights over an hour at no additional charge.

Garuda Indonesia Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Boeing 737-800 Images Gallery

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