Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy Fees & Allowance

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy – Fees & Allowance. Customers need to be careful about how charges like baggage fees add up on budget airlines like Spirit.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what you will pay for your luggage on your next Spirit flight.

But because things change, you might want to also check Spirit’s “Bag-O-Tron” fee calculator on their website.

Spirit Airlines does not include any bags in its base allowance (Bare Fare), not even carry-ons.

Additionally, baggage prices increase the closer you get to take off.

This means your best bet is to buy your allowance during your initial booking.

Another consideration: Spirit’s baggage policy states the maximum checked bag weight allowed is 40 pounds (18 kg). This is 10 pounds (5 kg) less than the standard average and you’d better believe you’ll be paying extra for that difference.

Unless you’re willing to just bring a personal item for under the seat in front of you, you can expect to pay between $35 and $150 in Spirit Airlines baggage fees depending on what you’re bringing along – including even a standard carry-on bag you stow in the overhead.

And unlike most major carriers, there’s no flat fee you can expect to pay to bring a bag: Spirit Airlines baggage fees can vary from flight-to-flight.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy Fees Allowance
Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy Fees Allowance

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage Fees

Unlike most legacy airlines like United, Alaska, American, and Delta, you don’t get a free carry-on bag when you fly Spirit Airlines.

Just as with checking a bag, Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage fees vary flight-to-flight.

Generally, you can expect to pay around $43 each way if you add a carry-on bag at the time of booking.

In fact, Spirit typically charges more for a carry-on bag than it does to check a bigger bag.

If you don’t pay for a carry-on bag, your boarding pass will show you’re not allowed to bring one onboard.

Personal items like purses or backpacks are different – they don’t count as your Spirit Airlines carry-on.

A personal item flies free of charge on Spirit flights, but it must be smaller than 18 x 14 x 8 inches and fit underneath the seat in front of you.

For your other carry-ons, you will almost always need to pay for each bag, so long as it meets the Spirit Airlines carry-on size requirements.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Fees

How much is a carry-on on Spirit? Well, it depends.

Spirit Baggage fees vary slightly based on the route, date of travel, and mode of booking.

Typically, carry-on bags cost around $43.

Like all bags on Spirit flights, the bag may not exceed 40 pounds and the carry-on must fit in the overhead bin.

The cost of a carry-on bag also depends on when you when you purchase it – the earlier you buy, the cheaper it will buy.

It’s always cheapest to add your carry-on bag when you’re checking out.

After that, the costs increase.

As an example, here are the approximate costs for carry-on bags for a one-way flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL):

  • During booking at Spirit.com: $43
  • Before online check-in: $53
  • During online check-in: $58
  • At airport check-in: $71
  • At the gate: $76

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Size

Your Spirit carry-on will usually cost somewhere between $40 and $80, depending on when you book, your date of travel, and where you’re going.

But that’s only true if it meets the strict size requirements.

Spirit carry-ons must not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches in size – including handles and wheels – and must be able to fit into the overhead bin.

Spirit can require you to check your bag at the gate if it’s too large, which could be pricey.

The Spirit carry-on bag size policy mirrors that of other major airlines, meaning most regular carry-on bags will likely fit the Spirit size standards.

Spirit Airlines Checked Bag

How much is a checked bag on Spirit? Believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper to check your luggage with Spirit Airlines than it is to carry it on in many cases.

But it’s important to know when is the best time to pay for your Spirit checked bag so you don’t wind up paying too much.

Just as with carry-on bags, Spirit Airlines checked bag fees vary depending on when you book them and the size of the bag.

Spirit checked bags cannot exceed 40 pounds without garnering added fees.

That limit is 10 pounds less than most other U.S. airlines.

So make sure you pack smart before you board your flight so you don’t get stuck with an additional Spirit checked bag fee.

Checked Bag Fees

As long as your Spirit Airlines checked bag fits the size and weight limitations (more on those soon), checked bag fees on Spirit are fairly straightforward.

The more bags you need to check, the more each bag will cost.

The final price may vary based on your route by a few bucks.

Here’s an example on a flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL):

First Checked Bag:

  • During booking at Spirit.com: $37
  • Before online check-in: $47
  • During online check-in: $52
  • At airport check-in: $70
  • At the gate: $76

Second Checked Bag:

  • During booking at Spirit.com: $51
  • Before online check-in: $61
  • During online check-in: $66
  • At airport check-in: $74
  • At the gate: not available

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Checked Bags:

  • During booking at Spirit.com: $87
  • Before online check-in: $97
  • During online check-in: $97
  • At airport check-in: $100
  • At the gate: not available

As you can see, the earlier you book your checked bags, the more you can expect to save on Spirit Airlines.

Case in point: For your first bag, you’ll pay almost half the cost by buying that bag while you book versus paying at the airport.

Overweight Baggage

Here’s the most important thing about checking a bag on this budget airline: Spirit Airlines checked bag weights cannot exceed 40 pounds.

That’s 10 pounds fewer than the 50-pound standard on almost any other major U.S. airline – though Frontier recently matched this weight limit, too.

And it’s critical to keep these weight limits in mind before heading to the airport, because the overweight baggage fees on Spirit can really add up.

In fact, they can more than double your costs.

For instance, if your bag clocks in just 1 pound too heavy at 41 pounds at the check-in counter, you’ll be forced to pay $50 fee … on top of what you paid for your checked bag.

Here are the fees you can expect to pay in addition to your Spirit checked bag fee if your luggage is overweight.

  • 41-50 lbs: $50
  • 51-70 lbs: $75
  • 71-100 lbs: $75

The only way to avoid these extra fees is by having Spirit status.

But weight isn’t the only factor to consider when packing up for your Spirit flight.

Oversized Baggage

Anything under 62 linear inches means your Spirit Airlines checked bag is fit to fly under regular checked bag fees.

Linear inches is calculated by adding the total length, width, and height of your bag.

If it’s more than 62 inches, then it’s considered oversized baggage and will be subject to a $100 feeon top of your checked bag fee.

Additionally, if your Spirit Airlines checked bag is more than 80 linear inches, you face a $150 fee on top of your checked bag fee.

Get out that tape measure before you head to the airport if you’re flying Spirit.

Checked Sports Equipment

Like many airlines, some popular sports equipment items can be checked as regular baggage with Spirit Airlines.

Two of the most popular items to travel with – golf clubs and skis or snowboards – require just the regular checked bag fees on any Spirit flight.

There are two items that require special fees, however.

To fly with a bicycle on Spirit Airlines, you must pay a $75 fee each way.

The same goes for surf boards, which require $100 each way on your trip.

Some of the more obscure pieces of sporting equipment and other obscure baggage types are outlined on Spirit’s website.

How to Save on Spirit Baggage Fees

These extra fees can add up quite fast.

Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can save on Spirit Airlines baggage prices when you fly.

Some are as simple as checking bags instead of carrying them on and booking your bags immediately as you’re booking your flight.

Others require a little more creativity – or maybe carrying the right credit card.

Active duty military personnel do not have to worry about Spirit’s baggage fees: They all receive a free carry-on and two free checked bags when they show their military ID.

Book Your Bags as Early as You Can

The cheapest bag you can have on Spirit Airlines (besides your personal item) is a checked bag you pay for while booking your flight.

Paying for your checked bag while booking your flight will cost you somewhere around $37.

But the longer you wait as your flight draws near, the more you can expect to pay.

Here’s how the prices increase on a typical Spirit flight for your first piece of checked luggage.

  • During booking at Spirit.com: $37
  • Before online check-in: $47
  • During online check-in: $52
  • At airport check-in: $70
  • At the gate: $76

By paying for your bag right away, you’re paying roughly half of what people would pay at the gate.

The same goes for your carry-on bags. Make sure you pay for your carry-on right away, or else that cost will just keep going up.

  • During booking at Spirit.com: $43
  • Before online check-in: $53
  • During online check-in: $58
  • At airport check-in: $71
  • At the gate: $76

With fees in the $70s, you should always try to avoid paying for your Spirit Airlines bags at the airport if you can.

And by paying for your bags at booking, you’ll make sure you’re getting the best rate.

Join Spirit Airlines Saver$ Club

For approximately $70 a year, you can join the Spirit Saver$ Club and shave a few bucks off every time you need to pay for a bag.

That unlocks about $7 off all baggage fees, among other things.

Depending on how often you fly Spirit, a Saver$ Club membership could be worth it to curb those baggage fees.

According to Spirit’s website, members also get access to special low fares, discounts on seat selection, and expedited security lanes and boarding at the airport.

Earn Spirit Status

Back when Spirit overhauled its loyalty program in 2021, it also introduced a bonafide status program.

There are two tiers: Spirit Silver and Spirit Gold.

Earning either level of status requires spending a good chunk of change on Spirit flights each year or spending on a Spirit-branded credit card.

But both status tiers unlock some savings on baggage.

  • Spirit Silver members don’t pay overweight baggage fees
  • Spirit Gold flyers can bring a free carry-on bag onboard and get their first checked bag free, too.

What does Spirit charge for carry-on?

Spirit allows passengers to bring 1 personal item for free but it charges for standard carry-on.

During Booking:

  • Spirit Saver$ Club — $28 to $36
  • Standard — $35 to $43

Before and During Online Check-in:

  • Spirit Saver$ Club — $38 to $46
  • Standard — $45 to $53

Airport Reservation Desk: $55 to $71
At Gate: $65 to $76

Can I take a backpack on Spirit Airlines for free?

You could take a backpack on Spirit Airlines for free as your personal item, provided the measurements of the backpack do not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

If it is larger than these measurements you would incur a fee for standard carry-on with a maximum size allowance of 22 x 18 x 10 inches.

What does Spirit charge for bags?

For most routes, Spirit’s checked baggage fees vary depending on whether you’re a Spirit Saver$ Club member, the route, and when and where you add your baggage.

Does Spirit Airlines give military free baggage?

Spirit Airlines will provide active-duty military with 2 checked bags and a carry-on piece for free in addition to the free personal item.

How much is overweight baggage on Spirit?

For overweight baggage, Spirit charges $50 for bags weighing 41 to 50 pounds, $75 for bags weighing 51 to 70 pounds, and $100 for bags weighing 71 to 100 pounds.

If your bags are oversized (63 to 80 inches) then you will be charged $100; for special items over 80 inches, the fee is $150.

Understanding Spirit Airlines baggage fees is a crucial part of getting value out of your trip on Spirit.

The low-cost carrier might be known for charging fees for nearly everything separately, yet many travelers are still caught off guard.

Of course, as basic economy fares have spread to nearly every carrier big and small in the U.S., Spirit isn’t alone in charging extra for seats and bags.