American Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-200 Details and Pictures

American Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-200 Details and Pictures. American Airlines operates 15 aircrafts Airbus A330-200. Airbus A330-200 is the version of airplane A330 with shortened body and additional fuel tanks.

Both these models represent Airbus wide body A330 family developed by European concern Airbus in the end of 1980th for serving long-haul flights.

As a long haul wide body aircraft, American Airlines operated Airbus A330-200 fleet almost exclusively for flights to and from the United States and Europe.

American Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-200 N291AY at Manchester Airport
American Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-200 N291AY at Manchester Airport

Airbus A330-200 American Airlines Fleet Data and Registration Number

N279AYAirbus A330-243a
N280AYAirbus A330-243a
N281AYAirbus A330-243a
N282AYAirbus A330-243a
N283AYAirbus A330-243a
N284AYAirbus A330-243a
N285AYAirbus A330-243a
N286AYAirbus A330-243a
N287AYAirbus A330-243a
N288AYAirbus A330-243a
N289AYAirbus A330-243a
N290AYAirbus A330-243a
N291AYAirbus A330-243a
N292AYAirbus A330-243a
N293AYAirbus A330-243a

American Airlines Airbus A330-200 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

American Airlines wide body fleet Airbus A330-200 consists totally of 258 seats: 20 of them are located in Business Class, 14 in Main Cabin Extra and 224 seats in Economy Class.

The American Airlines Airbus A330-200 version features Premium Economy seating.

The aircraft is configured with 20 seats that transform into lie-flat beds in Business Class, 21 recliner-style seats in Premium Economy Class, and 206 standard Economy Class seats in the Main Cabin.

The Main Cabin also features 50 Main Cabin Extra seats which may be selected for an additional fee for additional legroom and preferred boarding.


Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330-200 American Airlines

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330 200 American Airlines
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330 200 American Airlines

The seats of the 1st row: seats 1A, 1C, 1F and 1H are standard but their close location to lavatory and galley may be bothersome. The passengers of seats 5A, 5C, 5F and 5H may also have feel of discomfort because they are located close to the galley.

The seats of the 6th row are located in the Main Cabin Extra. These seats are good and often used by passengers with small children as they have more space for the legs. However neighborhood of galley and WC may cause discomfort as well as for passengers of the seats 7G and 7H.

The seat 9H is considered a bad seat as it doesn’t have a window.

The seats 21A and 21B may have limited recline and are located close to lavatory and the galley.

All seats of 22nd row (from 22C to 22H) have full recline option. However, the proximity of WC and galley may bother passengers of these two rows.

The seats 23A, 23B, 23G and 23H are good seats as they have a lot of extra space in front of them. However, the build in tray table reduces the width of these seats. Also these seats may be used by the crew members.

The seats 23C, 23D, 23E and 23F also have a lot if extra room in front of them and are often used by passengers with infants. However, the close position to lavatories makes all the places of 23rd row a little less attractive as here may gather a lot of passengers.

Passengers of the seats 32C and 32F may tend to bump into them.

The seats 33C, 33D and 33F may have less room for legs because of misalignment of the seats located in 32nd row.

The bad seats in Airbus A330-200 are the seats 35G and 35H and the seats of the last, 36th row. Reason: these seats are less reclining and are located close to lavatory and galleys.

American Airlines Wide Body Airbus A330-200 In-flight amenities Information

  • Audio. Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) is available on this aircraft with a selection of audio programming. Noise cancelling earphones are available to Business Class passengers.
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  • Video. Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) is available on this aircraft with a selection of movies, short programs and television series.
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  • AC Power. There are AC Power and USB ports at every Business seat. Most aircraft feature one power port for every two seats in Economy however, on some aircraft, only USB power is available.
  • Internet. No WiFi on AA A330-200’s
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary on all flights. Alcoholic beverages are complimentary in First, Business, Premium Economy, and in the Main Cabin on certain long-haul international flights.Food service depends on route, length of flight, and time of day. First, Business, and Premium Economy passengers are offered premium dining. Main Cabin passengers on long-haul international and certain US transcontinental flights are offered complimentary  multi-course meals. Sandwiches, wraps, and snack boxes are available for purchase in the Main Cabin on other flights (US domestic, Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico). Additional information for each class is available in the “Travel Information / During your flight” section on

American Airlines Fleet Wide Body Aircraft Airbus A330-200 Images Gallery

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