Wizz Air Fleet Airbus A320-200 Details and Pictures

Wizz Air Fleet Airbus A320-200 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air operates 69 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320-200.

Wizz Air began operations with a fleet of Airbus A320 jets.

In November 2015, it began operating its first Airbus A321, with a further expansion of this model in their fleet as well.

The A320 also has an extremely quiet cabin with an array of lighting options meaning it’s easy to relax and enjoy the flight. 

Incorporating a versatile cabin that can be configured for a variety of seating options, the A320 usually seats from 140 to 170 passengers and has a maximum capacity to accommodate as many as 180 travellers.

Airbus A320 232 Wizz Air HA LPQ at Prague Ruzyně Airport
Airbus A320 232 Wizz Air HA LPQ at Prague Ruzyně Airport

Airbus A320-200 Wizz Air Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

HA-LPJAirbus A320-200May 2007
HA-LPKAirbus A320-200May 2007
HA-LPLAirbus A320-200Jun 2007
HA-LPMAirbus A320-200Jul 2007
HA-LPNAirbus A320-200Jan 2008
HA-LPOAirbus A320-200Feb 2008
HA-LPQAirbus A320-200Feb 2008
HA-LPRAirbus A320-200Mar 2008
HA-LPSAirbus A320-200Feb 2009
HA-LPTAirbus A320-200Feb 2009
HA-LPUAirbus A320-200Apr 2009
HA-LPVAirbus A320-200Jun 2009
HA-LPWAirbus A320-200Jun 2009
HA-LPXAirbus A320-200Jul 2009
HA-LPYAirbus A320-200Dec 2009
HA-LPZAirbus A320-200Jan 2010
HA-LSAAirbus A320-200Jul 2018
HA-LSBAirbus A320-200Mar 2019
HA-LSCAirbus A320-200Oct 2019
HA-LWAAirbus A320-200Mar 2010
HA-LWBAirbus A320-200Mar 2010
HA-LWCAirbus A320-200Jun 2010
HA-LWDAirbus A320-200Jul 2010
HA-LWEAirbus A320-200Jul 2010
HA-LWFAirbus A320-200Mar 2011
HA-LWGAirbus A320-200Mar 2011
HA-LWHAirbus A320-200Mar 2011
HA-LWIAirbus A320-200Mar 2011
HA-LWJAirbus A320-200Apr 2011
HA-LWKAirbus A320-200May 2011
HA-LWLAirbus A320-200Jun 2011
HA-LWMAirbus A320-200Feb 2012
HA-LWNAirbus A320-200Mar 2012
HA-LWOAirbus A320-200Apr 2012
HA-LWPAirbus A320-200May 2012
HA-LWQAirbus A320-200Jun 2012
HA-LWRAirbus A320-200Apr 2013
HA-LWSAirbus A320-200Apr 2013
HA-LWTAirbus A320-200May 2013
HA-LWUAirbus A320-200May 2013
HA-LWVAirbus A320-200Apr 2014
HA-LWXAirbus A320-200Mar 2014
HA-LWYAirbus A320-200Apr 2014
HA-LWZAirbus A320-200May 2014
HA-LYAAirbus A320-200Apr 2014
HA-LYBAirbus A320-200May 2014
HA-LYCAirbus A320-200May 2014
HA-LYDAirbus A320-200Jun 2014
HA-LYEAirbus A320-200Jun 2014
HA-LYFAirbus A320-200Jul 2014
HA-LYGAirbus A320-200May 2014
HA-LYHAirbus A320-200Sep 2014
HA-LYIAirbus A320-200Nov 2014
HA-LYJAirbus A320-200Dec 2014
HA-LYKAirbus A320-200Dec 2014
HA-LYLAirbus A320-200Mar 2015
HA-LYMAirbus A320-200Apr 2015
HA-LYNAirbus A320-200Apr 2015
HA-LYOAirbus A320-200May 2015
HA-LYPAirbus A320-200May 2015
HA-LYQAirbus A320-200Jun 2015
HA-LYRAirbus A320-200Jun 2015
HA-LYSAirbus A320-200Jun 2015
HA-LYTAirbus A320-200Jul 2015
HA-LYUAirbus A320-200Apr 2015
HA-LYVAirbus A320-200Apr 2015
HA-LYWAirbus A320-200Jun 2017
HA-LYXAirbus A320-200Apr 2018
HA-LYZAirbus A320-200Jun 2018

Wizz Air Fleet Airbus A320-200 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Wizz Air operates the A320 on short-haul flights.

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Wizz Air narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320-200 flies solely with 180 seats in Economy Class.

Seats are configured 3-3 (ABC DEF) and, seat was upholstered in maroon leather and had a push button recline.

The seat was comfortable enough for a short journey.

You can always identify a low-cost carrier when you look at the seat headrests.

Not the bright blue seats, missing power outlets, or threadbare carpet.

Nope, it’s that lack of neck support that demonstrates the costs cut during the aircraft design and build.

Other than wanting a snooze to make up for my 5.00am start, the configurations were acceptable for a short-haul flight.

The Airbus’s seat pitch is 28cm, and width 18cm and the should-you-recline-your-seat debate is moot here because you can’t physically do so.

The tray table is the highest I’ve ever seen – great for viewing your screen, awkward for typing.

Rows 12 and 13 are reserved for passengers who’ve paid Wizzair’s XXLong extra leg room fee (£4 when booked in advance, £8 at the airport).

These were all in use during the flight, so book in advance if this appeals to you – if you intend to get some sleep it’s definitely worth the charge.

All aircrafts are powered by International Aero Engine’s V-2500 engines and equipped with leather seats.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320-200 Wizz Air

Narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320-200 Wizz Air has single economy class on board with total of 180 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

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Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320 200 Wizz Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320 200 Wizz Air

Airbus A320-200 Wizz Air Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Food. Wizz Air offers snack and beverages for purchase on most flights.

Wizz Air Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Airbus A320-200 Images Gallery

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