Air China Fleet Airbus A320ceo/neo Details and Pictures

Air China Fleet Airbus A320ceo/neo Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Air China group operates 150 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320.

There’s 126 base model A320-200 (ceo), and 26 new model A320neo.

Some of this aircraft also operates by Air China Group subsidiaries Shenzhen Airlines.

The brand new A320neo is equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines and configured to accommodate 8 passengers in Business Class and 150 in Economy.

The state-owned airline operator has 5 more Airbus A320neo in its order book purchased directly from the European aircraft manufacturer.

For the A320neo – which was delivered to customers beginning in 2016 – Airbus expanded seating capacity with optimised cabin space and increased exit limits, which allows the A320neo to accommodate up to 194 passengers in a high-density configuration.

The A320neo also offers significant environmental performance with nearly 50% reduction in noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft.

B 6610 Air China Airbus A320 214 Plum Blossom Livery at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
B 6610 Air China Airbus A320 214 Plum Blossom Livery at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Airbus A320ceo/neo Air China Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

B-1601Airbus A320-232
B-1602Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-1683Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1685Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1686Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1687Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1841Airbus A320-232
B-1842Airbus A320-232
B-1852Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1853Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1873Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-1875Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-304EAirbus A320-214(WL)
B-304FAirbus A320-214(WL)
B-6286Airbus A320-214
B-6296Airbus A320-214
B-6297Airbus A320-214
B-6351Airbus A320-214
B-6352Airbus A320-214
B-6357Airbus A320-214
B-6358Airbus A320-214
B-6359Airbus A320-214
B-6360Airbus A320-214
B-6377Airbus A320-214
B-6392Airbus A320-214
B-6550Airbus A320-214
B-6563Airbus A320-214
B-6565Airbus A320-214
B-6566Airbus A320-214
B-6567Airbus A320-214
B-6568Airbus A320-214
B-6569Airbus A320-214
B-6570Airbus A320-214
B-6571Airbus A320-232
B-6589Airbus A320-214
B-6606Airbus A320-214
B-6607Airbus A320-214
B-6608Airbus A320-214
B-6609Airbus A320-214
B-6610Airbus A320-214
B-6611Airbus A320-214
B-6613Airbus A320-232
B-6615Airbus A320-232
B-6647Airbus A320-214
B-6648Airbus A320-214
B-6649Airbus A320-214
B-6650Airbus A320-232
B-6677Airbus A320-232
B-6690Airbus A320-232
B-6691Airbus A320-232
B-6692Airbus A320-232
B-6720Airbus A320-232
B-6721Airbus A320-232
B-6722Airbus A320-232
B-6731Airbus A320-232
B-6733Airbus A320-232
B-6740Airbus A320-232
B-6745Airbus A320-232
B-6749Airbus A320-232
B-6750Airbus A320-232
B-6767Airbus A320-214
B-6773Airbus A320-232
B-6780Airbus A320-232
B-6781Airbus A320-232
B-6793Airbus A320-214
B-6806Airbus A320-232
B-6807Airbus A320-232
B-6822Airbus A320-214
B-6828Airbus A320-214
B-6833Airbus A320-232
B-6835Airbus A320-232
B-6846Airbus A320-214
B-6847Airbus A320-214
B-6853Airbus A320-232
B-6855Airbus A320-214
B-6856Airbus A320-232
B-6857Airbus A320-232
B-6881Airbus A320-214
B-6882Airbus A320-232
B-6915Airbus A320-214
B-6916Airbus A320-214
B-6918Airbus A320-232
B-6935Airbus A320-232
B-6937Airbus A320-214
B-6938Airbus A320-214
B-6939Airbus A320-232
B-6941Airbus A320-214
B-6967Airbus A320-214
B-8077Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-8078Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-8079Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-8181Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8219Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-8220Airbus A320-214(WL)
B-8337Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8338Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8409Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8411Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8413Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8429Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8490Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8491Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8493Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8582Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8632Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8633Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8635Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8636Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-8743Airbus A320-232(WL)
B-9908Airbus A320-214
B-9909Airbus A320-214
B-9910Airbus A320-214
B-9918Airbus A320-214
B-9923Airbus A320-214
B-9925Airbus A320-214
B-9926Airbus A320-214
B-9938Airbus A320-214
B-9939Airbus A320-214
B-9979Airbus A320-214
B-9980Airbus A320-214
B-MBCAirbus A320-232
B-MCBAirbus A320-232
B-MCFAirbus A320-232(WL)
B-MCHAirbus A320-232(WL)
B-MCIAirbus A320-232
B-MCJAirbus A320-232
B-1050Airbus A320-271N
B-1068Airbus A320-271N
B-300MAirbus A320-271N
B-300NAirbus A320-271N
B-301FAirbus A320-271N
B-302MAirbus A320-271N
B-305JAirbus A320-271N
B-305KAirbus A320-271N
B-307KAirbus A320-271N
B-307MAirbus A320-271N
B-308NAirbus A320-271N
B-308SAirbus A320-271N
B-309FAirbus A320-271N
B-309GAirbus A320-271N
B-309HAirbus A320-271N
B-309PAirbus A320-271N
B-309QAirbus A320-271N
B-309RAirbus A320-271N
B-309SAirbus A320-271N
B-8890Airbus A320-271N
B-8891Airbus A320-271N
B-MBOAirbus A320-271N
B-MCKAirbus A320-271N
B-MCLAirbus A320-271N

Air China Fleet Airbus A320ceo/neo Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Air China’s Airbus A320ceo/neo seats 158 passengers in a two class cabin configuration.

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There’s 8 First (Business Class) recliner seats and 150 Economy Class standard seats.

This cabin configuration is similar with the Airbus A319-100.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320ceo/neo Air China

Narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320ceo/neo Air China has 2 classes on board (first business and economy) with total of 158 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320ceo neo Air China
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320ceo neo Air China

Air China A320ceo/neo Seating Details

first36211 – 28
economy301811 – 35150

Airbus A320ceo/neo Air China Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Air China offers audio entertainment in both Chinese and English.
  • Video. Air China have overhead TVs showing programs in both Chinese and English.
  • Food. Food service is available on medium to long-haul flights.

Air China Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Airbus A320ceo/neo Images Gallery

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