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Cathay Pacific Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 941 B LRN at Manchester Airport EGCC

Cathay Pacific Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures. Cathay Pacific operated 22 extra wide body aircraft Airbus A350-900. Airbus A350 is the family of long-haul airplanes constructed to replace previous generation of the airplanes A330 and A340. Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-900 is one of the most technologically advanced jetliners flying. It is constructed of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic which, due to its lower weight, offers 25% fuel saving over similar jetliners constructed of aluminum and steel. The extra-wide cabin, with windows providing panoramic views, give a passenger a more spacious feel.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 900 B LRA at Dublin Airport Ireland
Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 900 B LRA at Dublin Airport Ireland

Airbus A350-900 Cathay Pacific Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegAirlineConfigDeliveredPrev. Reg
Airbus A350-900B-LRACathay PacificC38W28Y214May 2016F-WZFX
Airbus A350-900B-LRBCathay PacificC38W28Y214Aug 2016F-WZGA
Airbus A350-900B-LRCCathay PacificC38W28Y214Jul 2016F-WZGC
Airbus A350-900B-LRDCathay PacificC38W28Y214Sep 2016F-WZGK
Airbus A350-900B-LRECathay PacificC38W28Y214Aug 2016F-WZGL
Airbus A350-900B-LRFCathay PacificC38W28Y214Oct 2016F-WZGS
Airbus A350-900B-LRGCathay PacificC38W28Y214Dec 2016F-WZFB
Airbus A350-900B-LRICathay PacificC38W28Y214Nov 2016F-WZFH
Airbus A350-900B-LRJCathay PacificC38W28Y214Dec 2016F-WZFL
Airbus A350-900B-LRKCathay PacificC38W28Y214Feb 2017F-WWTJ
Airbus A350-900B-LRLCathay PacificC38W28Y214Mar 2017F-WZNA
Airbus A350-900B-LRMCathay PacificC38W28Y214Dec 2016F-WZND
Airbus A350-900B-LRNCathay PacificC38W28Y214Mar 2017F-WZNO
Airbus A350-900B-LROCathay PacificC38W28Y214May 2017F-WZNX
Airbus A350-900B-LRPCathay PacificC38W28Y214Jun 2017F-WZFX
Airbus A350-900B-LRQCathay PacificC38W28Y214Jun 2017F-WZGF
Airbus A350-900B-LRRCathay PacificC38W28Y214Jul 2017F-WZGW
Airbus A350-900B-LRSCathay PacificC38W28Y214Aug 2017F-WZFH
Airbus A350-900B-LRTCathay PacificC38W28Y214Sep 2017F-WZNF
Airbus A350-900B-LRUCathay PacificC38W28Y214Oct 2017F-WZGT
Airbus A350-900B-LRVCathay PacificC38W28Y214Oct 2017F-WZNQ
Airbus A350-900B-LRXCathay PacificC38W28Y214Dec 2017F-WZNO

Cathay Pacific Fleet Airbus A350-900 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Airbus A350-900 operated by Cathay Pacific offers seats in three classes: 38 in business class, 28 in premium economy class and 214 in economy class.

Onboard, Cathay Pacific has selected to add many features devoted to comfort and entertainment in all cabins to make your flight more enjoyable. Seat comfort, inflight entertainment, lighting, and connectivity have all been improved. The cabin atmosphere has been improved with the use of a highly efficient air filtration system that cleans/filters the air during flight.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A350-900 Cathay Pacific

Business class consists of 38 open suites that have 180 degrees recline. These seats are divided into two sections. First section has 8 rows of seats.

For passengers traveling with a partner will be perfect all the D and G seats.

Proximity of the galley and lavatory may cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 11D and 11G.

For passengers with babies the seats 12A and 12K offer bassinet locations. These seats offer excellent privacy.

The noise from the galleys is the main disadvantage of the seats of the 19th row.

The second section of business class seats consists of 2 rows of seats per 4 in each. Close location of the galley and lavatory will cause inconvenience to passengers of the seats of the 20th row.

Behind business class seats 4 rows of premium economy class seats are located. These seats are more reclining than the seats of the economy class and the footrest of these seats may be lifted up.

The seats of the 30th row have no floor storage during take-off and landing. Passengers traveling with babies are often seated on the seats 30AC and 30HK as they have bassinet locations.

Economy class seats are divided into two sections. Most of the seats have 3-3-3 configuration.

Passengers of the seats 39DEG will take advantage of extra space for their legs. Among disadvantages: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing, as the tray tables are built-in the armrests, the width of these seats is reduced a little. These seats have bassinet locations.

The best seats here are considered the seats 40ABC and 40HJK because these seats have extra legroom. However, these seats are narrower than standard and have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

Other passengers tend to congregate in the area of the seats 47ABC, 47DEG, 47H and 48HJK as these seats are located close to lavatories.

Behind the exit row the second section of economy class seats is located. There are 16 rows of seats here.

Thanks to the exit row located in front the seats of the 59th row offer extra legroom. But the armrests of these seats are immovable as the tray tables are in the armrests and that is why these seats are narrower than standard. Also these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing. Proximity of the lavatories is another disadvantage of these seats. For passengers with babies the seats 59DEG have bassinet locations.

The seats 60A and 60K have the same disadvantages as the seats of the 59th row. Due to missing seats in front passengers of these seats will take advantage of extra legroom.

The only disadvantage of the seats 73D and 73G is close location of the galley and lavatory.

Limited recline and proximity of the galleys and lavatory make the seats 73ABC, 73HJK and 74DEG bad seats. Also the seats 73C and 73H are often bumped by other passengers and crew members passing by.

CX A350-900 Seating Plan Arrangement

This plane has 5 sections, with 2 Business class sections at the front of the plane followed by a Premium Economy class section and 2 Economy class sections. Toilet suitable for passengers with reduced mobility, emergency exit rows and extra-legroom seats are located at the front of the last Economy class section. In Business class, there are toilets and galleys for each section and baby bassinet seats are at row 12. In Premium Economy class, baby bassinet seats are located at row 30. In Economy class, there are toilets in each section. Galleys are at the end of the last section. Baby bassinet seats are located at the first row of each section.

Airbus A350-900 Cathay Pacific Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities Information

  • Audio. Audio on Demand service is offered to all passengers. A vast selection of music of many different genres is available. Audio books are also available. Click here
     for more information.
  • Video. StudioCX is Cathay Pacific’s video portal. A selection of more than 100 movies and 350 TV shows from various countries is available at every seat in all classes. Click here for more information.
  • AC Power. Every seat on Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-900 has access to 110-volt AC power.
  • Internet. Cathay Pacific provides access to the internet via Wi-Fi connectivity. Once the aircraft has passed 10,000 feet one may connect with their own device. Several different time length and price packages are available.
  • Food. On long-haul flights, complimentary meal and beverage service is offered in all classes. Cathay serves Chinese inspired food. Click here for more information.

Cathay Pacific Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Airbus A350-900 Images Gallery

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