ITA Airways Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures

ITA Airways Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, ITA Airways operates 6 wide-body aircraft Airbus A350-900.

Italia Trasporto Aereo, known as ITA Airways, is Italy’s new flag carrier, replacing Alitalia in October 2021.

The airline is rapidly expanding its global presence, launching routes to places in the US, Asia, and South America.

ITA is the first Italian airline to fly the Airbus A350 aircraft, which was chosen to reduce carbon emissions.

The ITA Airways Airbus A350-900 has its passenger accommodation divided into three cabins with a Business Class cabin plus two Economy class cabins.

Thirty-nine seats located at the front of the forward Economy section are designated Comfort Economy seats which offer more leg room.

EI IFB Airbus A350 941 ITA Airways Marcello Lippi
EI IFB Airbus A350 941 ITA Airways Marcello Lippi

ITA Airways Fleet Airbus A350-900 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

ITA Airways A350s are configured with 334 seats in two classes, including 33 fully lie-flat loungers in business and 331 seats in economy.

The first cabin on this A350-900 was the Collins Super Diamond business class.

The product, which is also found on British Airways, is configured in a 1x2x1 layout, meaning all passengers have direct-aisle access.

Economy has 262 standard seats with 31-32 inches of pitch, and 39 extra legroom seats, known as “comfort economy,” with 34 inches of pitch.

Every economy seat offers 18 inches of width and 120 degrees of recline.

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Business Class

ITA Airways’ A350 business class is comfortable but bland.

The business class cabin is located entirely between doors one and two, and consists of 33 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.

The left side of the cabin has eight rows, the right side of the cabin has seven rows, and the center section has nine rows.

ITA has Collins Aerospace Super Diamond reverse herringbone seats on its A350s, which are the same style of seats you’ll find on so many airlines.

While ITA’s livery is incredibly bold, the cabin finishes lack personality.

When you view the cabin from the back, you wouldn’t be able to guess which airline this plane belongs to.

Those traveling with companions may prefer to sit in the center section (seats with the letters “D” and “H”), so that they’re at least somewhat facing the person they’re traveling with.

Those traveling solo will want to select a seat by the window if possible, which are the seats with the letters “A” and “L.”

As usual, the tray table can be extended from underneath the personal entertainment screen, and is folded in half when in the stored position.

There’s also a console to the left of the seat with two separate compartments that can be opened, as well as a monitor that can be used to control the seat functions.

The one to the left isn’t as deep, and can be used for storing a phone, glasses, etc.

The compartment on the right is deeper, and also contains the entertainment controller, USB-A outlet, AC power outlet, and headphone jacks.

There’s also a small exposed storage area underneath the seat and to the left.

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Then along the aisle there’s an armrest that can be raised or lowered, which could also be used for further storage.

The seat’s footwell is a reasonably good size.

If you have big feet it might be a little bit of a tight squeeze, but it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

Economy Class

ITA Airways has made the interesting choice not to offer a premium economy cabin.

All its A350s will be fitted with just two cabins.

Economy does have a separate section up front with more legroom – known as “comfort economy.”

On all A350-900 aircraft, 39 of the 301 economy seats are configured this way.

These are the same economy seats but with 34 inches of legroom instead of 31-32 inches as standard in the main cabin.

The onboard service in comfort economy will be the same.

This is a nice addition (common with several other airlines) that allows passengers to pay just a bit more for a more conferrable experience.

It also allows the airline to offer them to frequent flyers as a benefit – it is much harder to do this with a separate premium economy cabin, of course.

As is usual on the A350, the cabin is arranged nine abreast in a 3-3-3 configuration.

The cabin is split into two sections, with toilets between rows 48 and 49 and the main galley at the rear.

The cabin lighting is an important concept on the A350, and we had this demonstrated in the rear economy cabin.

Crew can select different lighting experiences for different stages of flight – including boarding – take off – fly – dinner – lunch – sun rise – sun set – night.

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Comfort Economy

So here come the Comfort Economy seats on the Airbus A330-900 aircraft, the Poltrona Top and Poltrona Anteriore seats for a more comfortable journey, airport lounges in Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate and Catania Fontanarossa, Wi-fi connectivity on board long-haul flights and a new in-flight menu from Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Morelli.

Passengers in Comfort Economy class on the Airbus A330-900 long-haul aircraft can enjoy more comfortable and personalized travel.

In addition to the more comfortable seats, there is also a range of services such as priority boarding and disembarkation, reserved hat racks for hand luggage, and more legroom.

In addition to this, it is also possible to choose to travel in the Top Seat located at the emergency exits guaranteeing greater comfort, and in the Front Seat located immediately behind the Business/Superior class which allows passengers to disembark even faster from the aircraft.

In Comfort Economy on all these long-haul aircraft it is also possible to access the Wi-fi accessible through the ITA Airways portal, with 30 free minutes available for all passengers, and they can also purchase the package that best suits their needs.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A350-900 ITA Airways

Wide-body aircraft Airbus A350-900 ITA Airways has business and economy class (standard + comfort) configuration with total of 334 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart ITA Airways Airbus A350 900
Seat Map and Seating Chart ITA Airways Airbus A350 900

Airbus A350-900 ITA Airways Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Business. Thirty-three Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seats, configured 1-2-1. Universal AC, USB power sockets
  • Economy. 301 Recaro CL3710 seats configured 3-3-3 arranged to a standard 31″ pitch and featuring a 5″ reclin. Economy Comfort seats at rows 30 to 34 have a 34″ pitc. 10” touch screen displa. Universal AC and USB sockets at each seat.
  • Food. Food options are only available. More Information

Airbus A350-900 ITA Airways Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

RegAircraft TypeDeliveredAircraft Name
EI-IFAAirbus A350-900May 2022Valentino Rossi
EI-IFBAirbus A350-900May 2022Marcello Lippi
EI-IFCAirbus A350-900May 2022Roberto Baggio
EI-IFDAirbus A350-900Jun 2022
EI-IFEAirbus A350-900Sep 2022Alessandro Del Piero
EI-IFFAirbus A350-900Jul 2022Enzo Bearzot

ITA Airways Aircraft Fleet Wide-body Airbus A350-900 Images Gallery

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