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JetBlue Airways Fleet Airbus A320-200 Details and Pictures

N506JB JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 232 cn 1235 Wild Blue Yonder at San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International SJU TJSJ Puerto Rico

JetBlue Airways Fleet Airbus A320-200 Details and Pictures. JetBlue Airways operated 130 narrow-body single aisle aircraft Airbus A320-200. Originally introduced to JetBlue Airways fleet with 162 seats, the A320-200 offers the widest fuselage of any single-aisle aircraft, wide seats & aisles and large overhead bins. All JetBlue Airbus A320-200 will restyled with modern cabin interior design. At the focus of this refresh for JetBlue is allowing passengers to remain connected while traveling. Inside the refurbished A320s, you’ll find a new in-flight entertainment system, featuring a high-definition seatback screen, in-seat power outlets with USB ports and gate-to-gate Fly-Fi — free, as it is on other JetBlue Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft — mood lighting, updated seats, larger overhead bins and more.


Airbus A320 232 JetBlue Airways N504JB Shades of Blue at Logan International Airport
Airbus A320 232 JetBlue Airways N504JB Shades of Blue at Logan International Airport


JetBlue Airways Fleet Airbus A320-200 Aircraft Details Ages and Registration Number


Aircraft Type Reg Airline Delivered Prev. Reg Aircraft Name
Airbus A320-200 N503JB JetBlue Airways Dec 1999 F-WWBR Bluebird
Airbus A320-200 N504JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2000 F-WWBV Shades of Blue
Airbus A320-200 N505JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2000 F-WWDN Blue Skies
Airbus A320-200 N506JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2000 F-WWIN Wild Blue Yonder
Airbus A320-200 N507JT JetBlue Airways Nov 2010
(Jun 2000)
D-ANNB Blue Crew
Airbus A320-200 N508JL JetBlue Airways Dec 2010
(Jul 2000)
D-ANNC May The Force Be With Blue
Airbus A320-200 N509JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2000 F-WWDF True Blue
Airbus A320-200 N510JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2000 F-WWBA Out of the Blue
Airbus A320-200 N516JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2000 F-WWBQ Royal Blue
Airbus A320-200 N517JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2000 F-WWDU Blue Moon
Airbus A320-200 N519JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2001 F-WWIY It had to be Blue
Airbus A320-200 N520JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2001 F-WWBT Blue Velvet
Airbus A320-200 N521JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2001 F-WWBY Baby Blue
Airbus A320-200 N523JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2001 F-WWII Born to be Blue
Airbus A320-200 N524JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2001 F-WWIN Blue Belle
Airbus A320-200 N526JL JetBlue Airways Sep 2010
(Aug 2001)
D-ANND Blues Just Want To Have Fun
Airbus A320-200 N527JL JetBlue Airways Jul 2010
(Sep 2001)
D-ANNE Blue Bayou
Airbus A320-200 N529JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2001 F-WWDE Ole Blue Eyes
Airbus A320-200 N531JL JetBlue Airways Aug 2010
(Dec 2001)
D-ANNF Blue Finest
Airbus A320-200 N534JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2002 F-WWIU Bada Bing, Bada Blue
Airbus A320-200 N535JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2002 F-WWBQ Estrella Azul
Airbus A320-200 N536JB JetBlue Airways May 2002 F-WWDS Canyon Blue
Airbus A320-200 N537JT JetBlue Airways Oct 2010
(Jun 2002)
D-ANNI Red, White and Blue
Airbus A320-200 N547JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2002 F-WWDF Forever Blue
Airbus A320-200 N552JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2002 F-WWDM Blue Jay
Airbus A320-200 N554JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2002 F-WWBK Sacre’ Bleu!
Airbus A320-200 N556JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2002 F-WWDD Betty Blue
Airbus A320-200 N558JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2003 F-WWIF Song Sung Blue
Airbus A320-200 N559JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2003 F-WWIR Here’s Looking at Blue, Kid
Airbus A320-200 N561JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2003 F-WWIC La Vie en Blue
Airbus A320-200 N562JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2003 F-WWDF The Name is Blue, JetBlue
Airbus A320-200 N563JB JetBlue Airways May 2003 F-WWBY Blue Chip
Airbus A320-200 N564JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2003 F-WWBZ Absolute Blue
Airbus A320-200 N565JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2003 F-WWDT Bippity, Boppity, Blue
Airbus A320-200 N566JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2003 F-WWDU Blue Suede Shoes
Airbus A320-200 N568JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2003 F-WWDE Blue Sapphire
Airbus A320-200 N569JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2003 F-WWDF Blues Brothers
Airbus A320-200 N570JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2003 F-WWBD Devil with a Blue Dress On
Airbus A320-200 N571JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2003 F-WWIX Blue Monday
Airbus A320-200 N579JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2003 F-WWDB Can’t Stop Lovin’ Blue
Airbus A320-200 N580JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2003 F-WWBB Mo’ Better Blue
Airbus A320-200 N584JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2004 F-WWID Blue Fox
Airbus A320-200 N583JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2004 F-WWII Bluesville
Airbus A320-200 N585JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2004 F-WWIC I Got Blue Babe
Airbus A320-200 N586JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2004 F-WWIN I ♥ New York
Airbus A320-200 N587JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2004 F-WWIL Blue Kid in Town
Airbus A320-200 N588JB JetBlue Airways May 2004 F-WWIT Hopelessly Devoted to Blue
Airbus A320-200 N589JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2004 F-WWBJ Blue Skies Ahead
Airbus A320-200 N590JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2004 F-WWIH Liberty Blue
Airbus A320-200 N591JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2004 F-WWIS Tale of Blue Cities
Airbus A320-200 N592JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2004 F-WWBI American Blue
Airbus A320-200 N593JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2004 F-WWDT I Only Have Eyes for Blue
Airbus A320-200 N594JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2004 F-WWBQ Whole Lotta Blue
Airbus A320-200 N595JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2004 F-WWBR Lucky Blue
Airbus A320-200 N597JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2004 F-WWIC For The Love of Blue
Airbus A320-200 N598JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2004 F-WWDK Bluemanity
Airbus A320-200 N599JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2004 F-WWIN If The Blue Fits…
Airbus A320-200 N603JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2005 F-WWIL To Beach Their Own
Airbus A320-200 N605JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2005 F-WWDO
Airbus A320-200 N606JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2005 F-WWIE Idlewild Blue
Airbus A320-200 N607JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2005 F-WWIG Beantown Blue
Airbus A320-200 N608JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2005 F-WWDP …And Along Came Blue
Airbus A320-200 N612JB JetBlue Airways May 2005 F-WWBU Blue Look Maaahvelous
Airbus A320-200 N613JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2005 F-WWBX Bahama Blue
Airbus A320-200 N615JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2005 F-WWDR Blue Bravest
Airbus A320-200 N618JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2005 F-WWDX Can’t Get Enough Of Blue
Airbus A320-200 N621JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2005 F-WWDY Do-Be-Do-Be-Blue
Airbus A320-200 N623JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2005 F-WWBM Playa-way With Me
Airbus A320-200 N624JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2005 F-WWBN Blue-T-Ful
Airbus A320-200 N625JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2005 F-WWII Company Blue
Airbus A320-200 N627JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2005 F-WWDB A Friend Like Blue
Airbus A320-200 N629JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2005 F-WWBH Bright Lights, Blue City
Airbus A320-200 N630JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2005 F-WWBY Honk If You Love Blue
Airbus A320-200 N632JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2006 F-WWIF Clear Blue Sky
Airbus A320-200 N633JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2006 F-WWDB Major Blue
Airbus A320-200 N634JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2006 F-WWIZ B*L*U*E
Airbus A320-200 N635JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2006 F-WWDQ All Because of Blue
Airbus A320-200 N636JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2006 F-WWDL All Wrapped Up In Blue
Airbus A320-200 N637JB JetBlue Airways May 2006 F-WWDY Big Blue Bus
Airbus A320-200 N638JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2006 F-WWIL Blue Begins With You
Airbus A320-200 N639JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2006 F-WWIV A Little Blue Will Do
Airbus A320-200 N640JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2006 F-WWBD Blue Better Believe It
Airbus A320-200 N641JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2006 F-WWIK Blue Come Back Now Ya Hear?
Airbus A320-200 N643JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2006 F-WWBF Blue Jersey
Airbus A320-200 N644JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2006 F-WWBO Blue Loves Ya, Baby?
Airbus A320-200 N645JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2006 F-WWDE Blues Have More Fun
Airbus A320-200 N646JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2006 F-WWIP Bravo Lima Uniform Echo
Airbus A320-200 N648JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2006 F-WWDI Hasta La Vista
Airbus A320-200 N649JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2006 F-WWBD Fancy Meeting Blue Here
Airbus A320-200 N651JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2007 F-WWIS I’m Having a Blue Moment
Airbus A320-200 N652JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2007 F-WWBT Out With The Old In With The Blue
Airbus A320-200 N653JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2007 F-WWDH Breath of Fresh Blue
Airbus A320-200 N655JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2007 F-WWIN Blue 100
Airbus A320-200 N656JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2007 F-WWIQ California Blue
Airbus A320-200 N657JB JetBlue Airways May 2007 F-WWBC Denim Blue
Airbus A320-200 N658JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2007 F-WWBT Woo-Hoo JetBlue
Airbus A320-200 N659JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2007 F-WWIQ BetaBlue
Airbus A320-200 N661JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2007 F-WWBD Let The Blue Times Roll
Airbus A320-200 N662JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2007 F-WWDO Glad to Be Blue
Airbus A320-200 N663JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2007 F-WWDG Paint the Town Blue
Airbus A320-200 N665JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2007 F-WWBV Something About Blue
Airbus A320-200 N703JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2008 F-WWDM It’s up to blue, New York, New York
Airbus A320-200 N705JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2008 F-WWIN Big blue people seater
Airbus A320-200 N706JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2008 F-WWBE As blue as it gets
Airbus A320-200 N708JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2008 F-WWDJ All that and a bag of Blue Chips
Airbus A320-200 N709JB JetBlue Airways May 2008 F-WWIK Connected to 01000010 01001100 01010101 01000101 (Connected to BLUE)
Airbus A320-200 N712JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2008 F-WWDQ Enough about me… let’s talk about blue
Airbus A320-200 N715JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2008 F-WWBB How’s My Flying? Call 1-800-JetBlue
Airbus A320-200 N729JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2008 F-WWBJ If You Can Read This, You’re Blue Close
Airbus A320-200 N746JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2008 F-WWIL Some Like it Blue
Airbus A320-200 N760JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2008 F-WWDU The Blues Were Made For Flying
Airbus A320-200 N763JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2008 F-WWIQ “What’s Old is Blue Again”
Airbus A320-200 N766JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2008 F-WWDG Etjay Luebay
Airbus A320-200 N768JB JetBlue Airways Jan 2009 F-WWDC Blue Crew
Airbus A320-200 N775JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2009 F-WWBT Vets in Blue
Airbus A320-200 N779JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2009 F-WWID Bluericua
Airbus A320-200 N784JB JetBlue Airways Feb 2011 F-WWDZ Blue Infinity And Beyond
Airbus A320-200 N789JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2011 F-WWDC What’s Blue And White And Flies All Over?
Airbus A320-200 N793JB JetBlue Airways Apr 2011 F-WWDN My Other Ride Is A JetBlue E190
Airbus A320-200 N794JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2011 F-WWBX Pretty Fly for a Blue Guy
Airbus A320-200 N796JB JetBlue Airways Mar 2012 F-WWBQ 100% Blue
Airbus A320-200 N804JB JetBlue Airways May 2012 F-WWBE Got Blue?
Airbus A320-200 N805JB JetBlue Airways Jun 2012 D-AVVP You Had Me At Blue
Airbus A320-200 N806JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2012 F-WWBE Objects in Mirror Are Bluer Than They Appear
Airbus A320-200 N807JB JetBlue Airways Oct 2012 D-AUBC 1. Fly JetBlue 2. Repeat step 1
Airbus A320-200 N809JB JetBlue Airways Nov 2012 F-WWBV Blue by Popular Demand
Airbus A320-200 N821JB JetBlue Airways Dec 2012 F-WWDQ Blue Yorker
Airbus A320-200 N827JB JetBlue Airways Jul 2013 F-WWDE It Takes Blue To Tango
Airbus A320-200 N828JB JetBlue Airways Aug 2013 F-WWID Simon Says, “Fly JetBlue”
Airbus A320-200 N834JB JetBlue Airways Sep 2013 F-WWDP Keep Blue and Carry On


JetBlue Airways Fleet Airbus A320-200 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

All of JetBlue’s new A320 aircraft have a redesigned interior, including all-leather Recaro seats, 10 percent more overhead bin space and LED cabin lighting. The seats offer improved cushion comfort and knee space as a result of a thinner seat profile and thinner armrests. The new sidewall structure adds space to the cabin and increases shoulder space at the window seats. All middle seats now have an underseat entertainment equipment box, which limits foot and storage space.

JetBlue offers passengers the ability to upgrade to “Even More Space” seating. In addition to providing an extra 6 inches in seat pitch, JetBlue’s “Even More Space” provides passengers with early boarding privileges, early access to overhead bins, and a fast track through security (only available in select cities). These seats are located in the first 5 rows and in the exit rows of the economy cabin. “Even more Space” pricing varies by route length. These seats can be purchased from JetBlue directly at the time of booking or at check-in.

JetBlue has also partnered with ViaSat to introduce the first ever in-flight broadband service, bringing WiFi to to its first aircraft in mid 2013.


Seat map and seating chart of JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 (320)

This airplane has the seats of “Even More Space” class and “Coach” class. The seats of both classes have 3-3 configuration.

First 5 rows include the seats of Even More Space category. The seats of the 1st row have extra 4 inches of legroom. However the bulkhead slightly restricts the legroom. As the tray tables are in the armrests the width of these seats is reduced. Also these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

All A and F seats of the rows 2-4 have misaligned windows.

The next 4 rows are the seats of the Coach category. The main disadvantage of the seats 9A and 9F is the fact that these seats are not reclining.

Behind the exit row 2 rows of second section of Even More Space category are located. Passengers of the seats of the 10th row will take advantage of 5 more inches of legroom but on the other hand these seats are less reclining or not reclining at all due to another exit row located behind.

The seats of the 11th row are considered the best seats thanks to 5 additional inches of legroom that they offer.

The remaining 15 rows of seats represent the seats of Coach category.

The only disadvantage of the seats 12A, 12F, 13A, 13F, 18A and 18F is misaligned windows.

The seats 24C and 24D as well as the seats of the last 25th row have the following disadvantage: close location of the lavatories, restricted storage space in overhead bins that are used for food supply storage as result passengers may be disturbed by crew members that have to take this food supply. In addition the seats of the 25th row have restricted recline.


Narrow Body Aircraft Airbus A320-200 JetBlue Airways Cabin Feature Configuration

Number of aircraft: 130
Restyling begins: 2017
Restyling completes: 2019
Seats: 162
Number of rows 27
Even More Space rows: 7
Cabin height: 7′ 1″
Bathrooms: 3 (One in front, two in rear of cabin)
Length: 123′ 3″
Wingspan: 111′ 10″
Range: 2,700 nautical miles
Engines: 2 (IAE V2527-A5)


JetBlue Airways Airbus A320-200 Restyled and Updated Interior Details

Connectivity. No need to power off after takeoff! We’re improving your inflight entertainment experience with a number of technology-forward features.

Gate-to-gate Fly-Fi

With Fly-Fi – which includes plenty of custom content on The Hub and the ability to stream your favorite shows on Amazon Video – flying won’t interrupt your regularly programmed schedule!

CAN touch this

Those screens are so beautiful, you can’t help but want to touch them – and soon you can! With our new inflight entertainment system, you can scroll through the video features and watch shows on-demand.

Video on-demand

Hundreds of movies at your fingertips.

A better way to watch

10” HD-capable screens at every seat – that’s almost double the size of our screens today!

You’re in charge

With in-seat power and USB outlets, it’ll be easy to keep up with all that inflight entertainment.


Personal space. Slimmer, sleeker seats and an overall refreshed aircraft layout will continue to boast the spacious environment you’ve come to love.

32 – 33″ legroom

We’re maintaining the most legroom in coach (of any U.S. airline based on average seat pitch) and overall personal space to keep those legs happy.

18” seat width

Because legs aren’t the only ones who deserve some space.

Even More® Space

Our signature extra-roomy seats are still available on all aircraft.

Larger overhead space

More room overhead means it’s easy to keep calm & carry-on.


Comfort. Little details make a big difference in how customers interact with and feel in their environment. With customer feedback and a little bit of ‘design thinking,’ we’ve introduced a number of features, including:

Ergonomic seat support

A vital part in keeping customers feeling refreshed when they land.

Moveable headrests

Nodding off never felt so good with headrests that slide up, down and wrap around.

Custom seatback pocket

Complete with a drink holder, this new pocket is built to help keep things organized.


JetBlue Airways Fleet Narrow-body Aircraft Airbus A320-200 Inflight Amenities Information

  • Audio. Each seat features 100+ channels of XM Satellite Radio. This service is not available outside the continental USA. More Information
  • Video. Each seat features a personal 6.8 inch LCD screen with 36 channels of DIRECTV programming. On flights longer than 2 hours there is also a selection of movies. More Information
  • Internet. JetBlue now provides FlyFi on their entire fleet.
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are offered complimentary and alcoholic beverages can be purchased for $5. Unlimited snacks such as cookies and chips are also available. More Information


JetBlue Airways Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Single Aisle Airbus A320-200 Images Gallery


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