Qatar Airways Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures

Qatar Airways Fleet Airbus A350-900 Details and Pictures. Qatar Airways operates 39 (38 on services and 1 on orders) extra-wide-body aircrafts Airbus A350-900.

Airbus A350-900 is equipped with the most powerful engines Rolls-Royce Trent XWB located on the wings made of carbon fiber.

The wing area is 443 square meters – it is the biggest wing in Airbus history from ever constructed for one-deck airplane.

The wingspan is 64.8 meters that is by 4.5 meters more than of Airbus A330-300 and also equal to the wing span of Boeing modifications 777-200LR and 777-300ER that have insignificantly smaller wing area.

Airbus A350 has one of the widest cabins among long-range airplanes, its width is 5.96 meters.

So, the airplane is able to accommodate up to 9 passenger seats in one row.

Qatar Airways Airbus A350 941 A7 ALG water salute at JFK Airport
Qatar Airways Airbus A350 941 A7 ALG water salute at JFK Airport

Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

A7-ALAAirbus A350-941Dec 2014
A7-ALBAirbus A350-941Mar 2015
A7-ALCAirbus A350-941May 2015
A7-ALDAirbus A350-941Jun 2015
A7-ALEAirbus A350-941Oct 2015
A7-ALFAirbus A350-941Oct 2015
A7-ALGAirbus A350-941Nov 2015
A7-ALHAirbus A350-941Mar 2016
A7-ALIAirbus A350-941Jul 2016
A7-ALJAirbus A350-941Aug 2016
A7-ALKAirbus A350-941Sep 2016
A7-ALLAirbus A350-941Nov 2016
A7-ALMAirbus A350-941Dec 2016
A7-ALNAirbus A350-941Feb 2017
A7-ALOAirbus A350-941Oct 2017
A7-ALPAirbus A350-941May 2017
A7-ALQAirbus A350-941Oct 2017
A7-ALRAirbus A350-941Dec 2017
A7-ALSAirbus A350-941Oct 2017
A7-ALTAirbus A350-941Nov 2017
A7-ALUAirbus A350-941Apr 2018
A7-ALVAirbus A350-941May 2018
A7-ALWAirbus A350-941Jun 2018
A7-ALXAirbus A350-941Jul 2018
A7-ALYAirbus A350-941Dec 2017
A7-ALZAirbus A350-941Apr 2018
A7-AMAAirbus A350-941Feb 2017
A7-AMBAirbus A350-941Apr 2017
A7-AMEAirbus A350-941Sep 2018
A7-AMFAirbus A350-941Sep 2018
A7-AMGAirbus A350-941Oct 2018
A7-AMHAirbus A350-941Jan 2019
A7-AMIAirbus A350-941Mar 2019
A7-AMJAirbus A350-941May 2019
A7-AMKAirbus A350-941Jun 2019
A7-AMLAirbus A350-941Sep 2019
A7-AQAAirbus A350-941Mar 2019
A7-AQBAirbus A350-941Sep 2019
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Qatar Airways Fleet Airbus A350-900 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Qatar Airways operates the Airbus A350-900 on a variety of long-haul flights. This aircraft is configured with only two classes of service where all Business Class seats feature 180 degree recline.

This aircraft flies with 36 seats in Business Class and 247 seats in Economy.

Qatar Airways’ A350-900s will feature 36 Qsuites in business class, which means they’re maintaining the capacity of 36 business class seats, as that’s the same number of seats they have right now (as a matter of fact, capacity on the entire plane is staying flat).

While many airlines reduce the size of business class cabins as they introduce new cabins, that’s not the case at Qatar Airways, as they’re introducing business class cabins that are at least as large as they used to be.

The Qatar Airways A350-900 Business Class cabin has 36 seats set out across 9 rows in a 1-2-1 layout, so all seats offer direct access to the aisle.

The middle seats don’t get quite the same level of privacy as the ones by the window.

If you’re traveling solo, pick a window.

If you’re traveling with someone, pick a middle seat, however, you’ll be separated by a divider.

While there is no overhead storage above the middle seats, so everyone stores their luggage above the window seats.

Each seat has more than enough personal spaces and extra legroom that you won’t find on the A330 or A340.

The A350 business class comes with plenty of luxurious amenities.

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Guests get an amenity kit by Castello Monte Vibiano Collection containing a hydrating facial mist, moisturizer, lip balm, face mask, socks, and earplugs.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A350 900 Qatar Airways
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A350 900 Qatar Airways

Business class may accommodate 36 passengers on flat bed seats. These seats are located in 9 rows: 6 of which are located in the first section and 3 rows in the second section.

The seats in business class have 1-2-1 configuration. The only disadvantage of the seats of the 1st row is close location of the galley. Close location of the bar and lavatories will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats of the 6th row.

All business class seats of the second section are standard.

Economy class contains 247 standard seats. These seats are also divided into two sections separated from each other with exit row. Most of the seats of the economy class have 3-3-3 configuration.

First section contains 14 rows of seats. Due to bulkhead position the seats 16AC and 16HK have limited space for passengers’ legs. Among other disadvantages of these seats: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing and reduced width as the tray tables are in the armrests making them immovable.

Passengers of the seats 17C, 17DEF and 17H will take advantage of extra legroom. However, these seats are narrower than standard and have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

The noise from the galleys and lavatories located behind will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats of the 29th row.

There are 126 seats in the second section of economy class. Thanks to the exit row in front the seats 30ABC and 30HJK offer extra space for passengers’ legs. But as other passengers tend to gather in this area while waiting to use lavatories it may cause inconvenience to passengers of these seats. Also the tray tables are in the armrests of these seats making them immovable and thus reducing the width of these seats. Lack of floor storage during take-off and landing is another disadvantage of these seats.

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Location of the galley in front, reduced width and lack of floor storage during take-off and landing are the main disadvantages of the seats 31DEF.

The main disadvantage of the seats of the rows 43-44 (except the seat 43E) is proximity of the galleys and lavatories.

Business Class Features

  • Hundreds of movies on a 17 inch touch-screen
  • Noise-cancelling headphones adding a lots of beats to your flight
  • Flat bed
  • A big range of alcoholic and non-alcohlic beverages
  • Business Class Lounge access
  • Dedicated check-In counter
  • Fruit Bar
  • First Class dining experience on your flight
  • Pyjamas for overnight flights
  • Power sockets and USB
  • Giorgio Armani Amenity Kit

Economy Class Features

  • More legroom
  • A wider selection of meals
  • 4th generation in-flight system with over 1000 entertainment options
  • On-board Wifi
  • More room for your luggage

Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities Information

  • Audio. Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) is available at every seat. More Information
  • Video. Each seat has a personal TV featuring Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) with individually controlled entertainment. More Information
  • AC Power. All Business and Economy Class seats have access to an AC power port.
  • Internet. For a fee, passengers can access the internet via on-board Wi-Fi, as well as have the ability to use their smartphones to make calls, send texts, and send emails during the flight. 
  • Food. Complimentary inflight meals are offered on all Qatar Airways flights. Several special meal types for dietary requirements are available by contacting Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Airbus A350-900 Images Gallery

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