SAS Fleet Airbus A320neo Details and Pictures

SAS Fleet Airbus A320neo Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) operates 24 narrow-body modern aircraft Airbus A320neo.

Due to its 95 per cent airframe commonality with the A320ceo (current engine option) version, Airbus’ A320neo jetliner fits seamlessly into existing A320 Family fleets worldwide – which is a key factor for the company’s customers and operators.

The A320neo provides minimum change with maximum benefit for the A320 through incorporation of two new engine choices – Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1100G-JM geared turbofan and CFM International’s LEAP-1A – along with Sharklet™ wingtip devices.

EI SIB Airbus A320neo Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ellisiv Viking at London Heathrow Airport
EI SIB Airbus A320neo Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Ellisiv Viking at London Heathrow Airport

Airbus A320neo SAS Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegName
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIAUlv Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIBEllisiv Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SICSigurd Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIDDotter Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIEGorm Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIFTurgesius Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIGAmlaib Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIHImar Viking
Airbus A320-251NEI-SIIAuisle Viking
Airbus A320-251NLN-RGLSol Viking
Airbus A320-251NLN-RGMSilje Viking
Airbus A320-251NLN-RGNUlrik Viking
Airbus A320-251NLN-RGOBrage Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-DOXTorarve Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-DOYMarkus Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-DOZJarngerd Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-ROAÅke Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-ROBTova Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-ROCTorarin Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-RODIngolf Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-ROEHarald Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-ROMGerald Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-RONSigny Viking
Airbus A320-251NSE-ROPEldrid Viking

SAS Fleet Airbus A320neo Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airbus A320neo seats 174 passengers in a single Economy Class configuration.

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This aircraft operates flights within Europe.  

Passengers traveling with the SAS Go services receive the following benefits: tickets can be changed for a fee, 24-hours money-back guarantee, 1 piece of baggage up to 50 lb/23 kg per person, child discount, internet check-in by SAS app, SMS or at the airport, mobile boarding pass, choose your seat free of charge up to 22 hours before departure at check-in, newspaper, coffee and tea included, free breakfast before 9am on Nordic domestic flights, food and drinks on board for purchase, WiFi access on board for purchase where available, 100% EuroBonus points.

Using the interior lighting, SAS is able to change the color of the cabin’s ceiling to that of different Scandinavian country’s flags.

The seats are upholstered in a smart gray material and the colors are consistent with SAS’ new long-haul cabins.

The latest in Airbus mood lighting is installed, meaning the entire tone and appearance of the cabin can change at just the touch of a button.

The cabin bulkhead interior wall at Row 1 is made of a typically Scandinavian wood effect material, with the airline and Star Alliance logo on full display.

Seat pitch throughout the aircraft is 30 inches, while the seats measure 17.5 inches wide.

These Recaro slimline seats are under 20 pounds each and designed in way to maximize the “bring your own device” concept for passengers.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320neo (320) Scandinavian Airlines SAS aircraft with 1 cabin classes: economy.

Below you will find an interactive seat map of the aircraft cabin with marked drawbacks and features.

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This seating chart will help you to find the best seats on the aircraft.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Scandinavian Airlines SAS
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Scandinavian Airlines SAS

Economy Class

Pitch76 – 79 sm
Width46 sm
Rows1 – 30
Descriptionstandard seats

Airbus A320neo SAS Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. SAS Airlines offers a variety of audio selections. 
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  • Food. SAS always serves complimentary coffee, tea, and water during the flight, no matter the time of day.  On domestic flights in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, SAS offers breakfast on flights departing from 6-9am.  Throughout the rest of the day passengers can purchase a variety of sandwhiches, meals and salads, and beverages from the SAS CloudShop.
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SAS Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Airbus A320neo Images Gallery

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