SAS Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

SAS Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. Not only the B737-600 and B737-700, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) also operates larger version from its family, the Boeing 737-800.

On current fleet, SAS operates 29 Boeing 737-800 for short-medium flights.

This aircraft configured on single economy class cabin with total capacity 181 seats.

Boeing 737-800 is the most selling aircraft from 737NG family.

The 737NG’s primary competition is with the Airbus A320 family.

Boeing 737 86NWL LN RGC Cecilia Viking SAS Scandinavian Airlines at London Heathrow Airport
Boeing 737 86NWL LN RGC Cecilia Viking SAS Scandinavian Airlines at London Heathrow Airport

Boeing 737-800 SAS Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegName
Boeing 737-883LN-RCNHedrun Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RCXHöttur Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RCYEylime Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RCZGlitne Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGASvarthöfde Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGBBenedicte Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGCCecilia Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGDDygve Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGEEgil Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGFTorolf Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGGAsgerd Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGHOdvar Viking
Boeing 737-86N(WL)LN-RGITurid Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RPLSvanevit Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RPMFrigg Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RPNBergfora Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RPOThorleif Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RPROre Viking
Boeing 737-85P(WL)LN-RREKnut Viking
Boeing 737-85P(WL)LN-RRFFroydis Viking
Boeing 737-85P(WL)LN-RRGEinar Viking
Boeing 737-85P(WL)LN-RRHFreja Viking
Boeing 737-85P(WL)LN-RRJFrida Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RRKGerud Viking
Boeing 737-883(WL)LN-RRLJarlabanke Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RRSYmer Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RRTLodyn Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RRUVingolf Viking
Boeing 737-883LN-RRWSaga Viking

SAS Fleet Boeing 737-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Scandinavian Airlines SAS flies the Boeing 737-800 in three different configurations.

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This version has 181 seats in a one-class configuration of Economy.

Passengers traveling with the SAS Go services receive the following benefits: tickets can be changed for a fee, 24-hours money-back guarantee, 1 piece of baggage up to 50 lb/23 kg per person, child discount, internet check-in by SAS app, SMS or at the airport, mobile boarding pass, choose your seat free of charge up to 22 hours before departure at check-in, newspaper, coffee and tea included, free breakfast before 9am on Nordic domestic flights, food and drinks on board for purchase, WiFi access on board for purchase where available, 100% EuroBonus points.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737-800 Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800 (738) SAS Scandinavian Airlines aircraft with 1 cabin classes: economy.

Below you will find an interactive seat map of the aircraft cabin with marked drawbacks and features.

This seating chart will help you to find the best seats on the aircraft.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Scandinavian Airlines SAS
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Scandinavian Airlines SAS

Economy Class

Pitch76 – 81 sm
Width44 sm
Rows1 – 32
Descriptionstandard seats

Boeing 737-800 SAS Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. SAS Airlines offers a variety of audio selections.
  • Internet. Wi-Fi is available on select 737-800 aircraft in the SAS fleet. All EuroBonus Members: Free Sas Go passengers who are not yet EuroBonus Members: €8 for flights in the Nordic region and €12 for flights in Europe.
  • Food. SAS always serves complimentary coffee, tea, and water onboard regardless of the time of day. On domestic flights in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, SAS offers breakfast on flights departing from 6-9am. After 9am and throughout the rest of the day, passengers can purchase a large selection of sandwiches, meals and salads, and a variety of carbonated beverages from the SAS CloudShop, Our Café.
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SAS Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Boeing 737-800 Images Gallery

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