Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-700 Details and Pictures

Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-700 Details and PicturesSouthwest Airlines added the Boeing 737-700 to its fleet on December 17, 1997.

Currently Southwest Airlines operates 513 narrow body aircrafts Boeing 737-700.

Boeing 737-700 is airplane for airlines of short and medium haul.

Officially about start of works on airplanes of 737 Next Generation series was reported in November 1993.

The first Customer of the aircrafts of new series became Southwest Airlines that in January 1994 has made preorder for 63 new planes.

This aircraft planned to be replaced with brand new Boeing 737 Max 7 in 2019.

N214WN Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 7H4 cn 32486 1721 Special Livery Maryland One at McCarran International LAS KLAS
N214WN Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 7H4 cn 32486 1721 Special Livery Maryland One at McCarran International LAS KLAS

Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-700 Aircraft Details Ages and Registration Number

N207WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N212WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N208WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N215WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N201LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N211WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N210WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N209WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N216WRBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N203WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N213WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N200WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N206WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N202WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N205WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N204WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N214WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N242WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N253WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N247WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N236WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N265WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N246LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N221WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N267WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N237WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N254WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N248WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N225WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N252WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N249WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N266WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N260WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N226WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N243WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N240WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N218WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N259WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N251WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N257WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N227WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N219WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N258WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N223WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N245WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N255WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N230WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N228WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N250WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N222WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N233LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N239WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N263WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N238WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N241WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N256WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N234WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N217JCBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N231WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N264LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N235WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N262WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N261WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N244WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N229WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N220WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N224WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N232WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N293WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N273WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N281WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N283WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N271LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N400WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N416WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N285WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N280WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N406WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N417WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N292WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N415WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N274WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N286WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N401WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N299WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N270WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N288WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N404WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N407WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N284WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N289CTBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N295WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N411WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N408WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N296WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N403WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N268WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N276WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N412WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N410WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N409WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N414WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N402WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N282WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N418WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N287WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N405WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N297WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N294WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N279WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N269WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N413WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N275WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N291WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N298WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N272WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N278WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N290WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N277WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N441WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N435WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N419WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N459WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N453WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N449WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N426WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N444WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N451WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N424WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N458WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N465WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N434WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N462WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N423WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N445WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N428WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N446WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N437WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N448WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N431WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N429WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N456WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N438WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N443WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N454WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N439WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N455WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N452WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N467WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N460WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N466WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N447WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N450WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N469WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N461WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N432WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N425LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N440LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N427WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N421LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N422WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N464WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N457WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N430WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N436WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N468WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N463WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N420WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N433LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N442WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N551WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N569WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N493WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N553WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N474WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N498WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N568WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N477WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N480WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N495WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N490WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N554WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N473WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N550WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N483WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N561WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N565WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N557WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N567WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N476WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N496WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N497WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N570WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N492WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N491WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N470WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N472WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N478WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N556WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N487WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N485WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N488WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N700GSBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N489WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N558WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N482WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N563WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N552WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N494WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N560WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N562WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N486WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N499WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N555LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N566WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N564WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N484WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N481WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N479WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N475WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N559WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N706SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N750SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N707SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N717SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N742SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N733SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N711HKBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N724SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N730SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N737JWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N747SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N708SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N720WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N729SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N735SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N712SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N748SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N716SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N727SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N704SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N755SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N719SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N705SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N703SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N718SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N725SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N709SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N740SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N715SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N744SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N714CBBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N732SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N754SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N713SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N726SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N746SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N723SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N734SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N749SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N738CBBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N701GSBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N743SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N741SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N739GBBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N728SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N751SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N745SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N736SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N710SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N752SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N731SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7727ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N771SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7733BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7723EBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7707CBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N763SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7728DBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7702ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7701BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N761RRBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7734HBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7706ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N757LVBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N759GSBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7720FBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N756SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7709ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7717DBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7730ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7721EBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7713ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N770SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7722BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N764SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N758SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7732ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7718BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N769SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7708EBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N767SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7714BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N760SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7715EBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7712GBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7731ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7711NBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7719ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7710ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7729ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7716ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7724ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7703ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7705ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N766SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N768SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N762SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7704BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7726ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N765SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N772SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7725ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7819ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7827ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7815LBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7736ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7822ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7831BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7826BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7752BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7828ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7816BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7818LBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N781WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7825ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7744ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7740ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7817JBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7814BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N779SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7829BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N775SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7812GBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7741CBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7738ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7811FBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7748ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N773SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7751ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7737EBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N777QCBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7749BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7813PBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N782SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7742BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7750ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7745ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7735ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7832ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7830ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N776WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N778SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N780SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7747CBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7823ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7821LBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7824ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7739ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7746CBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N774SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7820LBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7833ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7743BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7844ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7852ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7867ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7863ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7861JBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7834ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7854BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7866ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7850BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N787SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7849ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7869ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N786SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7877HBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N785SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7856ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7848ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7865ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7857BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7881ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7853BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7879ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7855ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7862ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7860ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7841ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7845ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N783SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7874BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7838ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7836ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7878ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7880DBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7835ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7876ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7858ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7864BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7846ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7847ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7851ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7859BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7882BBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7837ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7873ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7875ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7839ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7843ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7868KBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7840ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7842ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N784SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N922WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N791SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7889ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N792SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N930WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N903WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N793SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N796SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N794SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N921WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N904WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7886ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N912WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N923WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N915WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N932WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N902WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N918WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7887ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N900WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N924WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7884GBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N788SABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N907WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N789SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N790SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N905WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N798SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N916WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N927WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N929WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N917WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7888ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N931WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N913WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N799SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N926WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N906WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N795SWBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N914WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N908WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N910WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N925WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N919WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7883ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N920WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N7885ABoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N901WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N928WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N909WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N797MXBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N951WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N960WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N946WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N963WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N949WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N942WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N935WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N941WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N961WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N968WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N937WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N933WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N967WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N969WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N938WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N965WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N964WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N958WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N943WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N956WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N940WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N947WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N955WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N945WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N948WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N959WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N936WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N934WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N962WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N966WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N950WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N954WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N944WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N939WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N952WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N953WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
N957WNBoeing 737-7H4(WL)
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Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-700 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

In March of 2012 Southwest began reconfiguring their 737-700 fleet to increase their seating capacity from 137 seats to 143 seats.

These newly reconfigured aircraft will also feature the new Evolve Interior with silmline seats.

Their Evolve Interior is an eco-friendly design that is part of Southwest’s commitment to be  a “green” airline.

Southwest has retained the “Innovator II” seat frames and added fixed wing head rests, along with a newer and thinner foam fill.

This seat has a reduced recline from 3″ to 2″, in comparison to the older versions of this aircraft; however this loss is compensated for as you are sitting at a different angle and this seat design should naturally recline your body to prevent the feeling of “needing to recline”.

Some passengers of the new 73G Evolve product have found this new configuration to be much less comfortable however due to the change in seat pitch from 32″, down to 31″.

The issue doesn’t appear to lie with the seats themselves, but with the overall feeling of cramped seating.

There is no pre-assigned seating for Southwest flights.

Your time of check-in will determine whether you are in Zone A, B, or C for boarding.

The earlier you board, the better chance you’ll have at the seat you want.

There is no audio or video entertainment on Southwest flights.

Seat map and seating chart Boeing 737-700 Southwest Airlines

Seat map and seating chart Boeing 737 700 Southwest Airlines
Seat map and seating chart Boeing 737 700 Southwest Airlines

The seats of the 1st row have extra legroom.

Among disadvantages: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing, lack of tray tables and lack of overhead storage as board equipment is stored here.

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The seats 7 A and 8F have no windows.

The seats of the 10th row may be not reclining as exit row is located behind.

Another disadvantage of these seats is misaligned windows.

Passengers who are travelling with a partner may choose the seats 11B and 11C.

These seats have extra space for passengers’ legs but are less reclining and less padded than other standard seats on this airplane.

The tray tables are in the seats’ back in front and if passenger is not tall it may be uncomfortable.

Also, it can get very cold by the exits during the flight.

The seats 11DEF have also extra legroom but are less padded and tray tables are in the seats in front that are located on a distance, this fact may cause inconvenience for passengers with small height.

It can get cold by the exits during the flight. The seat 11F is also a little downward tilt.

The best seat here is the seat 12A. Passenger of this seat will take advantage of extra legroom due to the missing seat in front.

The seats 23C and 23D are often bumped by other passengers and service carts and are located close to the galleys.

Another disadvantage is that some passengers mark that these seats as well as the seats of the 24th row are colder than other standard seats.

Close proximity of the seats of the last row to the galleys and lavatory may be bothersome.

Southwest Airlines Fleet Narrow-body Aircraft Boeing 737-700 Inflight Amenities Information

  • Internet. Southwest Airlines offers internet service using satellite-based WiFi provider, Row 44. Cost per device for WiFi access is $8, unlimited TV access is free, and each movie is $5. Southwest also provides flyers with Beats streaming music on all Wi-Fi capable aircraft via your own device.
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchases during flight.
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Southwest Airlines Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Single Aisle Boeing 737-700 Images Gallery

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