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Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Details and Pictures

N8720L Southwest Airlines Aircraft Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Photos

Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Details and PicturesSouthwest Airlines expects to have 14 of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft in its fleet by the end of 2017. As of July 25, 2017, the airline has 200 firm orders for a combination of the smaller MAX 7 and MAX 8 aircraft. The MAX 8 is a very comfortable product that will allow Southwest to take its route network to new destinations that were once out of reach. Between the new additions like the boarding music, mood lighting and the highlight being a quieter and more comfortable ride, passengers have a lot to look forward to with this addition to the airline’s fleet.


N8718Q Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 taxing at PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
N8718Q Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 taxing at PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft Details Ages and Registration Number


Aircraft Type Reg Config Delivered Prev. Reg Fleet Number
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8707P Y175 Sep 2017 8707
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8712L Y175 Sep 2017 8712
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8714Q Y175 Sep 2017 N1786B 8714
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8711Q Y175 Sep 2017 8711
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8713M Y175 Sep 2017 N1795B 8713
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8704Q Y175 Dec 2017 8704
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8702L Y175 Sep 2018 8702
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8722L Y175 Sep 2018 N1786B 8722
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8716B Y175 Oct 2017 N1786B 8716
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8718Q Y175 Apr 2018 N1786B 8718
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8720L Y175 Jul 2018 N1786B 8720
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8721J Y175 Sep 2018 N1786B 8721
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8701Q Y175 Jun 2018 8701
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8705Q Y175 Sep 2017 N1786B 8705
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8706W Y175 Sep 2017 8706
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8709Q Y175 Sep 2017 8709
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8708Q Y175 Sep 2017 8708
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8710M Y175 Aug 2017 8710
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8715Q Y175 Nov 2017 N1786B 8715
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8717M Y175 Mar 2018 8717
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8719Q Y175 Jul 2018 N1786B 8719
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8726H Y175 Sep 2018 N1786B 8726
Boeing 737 MAX 8 N8727M Y175 Sep 2018 N1786B 8727


Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Southwest Airlines launched their service for the 737 MAX 8 aircraft in 2018. Southwest’s new seats feature an adjustable headrest and the widest economy seat in the 737 market. Seats have a lower-profile arm rest, advanced cushion support, a raised information pocket, and elevated rear seat beam that together allow for additional space for personal devices; and, overall, what Customers are asking for most, more personal space!

There is no pre-assigned seating for Southwest flights. Your time of check-in will determine whether you are in Zone A, B, or C for boarding. The earlier you board, the better chance you’ll have at the seat you want. There is no audio or video entertainment on Southwest flights.


Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 Seating Chart and Seat Map Configuration

As with its predecessors, the MAX offers passengers seats in a 3-3 configuration. It’s outfitted with the carrier’s “Heart” interior with 175 seats, which frequent Southwest flyers might recognize from its newer 737-800s. Each of the seats has a generous 32 inches of pitch. In addition, Southwest boasts that it has the widest seats of any other 737 variant at 17.6 inches. And while that is surely wider than most, it comes at the cost of a smaller armrest, which is extremely narrow. In addition, it’s not padded at all, which could get uncomfortable on a long flight. The seats are “preclined,” meaning because they’re in the form of a “C” rather than an “L,” you’ll get little room to recline on your own. That being said, the seats are pretty comfortable as is, and because of the generous 32 inches of pitch, it doesn’t feel so crammed.

Southwest Airlines Fleet Narrow-body Aircraft Boeing 737 Max 8 Inflight Amenities Information

  • Internet. Southwest Airlines offers internet service using satellite-based WiFi provider, Row 44. Cost per device for WiFi access is $8. Unlimited TV access to your device is free, and each movie is $5. Southwest also provides flyers with Beats streaming music on all Wi-Fi capable aircraft via your own device.
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchases during flight.


Southwest Airlines Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Single Aisle Boeing 737 Max 8 Images Gallery


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