Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Southwest Airlines operates 207 narrow-body aircrafts Boeing 737-800.

As low cost carrier, Southwest Airlines can make good profit with aircraft such as Boeing 737-700, B737-800, and B737 Max 8.

Southwest Airlines launched their service for the 737-800 aircraft in April of 2012 with their new Evolve Interior.

The Southwest Evolve Interior is an eco-friendly design that is part of the airline’s commitment to be a “green” company.

This aircraft with a 175 seat capacity features new seats with a more comfortable bottom cushion that allows for better lumbar support and a fixed winged headrest for each seat.

The new seats are also made with E-leather, a lightweight and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather.

N8529Z Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 800 departing Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport BWI
N8529Z Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 800 departing Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport BWI

Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Details Ages and Registration Number

N500WRBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8306HBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8313FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8305EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8314LBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8308KBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8301JBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8302FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8307KBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8309CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8310CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8311QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8303RBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8312CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8523WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8507CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8515XBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8520QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8324ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8540VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8528QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8529ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8509UBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8536ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8538VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8510EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8531QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8326FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8325DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8508WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8517FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8318FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8320JBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8518RBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8513FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8329BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8511KBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8501VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8514FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8537ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8319FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8328ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8533SBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8525SBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8503ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8522PBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8519RBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8530WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8526WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8322XBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8317MBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8539VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8534ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8512UBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8532SBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8316HBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8504GBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8527QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8502ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8315CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8327ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8323CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8321DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8535SBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8524ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8564ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8574ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8602FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8549ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8601CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8546VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8605EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8553WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8541WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8570WBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8571ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8548PBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8579ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8554XBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8581ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8561ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8562ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8565ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8550QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8569ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8563ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8547VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8545VBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8575ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8552ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8557QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8544ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8576ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8583ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8559QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8566ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8573ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8604KBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8567ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8603FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8555ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8543ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8606CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8584ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8577ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8551QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8560ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8542ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8572XBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8600FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8556ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8578QBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8568ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8580ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8582ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8558ZBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8613KBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8608NBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8633ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8638ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8617EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8658ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8624JBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8649ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8627BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8621ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8635FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8634ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8652BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8618NBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8615EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8647ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8620HBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8642EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8623FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8631ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8646BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8644CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8628ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8653ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8607MBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8654BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8612KBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8641BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8640DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8643ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8630BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8645ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8625ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8632ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8611FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8629ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8655DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8614MBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8619FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8651ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8648ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8639BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8610ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8609ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8650FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8626BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8656BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8616CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8622ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8637ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8657BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8679ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8694EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8680CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8668ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8664JBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8670ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8690ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8676ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8661ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8688JBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8687ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8692FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8665DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8675ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8695DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8673FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8697CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8663ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8696EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8667DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8659DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8674BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8686ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8698BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8672FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8693ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8669BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8681MBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8660ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8684FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8682BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8689CBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8683DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8671DBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8691ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8699ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8685BBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8677ABoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8662FBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
N8678EBoeing 737-8H4(WL)
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Southwest Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Although there have been concerns about passenger comfort with Southwest’s new Evolve interior on their 737-700 Evolve seat, this does not seem to be an issue on this 737-800 aircraft.

The 738 offers overall more legroom, leaving passengers with a 32″ seat pitch.

In comparison to the 737-700, the 737-800 also features the new Sky Interior with a sculpted ceiling and sloping overhead storage bins which leave the cabin with a much more open and spacious feel.

There is no pre-assigned seating for Southwest flights.

Your time of check-in will determine whether you are in Zone A, B, or C for boarding.

The earlier you board, the better chance you’ll have at the seat you want.

There is no audio or video entertainment on Southwest flights.

Seat map and seating chart Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 (738)

Seat map and seating chart Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 800 738
Seat map and seating chart Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 800 738

The seats of the first row (1DEF) as well as the seats 2ABC are narrower than other standard seats as the tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable.

Also, there is no floor storage for these seats during take-off and landing.

The seats 2ABC are considered good seats as passengers will feel comfortable here thanks to extra legroom due to the bulkhead position.

The seats 9A and 10F are seats with missing windows.

Due to the exit row located behind the seats of the 13th row do not recline.

Passengers of the seats of 14th row and the seats of the 15th row will take advantage of extra space for their legs but at the same time these seats have limited recline because exit row is located behind.

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The tray tables of the seats 15BCDE are in the armrests making the armrests immovable and reducing the width of these seats.

The best seats on this airplane are the seats of the 16th row as all these seats have extra legroom.

The width of the seats 16A and 16F is reduced as the tray tables are in the armrests because there are no seats in front.

The only disadvantage of the seats 29C and 29D is their close location to the lavatories and galley.

The seats of the 30th row are considered bad seats as they have limited recline and due to proximity to the galley and lavatories.

Southwest Airlines Fleet Narrow-body Aircraft Boeing 737-800 Inflight Amenities Information

  • Internet. Southwest Airlines offers internet service using satellite-based WiFi provider, Row 44. Cost per device for WiFi access is $8, unlimited TV access is free, and each movie is $5. Southwest also provides flyers with Beats streaming music on all Wi-Fi capable aircraft via your own device.
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchases during flight.

Southwest Airlines Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Single Aisle Boeing 737-800 Images Gallery

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