Aeroflot Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

Aeroflot Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. For domestic routes, Aeroflot operates 47 narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800.

This aircraft configured with business (20 seats) and economy class (138 seats).

The 737-800 burns 850 US gallons (3,200 L) of jet fuel per hour—about 80 percent of the fuel used by an MD-80 on a comparable flight, while carrying more passengers.

According to the Airline Monitor, an industry publication, a 737-800 burns 4.88 US gallons (18.5 L) of fuel per seat per hour.

In 2011, United Airlines— flying a Boeing 737-800 from Houston to Chicago—operated the first U.S. commercial flight powered by a blend of algae-derived biofuel and traditional jet fuel to reduce its carbon footprint.

Aeroflot Boeing 737 8LJWL VP BCG N. Leskov Н. Лесков at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Aeroflot Boeing 737 8LJWL VP BCG N. Leskov Н. Лесков at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Boeing 737-800 Aeroflot Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegName
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BCDN. Karamzin / Н. Карамзин
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BCFI. Krylov / И. Крылов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BCGN. Leskov / Н. Лесков
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BFBM. Balakirev / М. Балакирев
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BGGG. Sviridov / Г. Свиридов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BGIM. Vrubel / М. Врубель
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BGNL. Utyosov / Л. Утёсов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BKAM. Magomayev / М. Магомаев
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BKEM. Tariverdiev / М. Таривердиев
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BKFY. Nikulin / Ю. Никулин
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BKKM. Botvinnik / М. Ботвинник
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BKNB. Okudzhava / Б. Окуджава
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BMBSkyTeam cs
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BMDA. Pechersky / А. Печерский
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BMIA. Dargomyzhsky / А. Даргомыжский
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BMLA. Khachaturian / А. Хачатурян
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BMMV. Kandinsky / В. Кандинский
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BMOM. Mussorgsky / М. Мусоргский
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BNCV. Serov / В. Серов
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BNPI. Aivazovsky / И. Айвазовский
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BNQS. Taneyev / С. Танеев
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BONN. Berdyaev / Н. Бердяев
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BPFN. Roerich / Н. Рерих
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BRFS. Obraztsov / C. Образцов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BRHB. Kustodiev / Б. Кустодиев
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BRRA. Solzhenitsyn / А. Солженицын
Boeing 737-8MC(WL)VP-BSBA. Koni / А. Кони
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BZACh. Aytmatov / Ч.Айтматов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VP-BZBK. Simonov / К. Симонов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHBN. Nekrasov / Н. Некрасов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHCP. Nakhimov / П. Нахимов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHDI. Frolov / И. Фролов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHQD. Khvorostovsky / Д. Хворостовский
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHRI. Sikorsky / И. Сикорский
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHTA. Grin / А. Грин
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHUI. Kobzon / И. Кобзон
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHVN.Nosov / Н.Носов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHWF. Plevako / Ф. Плевако
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BHXV. Kotenochkin / В. Котеночкин
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BVOV. Belinsky / В. Белинский
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BVPL.Gumilev / Л. Гумилев
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BWAV. Dahl / В. Даль
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BWBS. Ozhegov / С. Ожегов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BWCS. Soloviev / С. Соловьев
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BWDG. Tovstonogov / Г. Товстоногов
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BWEM. Shchepkin / М. Щепкин
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL)VQ-BWFS. Eisenstein / С. Эйзенштейн

Aeroflot Fleet Boeing 737-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Aeroflot Boeing 737-800 seats 158 passengers and is primarily used on domestic routes.

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This aircraft features 20 Business Class recliner seats and 138 standard Economy seats.

There are Space+ seats in row 13 that offer additional legroom in Economy Class.

Space+ seats may be selected for an additional fee at check-in.

Aeroflot Boeing 737-800 Specification Details

Aircraft type:Short-&medium-haul passenger aircraft
Length (m):39,5
Wing span (m):35,8
Cabin configuration (passengers):20C+138Y
Max. take-off weight (tons):79,0
Type of engine:2 jet engines
Cruising speed (km/h):900
Max. altitude (km):12,5
Maximum flight range (km):4 500
Aircraft names:A. Khachaturian, V. Kandinsky, S. Obraztsov, B. Kustodiev, А. Solzhenitsyn, Tch. Aitmatov, K. Simonov, N. Berdyaev, V. Belinsky, L. Gumilev, V. Dahl, S. Ozhegov, M. Shchepkin, N. Leskov, N. Karamzin, I. Krylov, G. Sviridov, M. Vrubel, S. Soloviev, G. Tovstonogov, S. Eisenshtein, L. Utyosov, A. Pechersky, A. Dargomyzhsky, SKYTEAM, M. Mussorgsky, N. Roerich, V. Serov, I. Aivazovsky, M. Magomayev, M. Tariverdiev, Y. Nikulin, S. Taneev, B. Okudzhava, M. Botvinnik, A. Koni, N. Nekrasov, М. Balakirev, P. Nakhimov, I. Frolov, D. Hvorostovsky, I. Sikorsky, A. Grin, F. Plevako, N. Nosov, V. Kotyonochkin, I. Kobzon

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737-800 Aeroflot

Narrowbody aircraft Boeing 737-800 (738) Aeroflot aircraft with 2 cabin classes: Business, economy.

Below you will find an interactive seat map of the aircraft cabin with marked drawbacks and features.

This seating chart will help you to find the best seats on the aircraft.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Aeroflot
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Aeroflot


Pitch97 sm
Width53 sm
Rows1 – 5
Descriptionrecliner seats


Pitch76 – 81 sm
Width46 sm
Rows6 – 28
Descriptionstandard seats

Boeing 737-800 Aeroflot Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Aeroflot provides On Demand music and audio books for everyone in Business class.
  • Video. Aeroflot provides a 11-inch monitors built into the back of each Business Class seat. Entertainment features include over 200 foreign and domestic movies, including the latest releases, series, TV shows, a kids channel, news, sports and automobile sections, videos, music, audio books and popular games.
  • AC Power. AC power outlets are available in both Business and Economy Class.
  • Food. Depending on the route, departure time, and flight duration, you may be served a hot breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner.
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Aeroflot Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Boeing 737-800 Images Gallery

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