American Airlines Fleet McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Details and Pictures

American Airlines Fleet McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, American Airlines operated 29 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft ( 1 MD82 and 28 MD83 ).

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is a series of twin-engine, short- to medium-range, single-aisle commercial jet airliners. It was lengthened and updated from the DC-9. This series can seat from 130 to 172 passengers depending on variant and seating configuration.

American Airlines fleet McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is an old aircraft and soon to be replaced by Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Airbus A321neo in 2019.

McDonnell Douglas MD-80, American Airlines Sitting in the Texas sunshine at DFW
McDonnell Douglas MD-80, American Airlines Sitting in the Texas sunshine at DFW

McDonnell Douglas MD-80 American Airlines Fleet Data and Registration Number

N501AAMcDonnell Douglas MD-82 (DC-9-82)
N969TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9615WMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N980TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9677WMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N961TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N979TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9630AMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N970TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N968TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9624TMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N965TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9629HMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9619VMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9617RMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9620DMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9681BMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9621AMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N964TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9618AMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9616GMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N966TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9628WMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N963TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N971TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N9626FMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N982TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N984TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
N983TWMcDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83)
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American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (MD82/MD83) Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

This seat map reflects American Airlines’ newest MD-80 MCE configuration. This configuration features 16 First Class recliner seats, 35 Main Cabin Extra seats, and 89 Main Cabin Economy Class seats.

This aircraft reflects an upgraded interior featuring Main Cabin Extra seating. Main Cabin Extra seats will be located in the front portion of the Main Cabin allowing easier boarding and deplaning.

Customers traveling in Main Cabin Extra seats will enjoy four to six inches of extra leg room compared to a standard Main Cabin seat as well as priority boarding privileges.

The overhead bins on the A,B side of Main Cabin Economy class are very small; standard rolling carry-on bags do not fit when placed wheels first. However, the D,E,F side has extended overhead bins to accommodate standard carry-ons.

FIRST1638 – 40″21″availablePersonal deviceavailable
MAIN CABIN EXTRA3534″, bulkhead, exit row17.4 – 17.8″availablePersonal deviceavailable
MAIN CABIN8931″17.4 – 17.8″availablePersonal device

American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Seating Plan

Seat Map and Seating Chart McDonnell Douglas MD 80 MD 82 MD 83 American Airlines
Seat Map and Seating Chart McDonnell Douglas MD 80 MD 82 MD 83 American Airlines

First Class has 16 recliner seats. Seats 3A and 3B may have less space for passengers’ legs dur to the bulkhead position. Close location to the lavatory may be bothersome.

Passengers of the seats 3E and 3F on the contrary may take advantage of extra legroom but at the same time proximity of the galley and lavatory may cause inconvenience.

30 seats of Main Cabin Extra are located in 2-3 configuration. The seats 7A, 7B, 7E and 7E have less space for passengers legs due to the bulkhead located in front.

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Also these seats have reduced width as the armrests are immovable and there is no floor storage fot these seats during takeoff and landing.

The seat 7D has a little more legroom but crew members and other passengers tend to bump into this seat.

Economy class may transport 94 passengers. The seats 19A and 19F are considered bad seats as they do not recline due to the exit row located behind.

The seats 20A and 20F have limited recline due to the same reason – exit row behind.

The best seats in the airplane are the seats 20B, 20D and 20E and the seats of the 21st row. The main advantage for passengers of these seats is extra space for their legs. However, the seats of the 21st row have reduced width.

The seat 27A is a bad seat as there is no window here and close location to the galley may be inconvenient as well as for passenger of the seat 27B.

The seats of the 29th and 30th rows have the same disadvantage as proximity of the galley. The noise from the engines is another disadvantage.

Also the seats of these two rows have reduced space for hand luggage in overhead bins as crew equipment is stored here.

The seats of the last two rows of the airplane (31st and 32nd) ate the bad seats as they are located close to the galleys and the lavatories plus the view from these seats is bad as it is closed by the engines.

American Airlines Narrow Body McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (MD82/MD83) In-flight amenities Information

  • DC Power. There are Cigarette Lighter style power ports in all First Class seats and in select Economy seats. Consult the seat map for exact locations.
  • Internet. American Airlines offers internet service using Gogo service. Connectivity is available for laptops and mobile devices. The service is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude (NOTE:  service might not be available on select routes). More information about the service, availability, and pricing options is listed here.
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased in Main Cabin Economy Class and are complimentary in First Class.Food service depends on length of flight and time of day. Main Cabin and Main Cabin Extra items might include complimentary pretzels and/or cookies. Sandwiches and snack boxes are available for purchase on flights over 2 hours. Light meals are also available on flights over 3 hours. Premium dining is offered in the First Class cabin. Selections depend upon length of flight and time of day. Additional information for each class is available in the “Travel Information / During your flight” section on
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American Airlines Fleet Narrow Body McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (MD82/MD83) Images Gallery

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