Aeroméxico Connect Fleet Embraer ERJ-190 Details and Pictures

Aeromexico Connect XA GAR Embraer ERJ 190

Aeroméxico Connect Fleet Embraer ERJ-190 Details and Pictures. As a feeder carrier for Aeromexico, regional airlines Aeromexico Connect operated 2 regional aircraft, Embraer ERJ-170 and Embraer ERJ-190. On current fleet, Aeromexico connect operated 47 Embraer ERJ-190 to serve short-haul routes. Aeromexico Connect airline serves international destinations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the United States, while offering serving regional routes throughout Mexico. If the Embraer ERJ-170 configured single economy class, the larger Embraer ERJ-190 configured with Clase Premier (Business Class), and standard economy class.

Aeroméxico Connect Embraer ERJ 190 XA AEI at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson
Aeroméxico Connect Embraer ERJ 190 XA AEI at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson

Embraer ERJ-190 Aeroméxico Connect Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegAirlineConfigDeliveredPrev. Reg
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALYAeroméxico ConnectDec 2016N670BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEEAeroméxico ConnectMar 2017N675BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALZAeroméxico ConnectJan 2017N676BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEFAeroméxico ConnectMay 2017N673BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AECAeroméxico ConnectFeb 2017N680BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEHAeroméxico ConnectJul 2017N683BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AELAeroméxico ConnectSep 2017N758BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEMAeroméxico ConnectOct 2017M-ABKV
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Nov 2007PT-SQP
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALLAeroméxico ConnectY98Mar 2016N586CB
Embraer ERJ-190XA-BACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Nov 2007PT-SQY
Embraer ERJ-190XA-CACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Dec 2007PT-SYN
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALPAeroméxico ConnectMar 2016N593CB
Embraer ERJ-190XA-EACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Jan 2008PT-SYX
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEIAeroméxico ConnectAug 2017N647BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AENAeroméxico ConnectNov 2017N674BC
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAGAeroméxico ConnectMar 2014N169HQ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GARAeroméxico ConnectOct 2014N171HQ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALUAeroméxico ConnectOct 2016N499CS
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAXAeroméxico ConnectDec 2014N173HQ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALWAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Nov 2016N503CS
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAHAeroméxico ConnectJun 2014N175HQ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-FACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Dec 2008PT-SIF
Embraer ERJ-190XA-IACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Dec 2008PT-SIL
Embraer ERJ-190XA-JACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Dec 2009PT-SIS
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEOAeroméxico ConnectJan 2018N357PH
Embraer ERJ-190XA-AEPAeroméxico ConnectMay 2018N470SR
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALRAeroméxico ConnectAug 2016N984TA
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ALQAeroméxico ConnectAug 2016N985TA
Embraer ERJ-190XA-MACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Mar 2011PT-TBG
Embraer ERJ-190XA-DACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Aug 2011PT-TJZ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-HACAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Sep 2011PT-TOJ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACCAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Dec 2011PT-TRE
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACEAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Feb 2012PT-TUF
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACIAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Mar 2012PT-TUN
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACJAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Apr 2012PT-TUT
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACKAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88May 2012PT-TYQ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACMAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88May 2012PT-TXF
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACNAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Jun 2012PT-TBX
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACSAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Jul 2012PT-TCJ
Embraer ERJ-190XA-ACTAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Jul 2012PT-TDM
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GADAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Dec 2013PR-EDK
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAEAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Apr 2014PR-EEY
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAFAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Apr 2014PR-EFL
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAIAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Jun 2014PR-EGT
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAKAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Jul 2014PR-EGV
Embraer ERJ-190XA-GAWAeroméxico ConnectC11Y88Nov 2014PR-EIB

Aeroméxico Connect Fleet Embraer ERJ-190 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

This Aeromexico ERJ-190 is operated by Aeromexico Connect. The aircraft is flying on short-haul routes with 11 Clase Premier Business Class seats and 88 Main Cabin Economy Class seats. AM Plus seats in row five, which provide four inches of additional legroom, are available for purchase.

This regional jet receives accolades from flyers who find the seats to be very comfortable, the windows to be large, and the ride to be quiet.

Embraer ERJ-190 Aeroméxico Connect Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities Information

  • Food. Aeromexico offers a variety of meal options, hot and cold beverages, as well as complimentary alcoholic beverages. Special meals may be requested at least 24 hours in advance of the flight. Contact the Aeromexico Call Center via telephone at +1 800 237 6639 (USA) or +01 800 021 4010 (Mexico) to make arrangements. More Information on In Flight Dining

Aeroméxico Connect Aircraft Fleet Embraer ERJ-190 Images Gallery

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