Air China Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

Air China Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Air China operates 336 narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800 for short-medium flights.

Some of this aircraft also operates by Air China Group subsidiaries Air China Inner Mongolia, Beijing Airlines, Dalian Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Shandong Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines.

With similar configuration between this aircraft and the smaller Boeing 737-700, Air China mostly operates this aircraft on domestic and short international routes.

The Boeing 737-800 is a stretched version of the 737-700. It replaced the 737-400.

The Boeing 737-800 competes with the Airbus A320.

The 737-800 seats 162 passengers in a two-class layout or 189 passengers in a one-class layout.

Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline, is among the largest operators of the Boeing 737-800, with a fleet of over 400 737-800 aircraft serving routes across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

B 1764 Boeing 737 89LWL Air China at Beijing Capital International Airport
B 1764 Boeing 737 89LWL Air China at Beijing Capital International Airport

Boeing 737-800 Air China Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

B-1107Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-1108Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-1210Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1217Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1218Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1219Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1226Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1227Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1230Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1272Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1273Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1315Boeing 737-84P(WL)
B-1330Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-1331Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-1358Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1359Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1360Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1376Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1377Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1416Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1417Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1418Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1419Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1436Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1437Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1438Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1439Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1440Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1441Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1442Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1443Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1458Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1475Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1476Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1477Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1478Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1479Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1506Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1507Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-1508Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1509Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1510Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1511Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1516Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1517Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1518Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1519Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1526Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1527Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1528Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1529Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1530Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1531Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1710Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1711Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1712Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1713Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1730Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1731Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1738Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1743Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1745Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1746Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1755Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1756Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1757Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1758Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1759Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1760Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1761Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1762Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1763Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1764Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1765Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1766Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1767Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1768Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1769Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1909Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1926Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1931Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1932Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1935Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1936Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1937Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1938Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1939Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1940Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1941Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1942Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1945Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1946Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1947Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1956Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1957Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1958Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1959Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1972Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1973Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1975Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1976Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1977Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1978Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1982Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1983Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1985Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1986Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-1987Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1988Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-1991Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-1993Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-206TBoeing 737-89L(WL)
B-207ABoeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-2645Boeing 737-89L
B-2648Boeing 737-89L
B-2657Boeing 737-89L
B-2670Boeing 737-89L
B-2671Boeing 737-89L
B-2672Boeing 737-89L
B-5111Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5117Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5118Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5119Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5167Boeing 737-808
B-5170Boeing 737-808
B-5175Boeing 737-86N
B-5176Boeing 737-86N
B-5178Boeing 737-86N
B-5179Boeing 737-86N
B-5196Boeing 737-86N
B-5197Boeing 737-86N
B-5198Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5312Boeing 737-8Q8
B-5317Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5322Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5325Boeing 737-86N
B-5326Boeing 737-86N
B-5327Boeing 737-86N
B-5328Boeing 737-86N
B-5329Boeing 737-86N
B-5332Boeing 737-8FH(WL)
B-5333Boeing 737-8FH(WL)
B-5335Boeing 737-8FH(WL)
B-5336Boeing 737-8FH(WL)
B-5341Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5342Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5343Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5345Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5347Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5348Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5349Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5350Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5351Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5352Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5357Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5362Boeing 737-86J(WL)
B-5365Boeing 737-86J(WL)
B-5377Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5378Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5379Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5380Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5381Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5387Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5390Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5391Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5392Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5397Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5398Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5400Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5401Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5402Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5410Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5411Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5412Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5413Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5422Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5423Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5425Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5426Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5440Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5441Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5442Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5443Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5447Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5450Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5451Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5452Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5453Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5477Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5485Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5486Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5490Boeing 737-85P(WL)
B-5491Boeing 737-85P(WL)
B-5495Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5496Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5497Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5500Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5507Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5508Boeing 737-86N
B-5513Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5518Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5536Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5537Boeing 737-8AL(WL)
B-5541Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5542Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5543Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5553Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5560Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5561Boeing 737-86N(WL)
B-5570Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5572Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5582Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5583Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5585Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5590Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5591Boeing 737-8HX(WL)
B-5592Boeing 737-8HX(WL)
B-5593Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5606Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5607Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5608Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5612Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5613Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5615Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5616Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5617Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5618Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5619Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5621Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5622Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5626Boeing 737-8HX(WL)
B-5627Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5628Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5629Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5639Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5642Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5648Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5649Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5650Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5651Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5652Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5670Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5671Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5672Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5673Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5679Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5680Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5681Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5682Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5690Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5696Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5702Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5723Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5725Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5726Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5727Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5728Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5729Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5736Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5737Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5755Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5757Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5758Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5771Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5772Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5773Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5775Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5776Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5778Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5781Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5782Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5783Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5785Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5786Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5787Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-5793Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5848Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5849Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5850Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5851Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5856Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-5859Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-5860Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-6105Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-6106Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-6491Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-6492Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-6493Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-6495Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-6496Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-6497Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-6498Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-6499Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-6985Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-6986Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-6987Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-6988Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7083Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-7085Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7086Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7087Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7089Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-7180Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7181Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7182Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7565Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7566Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7567Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7568Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7569Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7595Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7596Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7597Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7598Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7668Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7669Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7749Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-7750Boeing 737-87L(WL)
B-7805Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7806Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7808Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7809Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7873Boeing 737-8LY(WL)
B-7885Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7890Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7891Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7892Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7893Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7895Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7896Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7897Boeing 737-89L(WL)
B-7975Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7976Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7977Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7978Boeing 737-85N(WL)
B-7979Boeing 737-85N(WL)
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Air China Fleet Boeing 737-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Air China is has introduced a newly reconfigured Boeing 737-800 aircraft to their fleet.

There’s two different cabin layout on Air China Boeing 737-800 right now.

First version has 8 seats in First class and 159 seats in Economy for a total of 167 passengers.

Second version has 12 seats in First Class and 147 seats in Economy for a total of 159 passengers.

Business class cabin configured with recliner seats, while economy class cabin with standard seats.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737-800 Air China

Narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-800 Air China has 2 classes on board (first business and economy) with total of 159/167 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Air China 167 Seats Layout
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Air China 167 Seats Layout
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Air China 159 Seats Layout
Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737 800 Air China 159 Seats Layout

Air China B737-800 Seating Details (167 Seats)

first40211 – 28
economy311811 – 37159

Air China B737-800 Seating Details (159 Seats)

first38211 – 312
economy311811 – 35147

Boeing 737-800 Air China Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Air China offers audio entertainment in both Chinese and English.
  • Video. Air China have overhead TVs showing programs in both Chinese and English.
  • Food. Food service is available on medium to long-haul flights.

Air China Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Boeing 737-800 Images Gallery

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