Lion Air Fleet Boeing 737-900ER Details and Pictures

Lion Air Fleet Boeing 737-900ER Details and Pictures. As a launch customer of Boeing 737-900ER aircraft, Lion Air currently operates 63 this type of aircraft on their short-medium haul routes.

Lion Air has its eyes set on the skies and the 737-900ER is their ride of choice!

It’s like the superhero version of the 737 Next Generation, with its extended range and superpowers!

Lion Air loves it because it’s a perfect balance of cozy comfort and pennywise efficiency.

They’ve fitted in as many seats as possible so they can fly their passengers to the most-packed routes, reaching destinations faster and keeping prices low.

All this is a part of Lion Air’s plan to fly high and wide, making air travel accessible and affordable for everyone in Southeast Asia and beyond!

Boeing 737 9GPER Lion Air Fleet PK LGL at Singapore Changi Airport
Boeing 737 9GPER Lion Air Fleet PK LGL at Singapore Changi Airport

Lion Air Fleet Boeing 737-900ER Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Lion Air flies their workhorse Boeing 737-900ER aircraft with only single economy class configurations, its seats 215 in total.

Economy class on this B737-900ER aircraft model is designed to accommodate a larger number of passengers while ensuring a reasonable level of comfort during flights.

Economy Class Details

Embark on a journey through the economy class of Lion Air’s Boeing 737-900ER, where comfort and convenience await.

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A symmetrical arrangement of seats, three on each side of the aisle, form the standard 3-3 configuration of the economy class.

Designed with the passenger’s comfort in mind, the seat pitch and width are crafted to provide a reasonable level of comfort during short to medium-haul flights.

The seat pitch ranges between 30-32 inches, while the seat width is typically around 17-18 inches.

For those seeking in-flight entertainment, some Boeing 737-900ERs may offer seatback screens or overhead screens, although this amenity may not be available in all sections of the economy class or on all flights.

Economy class is equipped with essential amenities, such as fold-down tray tables, adjustable headrests, overhead storage compartments, and reading lights.

During the flight, passengers may choose to partake in buy-on-board meals and beverages from a selection of snacks, meals, and drinks offered by Lion Air in the economy class.

For those seeking additional comfort options, some seats may be designated as preferred or extra-legroom seats, providing an increased level of space at an additional cost.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 737-900ER Lion Air

Narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-900ER Lion Air has single economy class cabin configuration with total of 215 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Lion Air Boeing 737 900ER Cabin Layout
Lion Air Boeing 737 900ER Cabin Layout
Seat Map and Seating Chart Lion Air Boeing 737 900ER
Seat Map and Seating Chart Lion Air Boeing 737 900ER

Boeing 737-900ER Lion Air Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Food. Snacks and beverages are available on board for purchase.

Boeing 737-900ER Lion Air Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

REGAircraft TypeDelivered
PK-LFFBoeing 737-900ERApr 2007
PK-LFGBoeing 737-900ERMay 2007
PK-LFKBoeing 737-900ERApr 2008
PK-LFLBoeing 737-900ERDec 2007
PK-LFOBoeing 737-900ERFeb 2008
PK-LFSBoeing 737-900ERDec 2008
PK-LFTBoeing 737-900ERFeb 2009
PK-LFUBoeing 737-900ERMar 2009
PK-LFWBoeing 737-900ERApr 2009
PK-LFYBoeing 737-900ERMay 2009
PK-LFZBoeing 737-900ERMay 2009
PK-LGJBoeing 737-900ERJun 2009
PK-LGLBoeing 737-900ERSep 2009
PK-LGMBoeing 737-900ERDec 2009
PK-LGOBoeing 737-900ERDec 2009
PK-LGPBoeing 737-900ERDec 2009
PK-LGQBoeing 737-900ERDec 2009
PK-LGRBoeing 737-900ERJan 2010
PK-LGSBoeing 737-900ERFeb 2010
PK-LGTBoeing 737-900ERMar 2010
PK-LGUBoeing 737-900ERMar 2010
PK-LGVBoeing 737-900ERJul 2010
PK-LGWBoeing 737-900ERJul 2010
PK-LGYBoeing 737-900ERJul 2010
PK-LGZBoeing 737-900ERJul 2010
PK-LHHBoeing 737-900ERAug 2010
PK-LHIBoeing 737-900ERAug 2010
PK-LHJBoeing 737-900ERSep 2010
PK-LHKBoeing 737-900EROct 2010
PK-LHLBoeing 737-900EROct 2010
PK-LHMBoeing 737-900ERFeb 2011
PK-LHOBoeing 737-900ERFeb 2011
PK-LHPBoeing 737-900ERMar 2011
PK-LHQBoeing 737-900ERApr 2011
PK-LHRBoeing 737-900ERMay 2011
PK-LHSBoeing 737-900ERJun 2011
PK-LHTBoeing 737-900ERJul 2011
PK-LHUBoeing 737-900ERJul 2011
PK-LHYBoeing 737-900ERSep 2011
PK-LHZBoeing 737-900EROct 2011
PK-LJGBoeing 737-900ERNov 2011
PK-LJIBoeing 737-900ERDec 2011
PK-LJZBoeing 737-900ERAug 2012
PK-LKMBoeing 737-900ERDec 2012
PK-LQRBoeing 737-900ERMar 2020
PK-LQSBoeing 737-900ERMar 2020
PK-LQTBoeing 737-900ERMar 2020
PK-LSHBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSIBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSJBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSKBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSLBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSMBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSOBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSPBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSRBoeing 737-900ERApr 2020
PK-LSTBoeing 737-900ERDec 2022
PK-LSUBoeing 737-900ERNov 2022
PK-LSVBoeing 737-900ERDec 2022
PK-LSWBoeing 737-900ERMar 2023
PK-LSYBoeing 737-900ERMay 2023
PK-LSZBoeing 737-900ERFeb 2023
PK-LVFBoeing 737-900ERDec 2022

Lion Air Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Boeing 737-900ER Images Gallery

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