Singapore Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-300 Details and Pictures

Singapore Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-300 Details and Pictures. Singapore Airlines currently flies 19 wide-body airliner Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

The A330 is the backbone of Singapore Airlines’ short-haul fleet

The A330-300 is a medium-haul aircraft equipped with two classes of service: Business and Economy.

Depending on the cabin configuration A330-300 accommodates from 300 to 440 passenger seats.

Under the passenger cabin large cargo compartment is located.

Thanks to big capacity and flying quality parameters Airbus A330-300 had quite low cost of one kilometer per 1 passenger.

Airbus A330 300 of Singapore Airlines 9V STY touch down on rwy19L at Bangkok BKK Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Airbus A330 300 of Singapore Airlines 9V STY touch down on rwy19L at Bangkok BKK Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Airbus A330-300 Singapore Airlines Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegDeliveredPrev. Reg
Airbus A330-3009V-STCFeb 2009F-WWKG
Airbus A330-3009V-STOJun 2010F-WWYL
Airbus A330-3009V-STQSep 2010F-WWYH
Airbus A330-3009V-STROct 2010F-WWKK
Airbus A330-3009V-STUApr 2013F-WWKZ
Airbus A330-3009V-STVJun 2013F-WWCH
Airbus A330-3009V-STWSep 2013F-WWKS
Airbus A330-3009V-STYSep 2013F-WWYE
Airbus A330-3009V-STZDec 2013F-WWYS
Airbus A330-3009V-SSAJan 2014F-WWKV
Airbus A330-3009V-SSBApr 2014F-WWYC
Airbus A330-3009V-SSCJul 2014F-WWCU
Airbus A330-3009V-SSDSep 2014F-WWYU
Airbus A330-3009V-SSEJan 2015F-WWYP
Airbus A330-3009V-SSFMar 2015F-WWCV
Airbus A330-3009V-SSGJun 2015F-WWYK
Airbus A330-3009V-SSHAug 2015F-WWKU
Airbus A330-3009V-SSISep 2015F-WWKY

Singapore Airlines Fleet Airbus A330-300 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Airbus A330-300 operated by Singapore Airlines is a two class airplane that may transport 285 passengers.

The plane has a total of 30 business class seats spread across five rows in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Singapore Airlines has angled seats on their A330s.

These aren’t just mildly angled seats, but the angle is really steep.

The seatbacks have personal televisions, literature pockets, and some storage compartments.

The storage compartments can be unlocked using the latches to the side of the seat.

They’re quite small, and only big enough for some cords, a pair of glasses, or a phone.

There was more exposed storage underneath the center armrests.

Then underneath the center armrests were 110V and USB outlets.

Between seats is a privacy partition, which actually extended out quite a ways, and would be useful in the event that you’re seated next to someone.

On their Airbus A330 fleet, Singapore Airlines Economy Class is configured with 255 standard economy class seats in a 2-4-2 layout.

The seats measure 19 inches wide and provide 32 inches of pitch and 6 inches of recline.

Each economy class seat is configured with an adjustable headrest, personal in-flight entertainment system, USB charger, universal electrical outlet (1 per every 2 seats), personal reading lamp, coat hook and vanity mirror.

For storage, your larger carry-on items can be secured in the overhead bins and your smaller personal items can be stored underneath the seat in front of you.

Additionally, each seat is equipped with multiple storage pockets to secure all your small electronic devices and personal items.

Each economy class seat is equipped with a personal in-flight entertainment system with a robust collection of new Hollywood movies, TV shows, games and audio entertainment.

Singapore Airlines charges an extra fee for exit and bulkhead seats in Economy Class (rows 31 and 48).

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330-300 Singapore Airlines

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330 300 Singapore Airlines
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A330 300 Singapore Airlines

Business class consists of 5 rows of seats that have 2-2-2 configuration.

These are the seats of rows 11-16.

The seats of the 11th row have bassinet locations that is why passengers traveling with babies are often seated here.

The main disadvantage of these seats is close location of the galleys.

The only disadvantage of the seats of the 16th row is proximity of the galley.

Behind the exit row 2 sections of economy class seats are located.

First section of economy class seats includes 17 rows of seats that have 2-4-2 configuration.

Passengers of the seats of the 31st row will take advantage of extra space for their legs.

However, the position of bassinets and proximity of the galleys may be bothersome.

The seats 34A and 34K have no windows.

Proximity of the lavatories will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats of the 47th row.

Behind another exit row the second section of economy class seats is located.

11 rows here have 2-4-2 configuration, 4 rows have 2-3-2 configuration and the last row contains 3 seats.

The seats 48AC and 48HK are designated by Singapore Airlines as Preferred Seats.

These seats have more space for passengers’ legs.

However close location to lavatories may cause discomfort to passengers of these seats.

The legroom of the seats 48A and 48K is reduced a little as the exit door protrudes into these seats.

Passengers of the seats 48DEFG will feel comfortable thanks to some extra legroom provided to bulkhead position.

Other passengers tend to gather in this area while waiting to visit lavatories causing discomfort to passengers of these seats.

Passengers with babies are often seated on these seats as they have bassinet location.

As there are no seats behind, other passengers tend to bump into the seats 58D and 58G.

The seats 59DEG have limited legroom because of awkward configuration switch from 4 to 3 seats.

Proximity of the lavatories may represent problem to passengers of the seats 62AC, 62HK and of the seats of the last 63rd row.

In addition the seats 63DEG may be less reclining.

That is why these seats are considered bad seats.

Airbus A330-300 Singapore Airlines Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities Information

  • Audio. Audio is available at all seats on this aircraft with the KrisWorld inflight entertainment system. This personal device offers 740 musics options. american online dating
  • Video. Every seat on this plane has a personal KrisWorld inflight entertainment system offering over 100 on-demand options. Each seat also has a USB/iPod and AV-input so that passengers can play their own personal videos on the in-seat video screen. dating sites brisbane australia
  • AC Power. Each seat on this aircraft has a 110v AC power port as well as a USB port.
  • Food. Singapore Airlines offers World Gourmet Cuisine. Their extensive beverage and food service is available on all international flights. gay dating apps canada

Singapore Airlines Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Airbus A330-300 Images Gallery

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