Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. Delta’s 737-800 are identified as 73Y or 73H and may be displayed as such on booking itineraries or schedules. Delta Air Lines operates 77 narrow body aircrafts Boeing 737-800.

Two-engine passenger airplane Boeing 737-800 and 737-700 belongs to the family of narrow-bodied aircrafts intended for short and medium distances and represents Next Generation series.

First of all Boeing 737-800 was developed to replace passenger airplane Boeing 737-400 that represents Classic series.

For today the direct competitor of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft is passenger narrow-bodied airplane Airbus A320.

Working process on Boeing 737-800 began on September 5th 1994.

First the project was named 737-400X Stretch what has shown on the previous model of the airplane. Later the project got present name – 737-800.

Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 737-800NG N383DN Final Approach at Logan International Airport
Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 737-800NG N383DN Final Approach at Logan International Airport

Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800 Fleet Aircraft Registration Number and Ages

N3735DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3737CBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3736CBoeing 737-832(WL)
N372DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3734BBoeing 737-832(WL)
N371DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3731TBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3739PBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3733ZBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3738BBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3730BBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3732JBoeing 737-832(WL)
N373DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N391DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N386DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N390DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N389DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N377DEBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3759Boeing 737-832(WL)
N3741SBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3751BBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3761RBoeing 737-832(WL)
N378DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3765Boeing 737-832(WL)
N379DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3745BBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3758YBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3760CBoeing 737-832(WL)
N385DNBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3762YBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3752Boeing 737-832(WL)
N381DNBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3769LBoeing 737-832(WL)
N380DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3773DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3754ABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3747DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N383DNBoeing 737-832(WL)
N387DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3763DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3756Boeing 737-832(WL)
N3750DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3746HBoeing 737-832(WL)
N388DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3740CBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3755DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N377DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3753Boeing 737-832(WL)
N384DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3748YBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3772HBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3743HBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3757DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3764DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3771KBoeing 737-832(WL)
N382DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N376DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N3766Boeing 737-832(WL)
N3749DBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3742CBoeing 737-832(WL)
N3767Boeing 737-832(WL)
N3768Boeing 737-832(WL)
N37700Boeing 737-832(WL)
N3744FBoeing 737-832(WL)
N374DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N375DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N398DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N774DEBoeing 737-832(WL)
N392DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N775DEBoeing 737-832(WL)
N399DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N776DEBoeing 737-832(WL)
N394DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N395DNBoeing 737-832(WL)
N393DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N397DABoeing 737-832(WL)
N396DABoeing 737-832(WL)
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Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

Seat map Delta Airlines Boeing 737-800
Seat map Delta Airlines Boeing 737-800

The cabin of the Boeing 737-800 operated by Delta Airlines is divided into three classes and has 160 seats.

First class of Boeing 737-800 includes 16 recliner seats that have 2-2 configuration.

The seats of the 1st row have several remarks such as: limited space for passengers legs because of the bulkhead located in front, limited space for storing hand-luggage in overhead bins that are intended for emergency equipment and lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing.

There are 18 premium economy comfort+ seats on the Boeing 737-800 airplane.

The seats of the 10th row are narrower than other standard seats as tray tables are in the armrests making them immovable.

These seats have no floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Also passengers of the seats 10A, 10B, 10E and 10F will not feel comfortable because of the bulkhead located in front of these seats that reduces the legroom.

As the bulkhead is not extended all the way, passengers of the seats 10C and 10D may take advantage of extra space for their legs but other passengers and crew members tens to bump into these seats.

Economy class may accommodate 126 passengers.

The seats 13A and 13F have no windows.

These seats are designated by Delta Airlines as Preferred Seats that may be chosen by Delta Medallion members when booking or later.

These seats may be given to other passengers during check-in if available.

Delta Air Lines Narrow Body Boeing 737-800 In-flight amenities Information

Aircraft identified as 73H feature personal Audio Video on Demand entertainment and USB power at every seat.

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Aircraft identified as 73Y only feature power ports in First Class in addition to overhead television screens in both cabins.

Delta is in the process of converting all 73Y aircraft to 73H configuration however both types feature inflight Wi-Fi.

  • Audio. There are 12 channels of audio entertainment on this plane. You can bring your own single-prong headphones or purchase them onboard for $2.
    Audio Listings
  • Video. Most of Delta’s Boeing 737-800 coded 73H feature AVOD in addition to personal satellite TV at every seat. All other 737-800s, coded 738 or 73Y, still have overhead TVs in both cabins. Delta is in the process of converting all 738s to 73Hs. Movie Listings
  • AC Power. There are regular 110v AC power ports located at every First class and Delta Comfort+ seat on this plane. There are no power ports available in Economy.  All seats feature USB power ports.
  • Internet. Delta Airlines offers access to the internet using Gogo service. Connectivity is available for laptops and mobile devices. Access is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude. More information on the service and its pricing options is listed here.
  • Food.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased for $7 in economy and are free of charge in First Class. Depending on the flight time, a small snack may also be offered.
    • Full meals may be offered in first class on flights longer than 900 miles.

Delta Air Lines Fleet Single Aisle Narrow Body Boeing 737-800 Next-Gen Aircraft Images Gallery

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