Delta Air Lines Fleet McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Details and Pictures

Delta Air Lines Fleet McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Details and PicturesDelta Air Lines operates 83 aircrafts McDonnell Douglas MD-88. MD-88 is medium-range passenger aircraft developed by American company McDonnell Douglas.

Meeting halfway customer preferences who wanted to have airplanes MD-80 with modern digital navigation instrumentation, McDonnell Douglas company has reported in January 1986 about intention to create modification MD-88 equipped with such system.

Alike with MD-82 new aircraft was equipped with JT8D-219 engine and differed with pilot cabin equipped with electronic indicators and also with flight management system (FMS), advanced inertial reference system (IRS) and wind shear determination system in basic configuration.

Besides in airplane construction have found wider application composite materials but the cabin for 142 passengers – per 5 in row – was updated significantly.

Delta Airlines became the first customer that has placed order on 80 airplanes.

MD-88 has made its first flight on August 15th 1987, at the beginning of December it was certified and at the middle of December deliveries began.

Later, some MD-82 airplanes of Delta Airlines company were reequipped to variant MD-88.

his old aircraft will being replaced by Airbus A321-200 and Boeing 737-900ER.

Delta Air Lines Fleet N907DE Reginal Jet McDonnell Douglas MD-88 landing on 18R at Charlotte-Douglas International (CLT)
Delta Air Lines Fleet N907DE Reginal Jet McDonnell Douglas MD-88 landing on 18R at Charlotte-Douglas International (CLT)

Delta Air Lines Fleet McDonnell Douglas MD-88  Aircraft Registration Number and Ages

N905DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N902DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N908DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N909DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N910DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N905DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N911DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N906DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N904DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N901DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N907DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N907DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N911DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N908DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N903DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N906DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N912DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N900DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N910DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N904DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N962DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N920DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N972DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N965DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N959DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N981DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N973DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N955DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N956DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N912DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N949DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N957DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N975DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N967DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N964DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N987DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N969DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N989DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N951DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N961DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N915DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N985DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N917DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N974DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N947DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N960DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N984DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N916DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N915DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N948DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N958DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N970DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N913DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N980DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N976DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N979DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N983DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N971DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N982DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N922DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N963DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N968DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N918DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N988DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N986DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N966DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N950DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N916DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N954DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N913DEMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N978DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N977DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N953DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N990DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N994DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N993DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N998DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N999DNMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N995DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N996DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N991DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N992DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
N997DLMcDonnell Douglas MD-88
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Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Seat Map Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

Seat Map and Seating Chart McDonnell Douglas MD 88 Delta Air Lines
Seat Map and Seating Chart McDonnell Douglas MD 88 Delta Air Lines

McDonnell Douglas MD-88 operated by Delta Airlines has 149 seats and configured with 3 class (first class, premium economy (comfort+), and economy class).

First class of McDonnell Douglas MD-88 has 16 recliner seats that have 2-2 configuration.

The seats of the 1st row have restricted legroom because of the bulkhead located in front.

Close location to the galley and lavatory may be bothersome.

Among other disadvantages lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing and reduced seat width.

The seat 4C is standard but other passengers tend to bump into this seat.

In Delta Comfort+ section seats are located in 5 rows and have 3-2 configuration.

The best seats hear are the seats 10AB and 10DE.

Passengers of these seats will feel comfortable here thanks to extra space for their legs as these seats are divided from first class with a curtain.

However as the tray tables are in the armrests these seats are narrower than other standard seats.

The seat 10C has the same advantages and disadvantages as other seats of this row.

Also this seat is often bumped by service carts and other passengers.

The seat 12A has misaligned window.

Economy class includes 108 standard seats that also have 3-2 configuration.

As the seats of the 23rd row are located in front of emergency exit, they have limited recline.

The seats of the 24th row have extra space for passengers legs as they are located in front of exit row.

At the same time there is another exit row behind that is why these seats have limited recline.

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These seats are designated by Delta Airlines as preferred seats that may be chosen by Delta Medallion members at time of booking or later and become available for other passengers at time of check-in.

The best seats are the seats of the 25th row and the seat 33A passengers of which will take advantage of extra legroom.

These seats are also preferred seats that are reserved for Delta Medallion members.

The seats 31ABC have limited recline as there is exit row behind.

The seats 32B and 32C are designated by Delta Airlines as preferred seats.

These seats have extra legroom but the width is slightly reduced as 32A is a crew seat.

The seat 35C is standard but other passengers and service carts tend to bump into it as there is no seat behind.

The seats of the last 36th row are bad seats as the seats 36A and 36B do not recline but seats 36D and 36E have limited recline.

Also the seats of the 36th row are located close to the lavatories.

Delta Air Lines Narrow Body Regional Jet McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (M88) In-flight amenities Information

  • AC Power. First Class seats have 110v AC power ports.
  • Internet. Delta Airlines offers access to the internet using Gogo service. Connectivity is available for laptops and mobile devices. Access is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude. More information on the service and its pricing options is listed here.
  • Food.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased for $7 in economy and are free of charge in First Class. Depending on the flight time, a small snack may also be offered.
    • Full meals may be offered in first class on flights longer than 900 miles.
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Delta Air Lines Narrow Body Regional Jet McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (M88) Aircraft Images Gallery

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