Lufthansa Fleet Airbus A320neo Details and Pictures

Lufthansa Fleet Airbus A320neo Details and Pictures. On current fleet, in total Lufthansa operated 24 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A320neo (22 on services, 2 on orders).

The Airbus A320neo operates on a variety of domestic and European short- and medium-haul routes.

The main differences of the Airbus A320Neo and A320-200 are – new engines and presence of wing tips of sharklets type that in summary should reduce by 15% fuel consumption (at the same time sme other systems are modernized but the wing requires strengthening).

The exterior of the aircraft was a simple “Airbus A320-200”, and unless you know your aircraft – and your engines – you might miss the real innovation – the new Pratt and Whitney Geared Turbo Fan engines.

These much bigger engines are supposed to save at least 15 per cent on fuel consumption and are much quieter, two valuable attributes for airlines – and airports – today.

Lufthansa D AINI Airbus A320 271N at Tallinn Airport
Lufthansa D AINI Airbus A320 271N at Tallinn Airport

Airbus A320neo Lufthansa Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

D-AINAAirbus A320neoJan 2016
D-AINBAirbus A320neoMar 2016
D-AINCAirbus A320neoAug 2016
D-AINDAirbus A320neoJul 2016
D-AINEAirbus A320neoDec 2016
D-AINFAirbus A320neoJul 2017
D-AINGAirbus A320neoSep 2017
D-AINHAirbus A320neoAug 2017
D-AINIAirbus A320neoOct 2017
D-AINJAirbus A320neoNov 2017
D-AINKAirbus A320neoJul 2018Heidenheim an der Brenz
D-AINLAirbus A320neoAug 2018Weinheim an der Bergstraße
D-AINMAirbus A320neoAug 2018Freising
D-AINNAirbus A320neoOct 2018Lahr/Schwarzwald
D-AINOAirbus A320neoDec 2018Rastatt
D-AINPAirbus A320neoDec 2018Lörrach
D-AINQAirbus A320neoJun 2019Bad Homburg vor der Höhe
D-AINRAirbus A320neoMar 2019Landau in der Pfalz
D-AINTAirbus A320neoFeb 2019Goslar
D-AINUAirbus A320neoMar 2019Hof
D-AINVAirbus A320neoJan 2020Erding
D-AINXAirbus A320neoDec 2019Neu-Isenburg

Lufthansa Fleet Airbus A320neo Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

This Airbus A320neo aircraft is the newest configuration of this aircraft type and seats range from rows 1-32.

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Lufthansa A320neo aircraft operates in a Business and Economy Class configuration.

The number of seats per cabin is variable and may have as few as three rows of Business Class to a maximum of seven.

The maximum size of Business Class is illustrated in this map.

Business Class seats are the same as Economy with the middle seat left empty.

The A320neo in Lufthansa’s new configuration carries 180 passengers, 12 seats (or two seat rows) more than the current A320s of the carrier, which physically have the same fuselage dimensions.

There are five rows with more pitch.

Lufthansa says the pitch is 81cm for these business class rows.

The total number of rows is 30, the average pitch in Economy is 29 inches (74cm), but the last three rows have just 28 inches (71cm).

But never has the distinction between premium seats in business class and others in economy been as clear as in the new Lufthansa A320neo cabin.

Lufthansa claims it has gained space by rearranging toilets and galleys, but it has also squeezed seat pitch considerably in the rows after about the first third of the cabin.

 On a current Lufthansa A320, there are 11.8 inches (30cm) of space between the back of the Recaro slimline seat in front and the edge of the next seat.

The space to sit on, measured from the edge to the beginning of the backrest, is 16.9 inches (43cm).

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Lufthansa

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Lufthansa
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A320neo Lufthansa

Number of business class seats depends on the demand.

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This airplane may offer up to 28 seats.

These seats are located in the first 7 rows.

Business class seats have 2-2 configuration.

The middle seats in each row are blocked providing extra space for passengers.

All the seats of business class are standard.

Only the seats of the 1st row have such disadvantages as: the noise from the galleys and lavatories located in front and lack of floor storage during take-off and landing.

Business class is separated from economy class with a curtain divider.

Economy class may accommodate 138 passengers.

All the seats of the economy class have 3-3 configuration.

As the tray tables of the seats of the 8th row are located in the armrests the width of these seats is reduced a little.

Lack of floor storage during take-off and landing and curtain divider in front may be bothersome.

Because of the exit row located behind the seats of the 10th row have limited recline.

Thanks to the exit row located in front the seats of the 11th row offer additional space for passengers’ legs.

But due to the exit row located behind these seats are less reclining than standard.

Lack of floor storage during take-off and landing is another disadvantage of these seats.

Passengers of the seats of the 12th row will take advantage of extra legroom.

These seats are considered the best seats on the airplane.

However, these seats have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

The only disadvantage of the seats 31C and 31D is close location of the galley and lavatories.

Because of the galley and lavatories located behind and limited recline the seats of the 32nd row are considered bad seats.

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Airbus A320neo Lufthansa Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Food. Complimentary beverages are provided on all flights. Snack and meal service varies depending on the length of route.
    More Information

Lufthansa Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Airbus A320neo Images Gallery

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