Qantas Fleet Airbus A380-800 Details and Pictures

Qantas Fleet Airbus A380-800 Details and Pictures. As of today, Qantas operates 12 super jumbo double decker aircraft Airbus A380-800.

Qantas operates their A380-800 on international long-haul flights.

Qantas configured this aircraft with 4 class, First, Business, Premium Economy, and Standard Economy class.

First class configured with open suites.

Business class configured with flat bed seats.

Premium Economy configured with recliner seats.

And for Economy, its configured with standard seats.

The first reconfigured aircraft, VH-OQK, operated as QF2 from London to Sydney via Singapore.

It departed on October 1 and arrived in Australia on October 2.

The Australian carrier plans to refurbish its remaining 11 A380 aircraft by the end of 2020.

Two more A380 aircraft are expected to undergo refurbishment before the end of 2019.

Each aircraft takes approximately eight weeks to upgrade.

Inaugural Qantas VH OQL Airbus A380 842 Phyllis Arnott from Sydney Airport parked at Gates 15 16X Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth Airport
Inaugural Qantas VH OQL Airbus A380 842 Phyllis Arnott from Sydney Airport parked at Gates 15 16X Terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Airbus A380-800 Qantas Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegDeliveredName
Airbus A380-842VH-OQA19 Sep 2008Nancy-Bird Walton
Airbus A380-842VH-OQB15 Dec 2008Hudson Fysh
Airbus A380-842VH-OQC27 Dec 2008Paul McGinness
Airbus A380-842VH-OQD22 Aug 2009Fergus McMaster
Airbus A380-842VH-OQE18 Dec 2009Lawrence Hargrave
Airbus A380-842VH-OQF7 Jan 2010Charles Kingsford Smith
Airbus A380-842VH-OQG16 Dec 2010Charles Ulm
Airbus A380-842VH-OQH31 Jan 2011Reginald Ansett
Airbus A380-842VH-OQI13 Jan 2011David Warren
Airbus A380-842VH-OQJ8 Apr 2011Bert Hinkler
Airbus A380-842VH-OQK25 Nov 2011John Duigan / Reginald Duigan
Airbus A380-842VH-OQL15 Dec 2011Phyllis Arnott

Qantas Fleet Airbus A380-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

To improve comfort on long haul flights, Qantas fleet of 12 A380’s are to be refurbished as part of a major cabin upgrade.

You’ll see improvements in each cabins with a change in the seat mix offering more space and refreshed interiors to enjoy on-board.

This new reconfiguration seats a total of 484 passengers: 14 First class suites, 64 fully-flat Business class skybeds, 35 Premium Economy seats and 371 Economy seats.

The first reconfigured aircraft entered service on 20 June 2012.

All Economy seats on this aircraft have a foot rest net under seat ahead and winged headrests.

The upper deck of the refurbished aircraft is entirely comprised of business and premium economy seats, as well as the expanded on-board lounge, while first class and economy class seats are all in the lower deck.

Premium seating has increased by 27% on the upgraded plane.

The airline introduced the Qantas Business Suite, replacing its previous Skybed business class seats.

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The new seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration that now gives aisle access to every passenger.

The upgraded aircraft features 70 Business Suites, up by six compared to the older plane.

The new business seats retain the same 80-inch bed length as the previous model, while the bed width is 24 inches.

The size of the IFE screen is 16 inches (previously it was 12 inches).

There’s a new premium economy seat product in the upgraded A380, which first debuted on Qantas’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

There are 60 (up by 25) premium economy seats in a 2-3-2 layout.

Qantas says these seats are 10 per cent wider than the previous seats in the older model, and include a footrest that folds down from the seat in front.

However, the seat pitch remains the same (38 inches). 

Passengers will also get to enjoy a new self-service snack bar and a larger IFE screen (from 11 inches to 13 inches). 

Qantas has introduced a larger, redesigned, on-board lounge area with seating for up to ten business and first class passengers.

This upper deck lounge was designed by Australian designer David Caon and is furbished with deep green leather couches and wood panelled walls.

First and business class passengers in the upper deck lounge will be able to choose from dishes such as dry laska goreng with fishcakes and seared prawns to mushroom arancini in a tomato ragu as part of custom-designed menus for each route.

As for the first class seats in the lower deck, they have new contoured cushioning, seat finishes and a larger, higher resolution entertainment screen that measures 18 inches (one inch wider than the screen in the older aircraft).

First class in this upgraded plane is still comprised of 14 seats.

First class passengers will get to sleep in a redesigned Martin Grant sleeper suit in dark charcoal with a Henley neckline and burgundy trim starting from November.

Unlike business class passengers, those travelling in first class will also get new amenity kits.

These will include socks made from bamboo cotton and new skin care products from Australian brand LaGaia Unedited, which will launch onboard in November.

The airline says the new LaGaia Unedited First amenities incorporate the Qantas-signature Australian scent of lemon myrtle and geranium in a facial mist, accompanied by a moisturiser and lip balm.

LaGaia Unedited products will be also stocked in the lavatories.

While there are 30 less economy seats in the refurbished aircraft (down from 341 to 371 seats), Qantas says the upgraded economy cabin features an “improved inflight entertainment system”.


Sit back and relax in Qantas spacious and comfortable International Economy seat, designed by Marc Newson and built by Recaro.

Look out for new seat cushions and improved inflight entertainment options.

Premium Economy

Discover the exclusive and spacious Premium Economy seats, located in a private cabin on the upper deck.

With more space to relax in your seat, enjoy the Neil Perry inspired menu and tune into Qantas extensive inflight entertainment options.

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Fly in contemporary comfort and enjoy the features of Qantas award-winning Skybed.

The intelligent seat offers extensive storage space, while being adjustable with massage options to suit your personal needs.

When you’re ready to sleep, convert your Marc Newson-designed, second generation Skybed into a two-metre fully-flat bed.

Switch off and watch the latest premiere movie or box set TV with over 1600 hours of entertainment to choose from.


Enjoy a journey of unsurpassed luxury in First in the spacious surrounds of your individual seat.

Everything you need is thoughtfully placed and within easy reach.

Recline your seat, adjust the lumbar support or turn on the in-seat massage at the touch of a button.

Control your inflight entertainment, adjust the lighting, close the electronic window shades and more all from the control panel next to your seat.

The luxurious Sheridan duvet, mattress and pillow menu ensures the most rejuvenating sleep experience.

Seat map and Seating Chart Airbus A380-800 Lower Deck Qantas

Seat map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Lower Deck Qantas
Seat map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Lower Deck Qantas

The lower deck contains the seats of the first and economy class.

First class has 14 open suites that are located in 5 rows.

Close location of the stairs that lead to the upper deck and of the lavatories will cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 1A, 2F and 2K.

The noise from the galley and more crowded economy class are the main disadvantages of the seats 5A and 5K.

Economy class of the lower deck is divided into three sections.

Passengers of the seats 48ABC, 51HJK and 52DEFG will take advantage of extra space for their legs.

However, close location of the galleys will cause inconvenience to passengers of these seats as well as of the seats 50C and 51C.

Passengers with babies are often seats on the seats 51HJK and 52DEFG as they offer bassinets locations.

The seats 63DEFG, 64HJK and 65ABC are less reclining than standard.

Proximity of the lavatories will also represent a problem.

Behind the economy class the second section of economy class seats is located.

Thanks to the exit row located in front of the seats of the 66th row have extra legroom.

But other passengers tend to congregate in the area of these seats while waiting to use lavatories and thus causing discomfort to passengers of these seats.

The only disadvantage of the seats 70EFG is reduced width.

The best seat in this section is the seat 71D.

This seat offers extra legroom.

Proximity of the galleys is the main disadvantage of the seats of the 77th row.

The third section of economy class seats is located behind another exit row.

The seats of the 79th row offer extra legroom due to the exit row located in front.

An extra fee may be paid to reserve these seats.

However, proximity of the galleys may be bothersome.

The best seats of this section are the seats 80A and 80K as they offer extra legroom due to missing seats in front.

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For passengers with babies the seats 81DEFG have bassinet locations.

The main disadvantage of the seats 87D and 87G is close location of the lavatories.

Limited recline and proximity of the lavatories make the seats 86ABC, 86HJK and 88DEFG bad seats.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380-800 Upper Deck Qantas

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Upper Deck Qantas
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Upper Deck Qantas

The upper deck contains the seats of three classes: business, premium economy and economy.

Business class seats are divided into two sections.

There are totally 64 flat bed seats here.

First section consists of three rows of seats that have 2-2-2 configuration.

Close location of the seats of the 11th row to the stairs, lounge and bar will cause discomfort to passengers of these seats.

Proximity of the galleys and lavatories is the main disadvantage of the seats of the 13th row.

The second section of business class seats contains 8 rows of seats.

Close location of the galleys and the position of the bulkhead are the main disadvantages of the seats 15AB and 15JK.

The only disadvantage of the seats 20A and 20K is that the storage compartment next to these seats are not opening.

Other passengers tend to gather in the area of the seats of the 22nd row in order to visit lavatories.

Behind business class seats 35 seats of Premium Economy class are located.

These seats are located in 5 rows and have 2-3-2 configuration.

The best seats in this class are the seats 24AB and 24JK that offer extra legroom.

Passengers traveling with babies are often seats on the seats 24DEF as they have bassinet locations.

Due to bulkhead position these seats have limited space for passengers legs.

The last 5 rows on this airplane are the seats of the economy class.

As the tray tables are built-in the armrests the seats of the 32nd row are a little narrower than standard.

Also these seats have extra knee space but at the same time restricted legroom.

The seats 34DEFG are located close to the lavatories that may cause discomfort to passengers of these seats.

Thanks to the exit row located in front passengers of the seats of the 35th row have extra space for passengers’ legs.

But proximity of the galleys and lavatory will be bothersome.

Missing window and cold from the exit door during the flight make the seat 35K bad seat.

The seats of the 36th row are less reclining than standard and are located near the stairs, galleys and lavatory.

Because of these disadvantages these seats are considered bad seats.

Airbus A380-800 Qantas Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Each seat features a Panasonic eX2 Inflight Entertainment system with large personal touch screen with up to 1,500 audio CDs and a selection of audio books, language tutorials, destination information, business education, and radio channels.
  • Video. Each seat features a Panasonic eX2 Inflight Entertainment system with large personal touch screen with more than 100 on Demand movies and over 500 television programs.
  • AC Power. Every seat offers a regular 110v AC power port as well as a USB port in First and Business class. In Premium Economy and Economy, power ports are shared between seats. However, the Economy bulkhead and exit seats only have a USB port.
  • Food. Qantas offers Inflight Cuisine, their beverage and food service on all international flights. More Information

Qantas Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Airbus A380-800 Images Gallery

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