Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 717-200 Details and Pictures

Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 717-200 Details and PicturesDelta Air Lines operates 91 twin-engine, single-aisle narrow body aircraft Boeing 717-200. The year of the first Boeing 717-200 flight is 1998.

Short-haul Boeing 717-200 became finalizing model of airplane family DC-9, MD 80/90 that were constructed during 40 years beginning with 1965. First the airplane was named McDonnell Douglas MD-95 and was developed as shortened version of MD-90 model.

During the airplane development Boeing Company has merged McDonnell Douglas and in 1997 MD-95 was renamed to Boeing 717. Despite the merger the construction of the airplane continued.

First production airplanes began to arrive to airline companies 1999. Boeing 717 took place of the smallest aircraft in Boeing model range. The construction of the airplane took place from 1997 to 2006. During this period 156 airplanes have been constructed.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200 N934AT YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport
Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200 N934AT YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport

Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200 Fleet Aircraft Registration Number and Ages

N603ATBoeing 717-22A
N607ATBoeing 717-231
N608ATBoeing 717-231
N717JLBoeing 717-2BD
N891ATBoeing 717-2BD
N892ATBoeing 717-2BD
N893ATBoeing 717-2BD
N894ATBoeing 717-2BD
N895ATBoeing 717-2BD
N896ATBoeing 717-2BD
N899ATBoeing 717-2BD
N906ATBoeing 717-231
N910ATBoeing 717-231
N915ATBoeing 717-231
N919ATBoeing 717-231
N920ATBoeing 717-231
N921ATBoeing 717-231
N922ATBoeing 717-2BD
N923ATBoeing 717-2BD
N924ATBoeing 717-231
N925ATBoeing 717-231
N926ATBoeing 717-231
N927ATBoeing 717-231
N928ATBoeing 717-231
N929ATBoeing 717-231
N930ATBoeing 717-231
N932ATBoeing 717-231
N933ATBoeing 717-231
N934ATBoeing 717-231
N935ATBoeing 717-231
N936ATBoeing 717-231
N937ATBoeing 717-231
N938ATBoeing 717-2BD
N939ATBoeing 717-2BD
N940ATBoeing 717-2BD
N942ATBoeing 717-2BD
N943ATBoeing 717-2BD
N944ATBoeing 717-2BD
N945ATBoeing 717-2BD
N946ATBoeing 717-2BD
N947ATBoeing 717-2BD
N948ATBoeing 717-2BD
N949ATBoeing 717-2BD
N950ATBoeing 717-2BD
N951ATBoeing 717-2BD
N952ATBoeing 717-2BD
N953ATBoeing 717-2BD
N954ATBoeing 717-2BD
N955ATBoeing 717-2BD
N956ATBoeing 717-2BD
N957ATBoeing 717-2BD
N958ATBoeing 717-2BD
N959ATBoeing 717-2BD
N960ATBoeing 717-2BD
N961ATBoeing 717-2BD
N963ATBoeing 717-2BD
N964ATBoeing 717-2BD
N965ATBoeing 717-2BD
N966ATBoeing 717-2BD
N967ATBoeing 717-2BD
N968ATBoeing 717-2BD
N969ATBoeing 717-2BD
N970ATBoeing 717-2BD
N971ATBoeing 717-2BD
N972ATBoeing 717-2BD
N974ATBoeing 717-2BD
N975ATBoeing 717-2BD
N977ATBoeing 717-2BD
N978ATBoeing 717-2BD
N979ATBoeing 717-2BD
N980ATBoeing 717-2BD
N981ATBoeing 717-2BD
N982ATBoeing 717-2BD
N983ATBoeing 717-2BD
N985ATBoeing 717-231
N986ATBoeing 717-231
N987ATBoeing 717-231
N987DNBoeing 717-23S
N988ATBoeing 717-23S
N988DNBoeing 717-23S
N989ATBoeing 717-23S
N989DNBoeing 717-23S
N990ATBoeing 717-23S
N991ATBoeing 717-23S
N992ATBoeing 717-2BD
N993ATBoeing 717-2BD
N994ATBoeing 717-2BD
N995ATBoeing 717-2BD
N996ATBoeing 717-2BD
N997ATBoeing 717-2BD
N998ATBoeing 717-2BD
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Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

Seat map Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200
Seat map Delta Air Lines Boeing 717-200

This Boeing 717 (717) seats 110 passengers and is primarily used on Domestic routes.

This next-generation aircraft features 12 First Class recliner seats, 20 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 78 Economy seats.

First Class has been upgraded to the Delta standard, with the same recliner seats featured in their 757-300 fleet.

Delta Comfort+ and Economy is outfitted with slim line seating that allows for additional knee clearance and power ports are available at all seats.

Because this aircraft operates short-haul routes primarily, AVOD is not installed. However, Wi-Fi and wireless entertainment on demand is available.

Boeing 717-200 has seats in three classes.

First class has 12 recliner seats that are located in 2-2 configuration in three rows.

The seats of the 1st row may have less room for the legs as there is a bulkhead in front of them.

Another disadvantage for these seats is close location of the lavatory and the galley.

This fact may cause inconvenience to passengers of these seats.

The seat 3B protrudes to the passage between the seats and other passengers and crew members may tend to bump into this seat.

Another class in this airplane is Delta Comfort+ that has 15 seats located in 2-3 configuration in 3 rows as well.

The passengers of the seats of the 10th row may feel comfortable as there is a lot of extra legroom in front because their class is divided from the first class seats only with a curtain.

The seat 10C as well as seat 3B in the first class protrudes to the passage between the seats and other passengers and crew members may bump into this seat.

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The Economy class may accommodate 83 passengers.

The seats of the 19th row have extra space for passengers’ legs but doesn’t recline as behind them exit row is located.

These seats may be selected by Medallion members of Delta company when booking or later and become available for other passengers during check-in.

Delta Air Lines Narrow Body Boeing 717-200 In-flight amenities Information

  • AC Power. All seats feature a standard 110V AC power port. All seats feature a standard USB port.
  • Internet. Delta Airlines offers access to the internet using Gogo service. Connectivity is available for laptops and mobile devices. Access is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude. More information on the service and its pricing options is listed here.
  • Food.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased for $7 in economy and are free of charge in First Class. Depending on the flight time, a small snack may also be offered.
    • Full meals may be offered in first class on flights longer than 900 miles.

Delta Air Lines Fleet Single Aisle Narrow Body Boeing 717-200 Aircraft Images Gallery

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