Delta Air Lines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Details and Pictures

Delta Air Lines Fleet Airbus A321-200 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Delta Air Lines operates 67 aircrafts Airbus A321-200, and there’s 74 on orders deliveries through 2021. 

Delta Air Lines placed more orders on Airbus A321-200 to replacing McDonnell Douglas MD-88, MD-90 and older Boeing 757-200.

Passenger airplane Airbus A321-200 is the further modification of the aircraft A320. That is why during construction of Airbus A321 configuration of the engines, systems and equipment was adopted from A320 model.

Increasing the body almost by 7 meters allowed installation of additional fuel tank and also increase the number of transported passengers.

In such a way Airbus A321-200 became a decent continuation of the well-proven series of airplanes A320. Decision was taken to assemble the airplanes at the Hamburg factory.

Delta Airlines A321-211 arriving at San Diego International Airport SAN
Delta Airlines A321-211 arriving at San Diego International Airport SAN

Delta Air Lines Airbus A321-200 Fleet Aircraft Registration Number and Ages

N313DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N304DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N315DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N319DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N305DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N302DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N323DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N303DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N312DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N317DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N322DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N316DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N311DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N307DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N325DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N326DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N321DHAirbus A321-211(WL)
N301DVAirbus A321-211(WL)
N324DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N320DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N318DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N309DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N314DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N310DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N308DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N306DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N367DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N355DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N340DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N353DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N334DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N350DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N361DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N364DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N356DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N352DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N330DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N327DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N339DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N357DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N332DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N333DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N336DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N346DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N360DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N331DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N348DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N345DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N349DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N358DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N341DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N366DXAirbus A321-211(WL)
N328DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N338DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N354DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N342DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N343DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N365DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N351DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N347DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N337DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N359DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N362DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N335DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N329DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N363DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
N344DNAirbus A321-211(WL)
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Delta Air Lines Airbus A321-200 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

Seat map Airbus A321-200 Delta Air Lines
Seat map Airbus A321-200 Delta Air Lines

Delta Airbus A321-200 accommodate 192 passengers in three classes: first class, economy class and delta comfort+ . This aircraft features 20 First Class recliner seats, 29 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 143 standard Economy seats.

First class offers 20 reclining seats that are located in the first 5 rows per 4 seats in each. All these seats are standard only close location to the galley and lavatory may cause discomfort to passengers of the seats of the 1st row.

The next 5 rows, i.e. the rows 10-14 contain seats of delta comfort plus class. First 3 rows of seats have 3-3 configuration. Because of the position of the bulkhead the seats of the 10th row have limited space for passengers’ legs.

Due to the exit row located behind the seats of the 12th row are less reclining than standard. Missing windows make the seats 12A and 12F bad seats.

Passengers of the 13th row will take advantage of extra legroom. These sears are considered the best seats. Thanks to missing seat in front the seat 14D offers extra legroom but has no floor storage.

Economy class offers 143 standard seats that are divided into two sections.

First section of economy class seats has 11 rows of seats: 10 of them have 3-3 configuration and the last row of the section offer 3 seats.

Delta Air Lines Narrow Body Airbus A321-200 In-flight amenities Information

  • Audio. Delta offers in-seat personal audio and video onDemand (AVOD) and live satellite TV options.
  • Video. Delta offers in-seat personal audio and video onDemand (AVOD) and live satellite TV options.
  • AC Power. All seats feature a standard 110V AC power port. All seats feature a standard USB port.
  • Internet. Delta Airlines offers access to the internet using Gogo service. Connectivity is available for laptops and mobile devices. Access is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude. More information on the service and its pricing options is listed here.
  • Food.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased for $7 in economy and are free of charge in First Class. Depending on the flight time, a small snack may also be offered.
    • Full meals may be offered in first class on flights longer than 900 miles.

      More Dining Information: Economy Class , First Class

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Delta Air Lines Fleet Single Aisle Narrow Body Airbus A321-200 Aircraft Images Gallery

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