Korean Air Fleet Boeing 747-8i Details and Pictures

Korean Air Fleet Boeing 747-8i Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Korean Air operates 10 passenger aircraft Boeing 747-8i.

The Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body jet airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

It was officially announced in 2005. The 747-8 is the third generation of the 747, with a lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings, new engines, and improved efficiency.

Similar with the older Boeing 747-400, Korean Air also configured this aircraft with First Class, Prestige Business Class, and Economy Class.

The first 747-8 Intercontinental was delivered to Lufthansa on May 5, 2012, and began operating the version on flights from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C., on June 1, 2012.

Boeing 747 8B5 Korean Air HL7642 at London Heathrow Airport
Boeing 747 8B5 Korean Air HL7642 at London Heathrow Airport

Boeing 747-8i Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeReg
Boeing 747-8HTF CargoHL7609
Boeing 747-8HTF CargoHL7610
Boeing 747-8B5F CargoHL7617
Boeing 747-8B5F CargoHL7623
Boeing 747-8B5F CargoHL7624
Boeing 747-8B5F CargoHL7629
Boeing 747-8B5HL7630
Boeing 747-8B5HL7631
Boeing 747-8B5HL7632
Boeing 747-8B5HL7633
Boeing 747-8B5HL7636
Boeing 747-8B5HL7637
Boeing 747-8B5HL7638
Boeing 747-8B5F CargoHL7639
Boeing 747-8B5HL7642
Boeing 747-8B5HL7643
Boeing 747-8B5HL7644

Korean Air Fleet Boeing 747-8i Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Korean Air’s B747-8I aircraft is equipped with 368 seats and offers three classes of service: First, Prestige, and Economy.

First Class seats are open suite flat bed seats, Prestige Class also features flat bed seats.

Seats in First Class are Kosmo flat bed suites and seats in Prestige Class are Prestige Sleeper flat bed seats.

All seats in this aircraft are fitted with AVOD entertainment and in-seat power ports.

The Korean Air First Class cabin is located in the nose of the Boeing 747-8.

The First Class cabin is configured with only 6 seats in a 1 x 1 layout but unlike on their Airbus A380s, there is no onboard bar or communal social area.

This aircraft features Korean Air’s new Kosmo 2.0 First Class Suites.

These fully enclosed suites are spacious, have a ton of storage spaces and offer an incredible amount of privacy.

The suites themselves are elegantly designed but the cabin as a whole feels a little sterile and boring.

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Other than their Tiffany Blue upholstery, there are no design elements or pops of color to showcase this beautiful cabin.

But with only 6 suites and no overhead bins in the First Class cabin, the entire space feels very exclusive, private and incredibly spacious.

Each individual suite features a large, personal locker with enough storage room for your carry-on luggage, personal items, clothes and everything else.

You can also store carry-on items underneath the ottoman and your personal items such as your laptops, tablets, cell phones and eyeglasses can be secured in any of the storage bins at the seat.

Suites in row 1 are smaller than the other suites and do not have personal lockers. Instead, they share a closet in between the two suites.

The Korean Air 747-8 Kosmo 2.0 suites are smartly designed and feature several sources of ambient lighting to provide a calming space to rest, relax and work, a personal air vent to provide better temperature control and a fixed tray with an edged lip to keep your cell phone handy.

The seats are massive and offer a whopping 83 inches of pitch.

The seats are soft and comfortable and the individual parts of the seat can be controlled to allow for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Quick seat controls are located on the armrest and more specific controls can be found underneath the remote control cover.

The tray table folds out from the side and is large and sturdy enough for two people to dine together.

However, the tray table is fixed and cannot be pushed back and forth.

Instead of pulling the tray table closer to you, you actually move your seat forward to the tray table.

And since the tray table is immovable, it makes it a little hard to get in and out of your seat when the tray table is out.

Another design flaw of the Kosmo 2.0 suite is the poor placement of the electrical outlet.

The electrical outlet is located underneath the ottoman and is not anywhere near the seat itself.

There are two lavatories located behind the First Class cabin.

The lavatories are more spacious than standard lavatories and have a separate seat for changing.

A Jurlique branded bottle of lotion, mouthwash and shaving kits are provided for use during flight.

The main Business Class Cabin is located behind the First Class Cabin with 26 seats in a 2 x 2 x 2 layout.

These new Korean Air 747-8 Business Class seats offer a ton of privacy and direct-aisle access for all passengers.

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They seem to be pretty spacious and are a huge improvement over their current Business Class seats.

The seats along the left and right sides of the aircraft are staggered from each other to provide increased privacy and direct-aisle access for all passengers.

These seats are great for solo travelers and I would recommend them if you are traveling by yourself.

The center row of seats are adjacent to each other but have a full length, privacy divider to separate the two seats.

These seats are great for couples traveling together but are still private enough for solo travelers.

Upstairs in the hump, there are 22 Business Class seats in a staggered 2 x 2 layout.

The upper deck of the Boeing 747-8s have been significantly improved over the Boeing 747-400s.

The cabin is longer and more spacious and the overhead bins have been improved to fit larger bags.

Window seat passengers still have the benefit of large side bins along the windows.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 747-8i Korean Air

Widebody aircraft Boeing 747-8i Korean Air with 3 cabin classes: First Class, Prestige (Business Class), and Economy Class.

Below you will find an interactive seat map of the aircraft cabin with marked drawbacks and features.

This seating chart will help you to find the best seats on the aircraft.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Main Deck Boeing 747 8i Korean Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Main Deck Boeing 747 8i Korean Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Upper Deck Boeing 747 8i Korean Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Upper Deck Boeing 747 8i Korean Air

First Class

  • Complete privacy with the sliding door
  • Personal closet
  • More spacious seat (32″ in the bed position)
  • Comfortable and elegant cabin atmosphere created by the ambient light
  • Enlarged 24″ LCD monitor

Experience a complete, top quality service with ultimate privacy
provided by the sliding door and with upgraded high-technology – the new Kosmo Suites 2.0

The louver sliding door will allow you to see through when seated inside with the door closed but you can’t be viewed by anyone from outside and the extra 24cm to the partition (total 139cm) offers the ultimate in spacious privacy.

At 83 inches wide, the seat is 79-inch-long and 24 inches wide offering comfort and freedom. The seat in its bed position, with fully unfolded leg-rest, provides the comfort of a perfect bed for rest during the long flight hours.

Enjoy the high-tech in-flight entertainment system with improved response time – with an even larger 24 inch personal LCD monitor with higher resolution for easy viewing – it’s a movie theater in the sky.
Made by Bose®, the world-renowned sound system maker, this ear-friendly headset offers the very best in both audio quality and noise isolation.

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The sophisticated metallic seat control button with the intuitive design provides an easy-to-use operation. Retraction (front and back mobility) and Lumbar (back cushion) are new additions to the seats.

The internally lit personal closet within the individual seating area provides safe and neat storage.

The storage box is perfect for laptops and other personal items, giving lots of space for all belongings.

Designed to light only a selected area to reduce eye fatigue, the reading lamp is fully adjustable to provide light exactly where it’s needed.

The mood lamp creates a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere for your ultimate comfort.

Integrated push and release mechanism on the 26” x 23”width 26 inches, height 23 inches tray table makes the tray table operable with just one hand.

Prestige Business Class

  • Provides 75 inch of total personal space
  • Easy aisle access without interference from other passengers
  • Heightened sense of widened space regardless of the seat position
  • Enlarged storage space for laptops or personal belongings
  • Enlarged 18 inch LCD monitor
  • The bed length is shorter than a seat pitch.

Even if there is a passenger sitting next to you or you are in the window seat, there is easy access to the aisle without disturbing anyone or you being disturbed.

75 inch private space ensures very comfortable space to relax and rest.

Enjoy the high-tech in-flight entertainment system with improved response time and the movie theater in the sky with even bigger 18 inch personal LCD monitor with higher resolution for minimized fatigue.

The 4.3 inch touch screen on the remote control not only allows you to control the monitor, but also offers you access to other functions with its multitasking system.

Designed to light only a selected area to reduce eye fatigue, the reading lamp is fully adjustable to provide light exactly where it’s needed.

Conveniently store your laptop and belongings in the personal storage.

The intuitive icons and user-friendly seat controls make it easy to find your most comfortable position.

Economy Class

  • Comfortable and distinctive seats with up to 34″ seat pitch
  • Efficiently designed with sliding cushions for easier reclining
  • Headrest customized to adapt to a variety of positions
  • 11.1″ LCD monitor at every seat
  • Convenient tray tables with bi-folding and sliding features
  • Personal coat hanger for each seat

This new 18-inch wide seat with sliding cushion and 118-degree reclining back support offers exceptional comfort unlike any other economy-class seat.

Boeing 747-8i Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Korean Air offers audio selections in all classes of service with Audio and Video onDemand.
  • Video. This aircraft offers personal seatback Audio and Video onDemand TV’s in all classes on service. AVOD offers passengers a selection of movies, short programs and television series in multiple languages.
  • AC Power. All First and Prestige Class seats have access to an AC power port. In Economy, power ports are shared between seats.
  • Food. On all international flights, complimentary beverage and meal service is offered in all classes.

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