Korean Air Fleet Airbus A380-800 Details and Pictures

Korean Air Fleet Airbus A380-800 Details and Pictures. The largest aircraft on Korean Air fleet is Airbus A380-800.

Currently, Korean Air operates 10 double-decker Airbus A380-800.

Korean Air configured their A380-800 with first class, Prestige (Business Class), and Economy Class.

Enjoy the special experience of a business aircraft with Korean Air First Class seats that offer complete privacy and quality service, as well as Prestige Class (Business) that offers the world’s first exclusive 2nd floor.

The main deck (1st floor) configured with first and economy.

Airbus A380 861 HL7611 Korean Air at Toulouse Blagnac International Airport
Airbus A380 861 HL7611 Korean Air at Toulouse Blagnac International Airport

Airbus A380-800 Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeReg
Airbus A380-861HL7611
Airbus A380-861HL7612
Airbus A380-861HL7613
Airbus A380-861HL7614
Airbus A380-861HL7615
Airbus A380-861HL7619
Airbus A380-861HL7621
Airbus A380-861HL7622
Airbus A380-861HL7627
Airbus A380-861HL7628

Korean Air Fleet Airbus A380-800 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Korean Air’s A380-800 aircraft is the largest in the airline’s fleet.

It is equipped with 407 seats spread over 2 floors and offers three classes of service: First, Prestige, and Economy.

First Class seats are open Kosmo suite flat bed seats.

All Prestige seats are located on the second floor and are Prestige Sleeper flat bed seats.

Although these seats are designated as flat-bed seats that recline 180 degrees, passengers have found the seat backs do not seem to recline fully parallel to the floor.

Passengers often complain about this plane getting hot and stuffy as you are unable to direct or adjust the air vents on this aircraft. 

 All seats in this aircraft are fitted with AVOD entertainment and in-seat power ports.

The following rows may be used as reference: First Class are rows 1-3; Prestige Class are rows 7-23; and Economy ends at row 59.

Korean Air’s A380 first class cabin consists of 12 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Since the first class cabin is on the lower deck it’s a bit more spacious than on those airlines that put first class on the upper deck, given that the cabin itself is wider.

To recap, of the airlines operating the A380, dating foreign menhttps://airlinesfleet.com/mega-personal-meet-now/, China Southern, MalaysiaQantas, and Singapore have first class on the lower deck, while EmiratesLufthansa, and Thai have first class on the upper deck.

Compared to other A380 first class products, Korean Air’s actually isn’t that snazzy or innovative. All 12 seats are “open,” so they’re not fully enclosed and don’t have any awesome gadgets or anything.

As a result, the cabin does feel extremely spacious.

And the seats do also have a good amount of privacy, given that there’s a shield that goes up between center seats, in addition to the “shells” around seats going up as well.

The center seats looked spacious as well, and actually pretty decent for people traveling together since you can actually easily communicate with one another.

The seat had a large ottoman (it doesn’t double as a buddy seat, for what it’s worth), and under it was some “open” storage, so you could leave a laptop bag or shoes there, for example.

There’s a ton of space at the side of the seat.

There’s both a huge “armrest,” as well as a huge “gap” along the side of the plane by the window.

To the right of the seat are the seat controls, which are intuitive.

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That’s also where the controls are for raising or lowering the “shield” around your seat.

Korean Air A380 Business Class cabins are configured with 94 business class seats spread across the entire length of the upper deck.

The Business Class seats are standard, forward facing seats in a 2 X 2 X 2 layout.

They do not offer direct aisle access for every passenger but they do recline to a true, 180 degree, lie-flat bed.

According to SeatGuru, the seats provide 21.6 inches of width and 74 inches of pitch.

The forward cabin has three rows of six seats (rows 7 – 9) and a fourth row of four seats (row 10).

Seats in row 10 will offer you a bit more privacy from the rest of the cabin but will be a bit noisier due to the proximity to the galley.

Each Korean Air A380 Business Class seat is equipped with a large 15’’ IFE monitor, two personal reading lamps, two USB ports, one universal electrical outlet and a tiny privacy divider to separate the two passengers.

Storage-wise, the overhead bins above the outer seats are not as deep as the overhead bins above the center seats.

Standard roll-aboards don’t fit above the outer seats and need to be stored in the overhead bins above the center seats.

All carry-on items must be store in the overhead bins as there is no storage for personal items at the seat.

According to its seat maps, Korean has 33 to 34 inches of legroom in economy on the A380. Compared to 31 or 32 inches in most international economy classes these days, that’s a difference you can feel.

The last section of economy, rows 52-59, has 34 inches throughout according to Korean Air’s seat maps.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380-800 Korean Air

Widebody aircraft Airbus A380-800 Korean Air aircraft with 3 cabin classes: First Class, Prestige (Business Class), and Economy Class.

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Below you will find an interactive seat map of the aircraft cabin with marked drawbacks and features.

This seating chart will help you to find the best seats on the aircraft.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Main Deck Korean Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Main Deck Korean Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Upper Deck Korean Air
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A380 800 Upper Deck Korean Air

First Class

  • Taller partitions ensure complete privacy
  • Luxurious wood accent
  • 23″ LCD monitors for superior display
  • Convenience and comfort with one-touch seat adjustments
  • Elegant and functional table with lush wood finish
  • Spacious compartments for personal items

Prestige Class

  • Abundant space between seats provides privacy and comfort
  • 15.4″ LCD monitor for quality viewing
  • Easy remote controls provide simple yet diverse functions
  • Convenient and simple one-touch seat control
  • Larger privacy partitions and adjustable personal reading lamp with adjustable brightness

Economy Class

  • Ergonomically designed seats to enjoy a comfortable flight
  • A wide seat of 18.1 inch with a maximum of 34 inch space in between is equipped with a back rest that can be reclined up to 118 degrees.
  • Every seat has a 10.6 inch LCD screen and the most advanced AVOD(Audio & Video on Demand) providing a variety of in-flight entertainment.

Airbus A380-800 Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Korean Air offers audio selections in all classes of service with Audio and Video onDemand.
  • Video. This aircraft offers personal seatback Audio and Video onDemand TV’s in both classes on service. AVOD allows passengers to select any channel at any time. First Class seats are equipped with a 23-inch LCD monitor, Prestige Class seats are equipped with a 15.4-inch LCD monitor, and Economy Class seats are equipped with a 10.6-inch LCD monitor.
  • AC Power. All First and Prestige Class seats as well as every 2-4 Economy class seats have a 110v AC power port. An adapter is not required.
  • Food. On all international flights, complimentary beverage and meal service is offered in all classes.

Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Airbus A380-800 Images Gallery

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