Korean Air Fleet Boeing 777-200ER Details and Pictures

Korean Air Fleet Boeing 777-200ER Details and Pictures. Korean Air operates 14 passenger aircraft Boeing 777-200ER on long-haul international flights.

There’s also freighter/cargo version on Korean Air fleet.

This aircraft configured with First Class, Prestige Business Class, and Economy Class.

Korean Air operates 2 version of this aircraft, its 248 and 261 pax configuration.

The first Boeing 777-200ER was delivered British Airways on February 6, 1997.

Direct market competitors include the Airbus A330-300, the Airbus A350 XWB, and the out-of-production A340 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

Boeing 777 2B5ER Korean Air HL7598 at Toronto Pearson Airport
Boeing 777 2B5ER Korean Air HL7598 at Toronto Pearson Airport

Boeing 777-200ER Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeReg
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7526
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7530
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7531
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7574
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7575
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7598
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7714
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7715
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7721
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7751
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7752
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7764
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7765
Boeing 777-2B5(ER)HL7766
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8005
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8043
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8044
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8045
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8046
Boeing 777-FEZ CargoHL8075
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8076
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8077
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8226
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8251
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8252
Boeing 777-FB5 CargoHL8285

Korean Air Fleet Boeing 777-200ER Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

Korean Air operates two versions of the B777-200ER aircraft.

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First version is equipped with 248 seats and offers three classes of service: First, Prestige Business, and Economy.

Second version is equipped with 261 seats and offers three classes of service: First, Prestige, and Economy.

Seats in First Class are Kosmo open suites and seats in Prestige Business Class are Prestige Sleeper flat bed seats.

All seats in this aircraft are fitted with AVOD entertainment and in-seat power ports.

This version of the 772 features Korean Air’s newer Economy Class designed slim seat, that offers more room and improved AVOD IFE.

The following rows may be used as reference: First Class are rows 1-2; Prestige Class are rows 7-10; and Economy ends at row 52.

Korean Air’s business class features two almost identical cabins of 14 seats each, in a 2-3-2 configuration.

While the seats are fully flat and great for shorthaul flights, they’re kind of less amazing for longhaul flights on 19-year-old planes.

The one and probably only difference between the two cabins is between row 8 and 10.

Row 10 is normal, but row 8 is missing a window.

The window missing isn’t the one next to the seat, but rather the one in the middle.

So if you’re in the window seat, you’re fine, but you won’t get a clear view when craning your neck if you’re in an aisle seat.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 777-200ER Korean Air

Widebody aircraft Boeing 777-200ER Korean Air with 3 cabin classes: First Class, Prestige (Business Class), and Economy Class.

Below you will find an interactive seat map of the aircraft cabin with marked drawbacks and features.

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This seating chart will help you to find the best seats on the aircraft.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Korean Air Boeing 777 200ER 248 Pax
Seat Map and Seating Chart Korean Air Boeing 777 200ER 248 Pax
Seat Map and Seating Chart Korean Air Boeing 777 200ER 261 Pax
Seat Map and Seating Chart Korean Air Boeing 777 200ER 261 Pax

First Class

  • Taller partitions ensure complete privacy
  • Luxurious wood accent
  • 23″ LCD monitors for superior display
  • Convenience and comfort with one-touch seat adjustments
  • Elegant and functional table with lush wood finish
  • Spacious compartments for personal items

At 26.5 inches wide, the seat in the Kosmo Suites is 5.9 inches wider than a regular first-class seat.

The 79-inch-long one-piece, seamless seat mat ensures maximum comfort.

A 23-inch high-resolution LCD monitor and advanced audio and video on demand offer a superb viewing experience in the air.

Designed to light only a selected area to reduce eye fatigue, the reading lamp is fully adjustable to provide light exactly where it’s needed.

Made by Bose®, the world-renowned sound system maker, this ear-friendly headset offers the very best in both audio quality and noise isolation.

Prestige Business Class

  • Abundant space between seats provides privacy and comfort
  • 15.4″ LCD monitor for quality viewing
  • Easy remote controls provide simple yet diverse functions
  • Convenient and simple one-touch seat control
  • Larger privacy partitions and adjustable personal reading lamp with adjustable brightness

The 20.1-inch wide seat with 74 inches of space between rows guarantees the best comfort and freedom during your flight.

The back support and footrest are fully adjustable and a one-touch button offers convenience and freedom to change seat positions to suit your needs.

A 15.4-inch LCD monitor and great audio and video on demand choice, providing a variety in in-flight entertainment.

Economy Class

  • Comfortable and distinctive seats with up to 34″ seat pitch
  • Efficiently designed with sliding cushions for easier reclining
  • Headrest customized to adapt to a variety of positions
  • 10.6″ LCD monitor at every seat
  • Convenient tray tables with bi-folding and sliding features
  • Personal coat hanger for each seat
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The new 18-inch wide seat with sliding cushion and 118-degree reclining back support offers exceptional comfort unlike any other economy-class seat.

Boeing 777-200ER Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Audio. Korean Air offers audio selections in all classes of service with Audio and Video onDemand.
  • Video. This aircraft offers personal Audio and Video onDemand TV’s in all classes of service. AVOD allows passengers to select any channel at any time. First Class seats are equipped with a 23-inch LCD monitor, Prestige Class seats are equipped with a 15.4-inch LCD monitor, and Economy Class seats are equipped with a 10.6-inch LCD monitor.
  • AC Power. All First and Prestige Class seats as well as every 2-4 Economy class seats have a 110v AC power port. An adapter is not required.
  • Food. On all international flights, complimentary beverage and meal service is offered in all classes.

Korean Air Aircraft Fleet Wide-Body Boeing 777-200ER Images Gallery

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