WestJet Fleet Boeing 737-700 Details and Pictures

WestJet Boeing 737 7CT C FKIW Narrow body aircraft photos

WestJet Fleet Boeing 737-700 Details and Pictures. WestJet operated 54 narrow-body aircraft Boeing 737-700. The Boeing 737 is the most environmentally friendly model in its class in terms of fuel consumption and noise control. The aircraft are equipped with winglets to provide additional fuel savings. Thanks to its ultramodern computer technology and GPS, this model of aircraft can be steered with great precision and fuel economy. WestJet has operated a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft since it began in 1996. The narrow-body 737 happens to be one of the best-selling commercial jetliner in history. WestJet currently operates a fleet that spans through the generations of old and new. Latest additions to the fleet comprise of the 600 and the larger 800 series. Both add valuable and necessary flexibility to WestJet Airlines. However, the bulk of its fleet is made up of the Boeing 737-700.

WestJet Boeing 737 7CT C FBWJ landing at Vancouver International Airport
WestJet Boeing 737 7CT C FBWJ landing at Vancouver International Airport

Boeing 737-700 WestJet Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

Aircraft TypeRegAirlineConfigDeliveredPrev. RegFleet Number
Boeing 737-700C-FJWSWestJetW12Y118Jun 2001N1786B2
Boeing 737-700C-GWSHWestJetW12Y118Dec 200211
Boeing 737-700C-FKWSWestJetW12Y118Jul 2001N1787B3
Boeing 737-700C-FIWJWestJetW12Y118Feb 2007240
Boeing 737-700C-FTWJWestJetW12Y118Mar 2007N1786B241
Boeing 737-700C-FIWSWestJetW12Y118May 2001N1786B1
Boeing 737-700C-GLWSWestJetW12Y118Nov 2001N1787B5
Boeing 737-700C-FZWSWestJetW12Y118Jan 20026
Boeing 737-700C-GWBJWestJetW12Y118Sep 2003N1787B215
Boeing 737-700C-GWBTWestJetW12Y118Nov 2003216
Boeing 737-700C-GWCMWestJetW12Y118Dec 2003N1786B217
Boeing 737-700C-GWBFWestJetW12Y118Aug 2003213
Boeing 737-700C-FWSFWestJetW12Y118Jan 2004218
Boeing 737-700C-FWSOWestJetW12Y118Feb 2004219
Boeing 737-700C-FWSVWestJetW12Y118Mar 2004220
Boeing 737-700C-FWSXWestJetW12Y118May 2004221
Boeing 737-700C-FWSYWestJetW12Y118May 2004222
Boeing 737-700C-GWAZWestJetW12Y118Jun 2004223
Boeing 737-700C-FGWJWestJetW12Y118Aug 2004226
Boeing 737-700C-FUWSWestJetW12Y118Sep 2004N1786B228
Boeing 737-700C-GWJFWestJetW12Y118Nov 2004229
Boeing 737-700C-FBWJWestJetW12Y118Jan 2005230
Boeing 737-700C-FXWJWestJetW12Y118Feb 2005N1786B231
Boeing 737-700C-FEWJWestJetW12Y118Mar 2005232
Boeing 737-700C-FMWJWestJetW12Y118Jul 2005N1786B233
Boeing 737-700C-GYWJWestJetW12Y118Feb 2006N1786B238
Boeing 737-700C-GRWSWestJetW12Y118Jun 20027
Boeing 737-700C-GTWSWestJetW12Y118Jul 20028
Boeing 737-700C-GUWSWestJetW12Y118Aug 20029
Boeing 737-700C-FWCNWestJetW12Y118Jul 2003212
Boeing 737-700C-GWJOWestJetW12Y118Jun 2004225
Boeing 737-700C-GCWJWestJetW12Y118Aug 2004227
Boeing 737-700C-GWBNWestJetW12Y118Aug 2005235
Boeing 737-700C-GWBXWestJetW12Y118Oct 2005N1786B236
Boeing 737-700C-GWCNWestJetW12Y118Nov 2005N1784B237
Boeing 737-700C-GWJEWestJetW12Y118Nov 2007245
Boeing 737-700C-GGWJWestJetW12Y118Jul 2007242
Boeing 737-700C-GWJGWestJetW12Y118Sep 2007243
Boeing 737-700C-GQWJWestJetW12Y118Nov 2007N1786B246
Boeing 737-700C-GMWJWestJetW12Y118Dec 2006N1779B239
Boeing 737-700C-FWSKWestJetW12Y118Jul 2008N1786B251
Boeing 737-700C-GVWJWestJetW12Y118Jan 2008247
Boeing 737-700C-GUWJWestJetW12Y118Jan 2008N1786B248
Boeing 737-700C-GWSUWestJetW12Y118Apr 2009N1787B252
Boeing 737-700C-FWSIWestJetW12Y118Aug 2009253
Boeing 737-700C-GWSPWestJetW12Y118Dec 2009N1787B258
Boeing 737-700C-GWSNWestJetW12Y118Nov 2009N1796B256
Boeing 737-700C-GWSOWestJetW12Y118Nov 2009N1796B257
Boeing 737-700C-GWSQWestJetW12Y118Dec 2009N1786B259
Boeing 737-700C-GSWJWestJetW12Y118Jul 2010261
Boeing 737-700C-FKIWWestJetW12Y118Apr 2011N1796B265
Boeing 737-700C-FIBWWestJetW12Y118May 2011N1786B266
Boeing 737-700C-FLWJWestJetW12Y118Jan 2011N1786B262
Boeing 737-700C-GWJTWestJetW12Y118Jan 2011N1787B263

WestJet Fleet Boeing 737-700 Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

WestJet fleet of 737-600, 737-700, and 737-800 aircraft features leather seats and Personal TVs or Wireless Entertainment and Internet Connectivity. WestJet’s B737-700 operates on short and medium-haul flights and has a 130 seats capacity.

The Plus section is located in the first three rows of the aircraft and offer 3-4 inches of additional pitch. Passengers seated in Plus will get advance boarding, first access to overhead bins, and complimentary food and beverages (selections vary). In addition, the Plus fare offers passengers priority screening (at available airports) and the ability to change or cancel flights for no fee.

Plus seats offer 4-5 inches of seat recline, Economy seats offer 3 inches of recline. All B and # seats will have a video entertainment or 110/USB power box underneath the seat in front limiting under seat storage space and legroom.

Boeing 737-700 WestJet Aircraft Interior Configuration and Technical Characteristics

Guest capacity134
EngineGE/Snecma CFM56-7B, 24,200 lb.
Standard seat pitch31-33 in./79-84 cm
Premium seat pitch33-36 in./84-91 cm
Lavatories2 (one lavatory at the front and one back of the aircraft)
Cruise speed530 mph/850 kph/460 knots
Maximum altitude41,000 ft./12,500 m
Range3,800 mi./6,115 km
Wingspan112 ft. 7 in./34.3 m
Length110 ft. 4 in./33.6 m
Tail height41 ft. 2 in./12.5 m
Cargo container dimensionForward hold
48 in./122 cm wide
51 in./129.5 cm tall1Aft hold
48 in./122 cm wide
48 in./122 cm tall1
Premium seat blockers are used in the first three rows of all Boeing 737 aircraft models. Please be aware that seat blockers may not be removed except by members of our cabin crew to facilitate transport of guests with special needs.1Please note: the cargo door on the 737 opens inward and restricts the opening to a maximum of 33 in. (84 cm) in height. Items that exceed this height may need to be turned on their side or angled to fit through the opening. Items (including mobility devices) that that are too large to fit through the opening, cannot be turned on their side, or cannot be angled to fit through the cargo door opening, will not be accepted.

Seat Map and Seating Chart WestJet Boeing 737-700

Economy Plus seats may accommodate 12 passengers. The seats of this class are located in 4 rows. The middle seats are locked providing passengers of economy plus seats with additional space and more privacy.

The seats of the economy plus class have 4-8 inches higher pitch.

The legroom of the seats 1D, 1F and 2A, 2C is restricted because of the position of the bulkhead. Among other disadvantages: reduced width of the seats because the tray tables are built-in the armrests, the noise from the galley and lavatory located in front may cause discomfort as well as lack of floor storage during take-off and landing.

Economy class offers 118 standard seats . Most of this seats have 3-3 configuration. These seats are divided into two sections.

Presence of entertainment equipment under the seats B and E seats limits the legroom of these seats.

First section of economy class seats contains 44 seats. The main disadvantage of the seats 4DEF and 5ABC is limited legroom.

The seats 8A and 8F are considered bad seats because of missing windows.

Due to the exit row located behind the seats 10DEF and the seats of the 11th row are not reclining. For passengers traveling with a partner will be ideal the seats 1D and 11E.

The second section of economy class seats consists of 13 rows: 12 of them have 3-3 configuration and one row contains 2 seats. So, there are totally 74 seats here.

Thanks to the exit row located in front the seats 12ABC and 12 F offer extra legroom. These seats are considered the best seats. At the same time these seats are a little narrower than standard because the tray tables are in the armrests making them immovable. Also the seats 12ABC have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

Location of the galley and lavatory behind may cause discomfort for passengers of the seats 23ABC, 23 D and 24DE.

The seats 24DE are perfect for passengers traveling in a couple.

Boeing 737-700 WestJet Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities Information

  • Video. WestJet is transitioning from seatback monitors to a new wireless entertainment system. The 737 fleet will be equipped with WestJet Connect, a wireless streaming server with access to over 500 hours of free movies and television episodes, as well as 3 channels of live streaming TV and connection to the Internet (a paid service from $4.99 to $16.09) More Information. Earbuds are available for purchase on all WestJet flights that offer in-flight entertainment options. Passengers can also use their own earbuds. All 3.5 mm (aproximately 1/8 in) stereo headphone connections (with one prong) will work with WestJet systems. For a description of the earbuds available for purchase, please visit the WestJet buy-on-board page.
  • AC Power. Aircraft equipped with new Slimline seats feature 110-volt AC power ports (compatible with North American, European, and British standards).
  • Internet. WestJet is transitioning to a new wireless entertainment system which includes connection to the Internet. Various time-length passes are available. Fees range from $4.99 to $16.09.
  • Food. On all flights over 70 minutes, WestJet is offering a complimentary beverage service which includes soft drinks, juice, coffee or tea, as well as passengers’ choice of a sweet or salty snack. On most flights over 1 hour and 40 minutes, snacks can be purchased through Westjet’s Buy on Board program. View Menu

WestJet Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Single Aisle Boeing 737-700 Images Gallery

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