American Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures

American Airlines Fleet Boeing 737-800 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, American Airlines operates 304 narrow body aircrafts Boeing 737-800. The year of the first American Airlines Twin Jets Boeing 737-800 aircraft is 1997.

Passenger airplane Boeing 737-800 represents Next Generation of Boeing 737 family. This plane was developed to change Boeing 737-400 and differs from it with new wing, empennage, digital cabin head and better engines.

American Airlines fleet Boeing 737-800 to be reconfigured with 172-seat configuration by 2021. Older 737-800 aircraft to be replaced by Boeing 737 MAX 8 from 2020.

Twin Jets Boeing 737-823 American Airlines
Twin Jets Boeing 737-823 American Airlines

Boeing 737-800 American Airlines Fleet Data and Registration Number

N914ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N923ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N905ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N935ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N910ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N921ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N903ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N906ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N939ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N907ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N941ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N901ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N940ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N944ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N928ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N945ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N904ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N943ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N934ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N925ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N912ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N927ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N931ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N924ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N922ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N919ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N929ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N902ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N938ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N913ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N942ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N926ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N937ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N946ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N920ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N915ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N930ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N909ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N936ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N918ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N932ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N933ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N908ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N917ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N916ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N803NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N948ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N954ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N971ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N808NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N802NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N806NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N956ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N973ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N966ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N969ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N962ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N975ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N809NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N959ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N957ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N974ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N805NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N965ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N961ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N980ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N967ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N800NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N982ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N987ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N801NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N807NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N972ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N991ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N978ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N981ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N950ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N955ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N979ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N963ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N970ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N958ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N952AABoeing 737-823(WL)
N953ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N990ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N976ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N989ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N964ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N951AABoeing 737-823(WL)
N983ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N960ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N804NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N992ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N949ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N968ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N947ANBoeing 737-823(WL)
N816NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N852NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N833NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N814NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N817NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N845NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N830NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N839NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N824NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N847NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N850NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N838NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N857NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N835NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N821NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N836NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N841NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N848NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N811NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N813NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N854NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N812NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N831NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N832NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N837NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N860NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N834NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N856NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N815NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N858NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N844NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N825NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N818NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N840NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N820NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N853NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N827NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N849NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N823NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N851NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N859NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N819NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N846NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N826NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N843NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N822NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N810NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N855NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N829NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N861NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N842NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N897NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N874NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N896NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N871NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N913NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N868NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N878NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N883NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N870NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N912NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N904NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N909NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N872NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N885NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N862NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N884NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N886NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N867NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N899NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N863NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N887NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N866NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N898NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N879NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N905NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N882NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N908NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N877NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N865NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N875NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N869NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N880NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N910NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N864NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N891NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N915NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N902NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N907NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N893NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N906NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N901NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N890NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N903NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N892NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N876NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N894NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N881NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N873NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N895NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N914NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N889NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N957NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N951NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N919NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N916NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N931NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N952NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N927NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N925NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N940NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N942NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N944NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N943NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N959NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N928NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N963NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N917NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N948NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N922NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N936NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N929NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N955NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N966NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N950NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N923NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N965NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N964NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N938NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N961NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N953NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N947NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N954NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N935NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N962NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N937NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N939NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N958NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N921NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N946NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N949NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N926NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N941NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N930NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N933NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N960NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N924NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N934NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N956NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N920NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N945NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N918NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N932NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N991NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N981NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N309PCBoeing 737-823(WL)
N354PTBoeing 737-823(WL)
N976NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N200NVBoeing 737-823(WL)
N973NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N315PEBoeing 737-823(WL)
N306NYBoeing 737-823(WL)
N992NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N987NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N983NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N986NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N970NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N339PLBoeing 737-823(WL)
N990NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N972NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N982NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N969NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N977NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N985NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N316PFBoeing 737-823(WL)
N317PGBoeing 737-823(WL)
N968NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N967NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N984NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N337PJBoeing 737-823(WL)
N346PRBoeing 737-823(WL)
N338PKBoeing 737-823(WL)
N301PABoeing 737-823(WL)
N994NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N971NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N306PBBoeing 737-823(WL)
N301NWBoeing 737-823(WL)
N993NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N988NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N996NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N979NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N342PMBoeing 737-823(WL)
N995NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N989NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N352PSBoeing 737-823(WL)
N997NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N344PPBoeing 737-823(WL)
N998NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N314PDBoeing 737-823(WL)
N335PHBoeing 737-823(WL)
N305NXBoeing 737-823(WL)
N980NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N343PNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N978NNBoeing 737-823(WL)
N355PUBoeing 737-823(WL)
N357PVBoeing 737-823(WL)
N358PWBoeing 737-823(WL)
N359PXBoeing 737-823(WL)
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American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Seating Chart and Class Configuration Details Overview

American Airlines owns two versions of Boeing 737-800 airplanes. This aircraft reflects an upgraded interior featuring Main Cabin Extra seating.

Main Cabin Extra seats will be located in the front portion of the Main Cabin allowing easier boarding and deplaning.

Customers traveling in Main Cabin Extra seats will enjoy four to six inches of extra leg room compared to a standard Main Cabin seat as well as priority boarding privileges.

Inflight entertainment is provided through a seat back inflight entertainment monitor or your personal portable devices, depending on which version you are on.

American Airlines B737-800 Seating Plan 160 Seats Layout

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Cabin Configuration Version 1 – 160 seats
American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Cabin Configuration Version 1 – 160 seats

Version-1 of Boeing 737-800 displays of 160 seats. 16 of them are for passengers of the First Class, 30 are in Main Cabin Extra and 114 in Economy class. American Airlines use these airplanes mainly for trips inside the country.

The seats from 1A to 1F of the business class have less space in front of them because of the bulkhead that is located in front of them and plus there is no floor storage during take-off and landing.

The seats of the 7th row also have less space for the same reason as the seats of the 1st row. Also there can be not enough room for passengers’ hand language as overhead bin may be used by airplane equipment.

Seats 10A and 10E have such a peculiarity as missing window. However, these seats were denoted Preferred Seats and are often reserved for elite passengers. And for booking this seat an extra charge is imposed.The seats 12A and 12E were also denoted Preferred Seats. They have misaligned windows.

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Seats of the 13th row are located in front of Emergency Exits and may be not reclining. Nevertheless these seats are also Preferred Seats and require reservation with extra charge.

The seats of the 14th and 15th row are located in front of Emergency Exits. That is why passengers of these seats may take advantage of extra room for their legs. But the seats of the 14th row don’t recline and the seats of the 15th row have limited recline and passengers of these seats may get cold by the exits during the flight.

Seats 29C and 29D are standard sears, but the close position of lavatories and galleys may be bothersome as well as for the passengers of the last, 30th row. The seats from 30A to 30F are considered bad seats.

First1639 – 40″20.4 – 21″availableOverhead, personal deviceavailable
Main Cabin Extra3034″, bulkhead, exit row15.9 – 17.3″availableOverhead, personal deviceavailable
Main Cabin11431″15.9 – 17.3″availableOverhead, personal deviceavailable

American Airlines B737-800 Seating Plan 150 Seats Layout

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Cabin Configuration Version 2 – 160 seats
American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Cabin Configuration Version 2 – 160 seats

Version-2 of Boeing 737-800 is new and represents MCE configuration. Cabin of this Boeing 737-800 may accommodate 150 passengers: 16 seats are for First Class passengers, 48 seats are situated in Main Cabin Extra and 86 seats in Economy class.

The First class seats 3A, 3B, 3E and 3F (the seats of the 1st row) have no floor storage during take-off and landing and the position of the bulkhead in front of these seats is uncomfortable for passengers.

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The seats of the 1st row of Main Cabin Extra (seats from 8A to 8F) have extra space for passengers’ legs but the seats are little narrower as the tray tables are built into the armrests. Also there is less space for hand-luggage as there is no floor storage here during take-off and landing and the overhead bins may be also reserved for airplane equipment.

The seats 10A and 10F have no windows. The seats 12A and 12F have misaligned windows.

The seats of 13th row have such a disadvantage as non-reclining option due to the Emergency exit behind them.

The seats of the 14th and 15th row feature extra space in front of them due to the Emergency Exits located in front of them. However, the width of these seats is reduced as the tray table are in the armrests and make them immovable. Also passengers of these seats may get cold during the flight.

The seats 16A, 16C, 16 D and 16F as well as the same seats of 17th row have extra room around them due to the missing middle seats. However, these seats have immovable armrests.

The seats 29C and 29D and the seats of the last row of the plane (30th row) have such a disadvantage as proximity of WC and galleys.

First1638″20.4″availableSeatback screensavailable
Main Cabin Extra3034″, bulkhead, exit rows17.1 – 17.3″availableSeatback screenavailable
Main Cabin11431″16.9 – 17.3″availableSeatback screenavailable

American Airlines Narrow Body Boeing 737-800 In-flight amenities Information

  • Audio. A variety of music selections are available and accessed through the seat back inflight entertainment monitor or personal portable devices, depending on which version you are on.
  • Video. A variety of films, television shows, documentaries, and games are available for viewing. All may be accessed through the seat back inflight entertainment monitor or personal portable devices, depending on which version you are on.
  • AC Power. Personal 110v power ports are offered at all seats in First and Main Cabin Extra and shared between seats in Economy.
  • Internet. American Airlines offers internet service using Gogo service. Connectivity is available for laptops and mobile devices. The service is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude (NOTE:  service might not be available on select routes). More information about the service, availability, and pricing options is listed here.
  • Food. Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary on all flights. Alcoholic beverages are complimentary in First, Business, Premium Economy, and in the Main Cabin on certain long-haul international flights.Food service depends on route, length of flight, and time of day. First, Business, and Premium Economy passengers are offered premium dining. Main Cabin passengers on long-haul international and certain US transcontinental flights are offered complimentary  multi-course meals. Sandwiches, wraps, and snack boxes are available for purchase in the Main Cabin on other flights (US domestic, Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico). Additional information for each class is available in the “Travel Information / During your flight” section on

American Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Aircraft Boeing 737-800 Images Gallery

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