IndiGo Fleet Airbus A321neo Details and Pictures

IndiGo Fleet Airbus A321neo Details and Pictures. On current fleet, IndiGo operates 16 narrow-body aircraft Airbus A321neo.

IndiGo took delivery of its first Airbus A321neo on 28 December 2018, marking the first of the variant to be operated in India.

The aircraft features 222 seats in an all-economy layout, compared to 180/186 seats on its A320neos.

Like IndiGo’s A320neos, the A321neo is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines.

The addition of the A321neo to its fleet is expected to give IndiGo more options to pursue its long-haul aims.

IndiGo Airbus A321neo VT IUD at Abu Dhabi
IndiGo Airbus A321neo VT IUD at Abu Dhabi

Airbus A321neo IndiGo Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

RegAircraft TypeDelivered
VT-IUAAirbus A321neoDec 2018
VT-IUBAirbus A321neoApr 2019
VT-IUCAirbus A321neoMay 2019
VT-IUDAirbus A321neoMay 2019
VT-IUEAirbus A321neoMay 2019
VT-IUFAirbus A321neoDec 2019
VT-IUGAirbus A321neoSep 2019
VT-IUHAirbus A321neoOct 2019
VT-IUIAirbus A321neoJun 2020
VT-IUJAirbus A321neoDec 2019
VT-IUKAirbus A321neoFeb 2020
VT-IULAirbus A321neoDec 2019
VT-IUMAirbus A321neoFeb 2020
VT-IUNAirbus A321neoMar 2020
VT-IUOAirbus A321neoJun 2020
VT-IUVAirbus A321neoMar 2020

IndiGo Fleet Airbus A321neo Cabin Interior Class Configuration and Seats Layout

IndiGo flies the Airbus A321neo with 222 seats in a one-class configuration of Economy.

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This aircraft has no in-flight entertainment.

Emergency Exit Row seats cost extra to reserve.

There are three lavatories, one at the front and the rest two at the tail end of the plane.

Rows 1, 17, 18 and 27 are extra legroom seats.

The emergency exits are located next to rows 17 and 18.

IndiGo offer advance seat reservations to their passengers; you may choose a window seat, aisle seat or a seat with extra legroom.

The leg room looked much better than the usual IndiGo A320 aircraft.

Remember, there are no IFE or power ports on IndiGo‚Äôs aircraft, and there are indeed no plans to provide these, even though their ambitions of flying routes as far-flung as London remain in place.

This might be a deal breaker for many passengers, as Indians so far, are used to such amenities on medium/long haul flying and I see inculcating the habit of self-owned and operated entertainment as one of the biggest challenges IndiGo will have to face, along with the absence of proper hot food options.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A321neo IndiGo

Narrow-body aircraft Airbus A321neo IndiGo has single economy class configuration with total capacity 222 seats.

Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A321neo IndiGo
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A321neo IndiGo

Airbus A321neo IndiGo Aircraft Fleet Inflight Amenities and On-Board Services Information

  • Food. IndiGo offers a selection of food and beverages for sale onboard which include wraps, sandwiches, and snacks, including vegetarian options. Juice, soft drinks and bottled water are available for purchase. Complimentary drinking water is offered on all IndiGo flights.
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IndiGo Aircraft Fleet Narrow-Body Airbus A321neo Images Gallery

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