United Airlines Fleet Airbus A319-100 Details and Pictures

United Airlines Fleet Airbus A319-100 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, United Airlines operates 75 narrow-body aircrafts Airbus A319-100.

Airbus A319-100 is passenger flight for airlines of short and medium haul.

United Airlines also placed order for other 31 aircraft Airbus A319-100.

14 aircraft to be acquired from China Southern Airlines and 20 aircraft to be acquired from 2020-2021.

In 1990 Airbus Industry has started preliminary researches of 120-seats variant of Airbus A320 with shortened body.

It assumed removal of three rows of the seats that was shown in identification code A320 M-7. Later the aircraft got the reference A319.

Officially program of Airbus A319-100 construction began in the end of May 1992.

Front-line creation began only in June 1993 when consortium was firmly sure of safe market for Airbus A319 on which the main competitors were American airplanes Boeing 737-300 and 737-500 and McDonald Douglas MD-87.

Airbus A319-131 cn:serial number- 788 United Airlines Fleet 1998 to date as N806UA at Los Angeles International Airport
Airbus A319-131 cn:serial number- 788 United Airlines Fleet 1998 to date as N806UA at Los Angeles International Airport

Airbus A319-100 United Airlines Aircraft Fleet Data and Registration Number

N4866UAirbus A319-132
N4868UAirbus A319-132
N4869UAirbus A319-132
N4888UAirbus A319-132
N5867UAirbus A319-132
N801UAAirbus A319-131
N802UAAirbus A319-131
N803UAAirbus A319-131
N804UAAirbus A319-131
N805UAAirbus A319-131
N806UAAirbus A319-131
N807UAAirbus A319-131
N808UAAirbus A319-131
N809UAAirbus A319-131
N810UAAirbus A319-131
N811UAAirbus A319-131
N812UAAirbus A319-131
N813UAAirbus A319-131
N814UAAirbus A319-131
N815UAAirbus A319-131
N816UAAirbus A319-131
N817UAAirbus A319-131
N818UAAirbus A319-131
N819UAAirbus A319-131
N820UAAirbus A319-131
N821UAAirbus A319-131
N822UAAirbus A319-131
N823UAAirbus A319-131
N824UAAirbus A319-131
N825UAAirbus A319-131
N826UAAirbus A319-131
N827UAAirbus A319-131
N828UAAirbus A319-131
N829UAAirbus A319-131
N830UAAirbus A319-131
N831UAAirbus A319-131
N832UAAirbus A319-131
N833UAAirbus A319-131
N834UAAirbus A319-131
N835UAAirbus A319-131
N836UAAirbus A319-131
N837UAAirbus A319-131
N838UAAirbus A319-131
N839UAAirbus A319-131
N840UAAirbus A319-131
N841UAAirbus A319-131
N842UAAirbus A319-131
N843UAAirbus A319-131
N844UAAirbus A319-131
N845UAAirbus A319-131
N846UAAirbus A319-131
N847UAAirbus A319-131
N848UAAirbus A319-131
N849UAAirbus A319-131
N850UAAirbus A319-131
N851UAAirbus A319-131
N852UAAirbus A319-131
N853UAAirbus A319-131
N854UAAirbus A319-131
N855UAAirbus A319-131
N870UBAirbus A319-132
N871UAAirbus A319-133
N876UAAirbus A319-132
N877UAAirbus A319-132
N889UAAirbus A319-132
N890UAAirbus A319-132
N891UAAirbus A319-132
N892UAAirbus A319-132
N893UAAirbus A319-132
N894UAAirbus A319-132
N895UAAirbus A319-132
N896UAAirbus A319-132
N897UAAirbus A319-132
N898UAAirbus A319-132
N899UAAirbus A319-132
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United Airlines Fleet Airbus A319-100 Cabin Specification and Class Configuration

Interior elementsUnited First®United Economy Plus®United Economy®
Number of seats84278
Exit rows/doorsFront of cabinRow 21Back of cabin
Seat configuration2-23-33-3
Standard seat pitch37″ (93 cm)34″ (86 cm)30″ (76 cm)
Standard seat recline6″ (15 cm)5″ (12 cm)3″ (7 cm)
Seat width19″ (48 cm – 50 cm)17.7″ (44 cm)17.7″ (43 cm – 44 cm)
Movable aisle armrestsRows 8-21Rows 22-35
EntertainmentPersonal device entertainmentPersonal device entertainmentPersonal device entertainment
Power outletsYesYes

This Airbus A319 (319) seats 128 passengers and is primarily used on Domestic routes.

This next-generation aircraft features a First Class cabin outfitted with 8 recliner seats.

The Economy Plus cabin is outfitted with 42 seats and Economy Class features 78 seats.

The Economy Cabin has been outfitted with Recaro’s slimline seats that according to United boasts an extra inch of knee-space and another half-inch more headroom.

Economy Plus is offered on this aircraft type.

Economy Plus is not a separate class of service but is standard economy with up to 5 inches of extra legroom.

These seats are located nearer to the front of the aircraft and passengers in this section will be served first.

Charges for these seats will depend on routing and may be purchased at the of booking or check-in.

United is currently in the process of outfitting their fleet of A319s with power ports in First and Economy Plus.

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So, power ports may not be available on your specific flight.

Please check with the airline to confirm.

United Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Aircraft Airbus A319-100 Seating Chart and Seat Maps Details

Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A319 100 United Airlines
Seat Map and Seating Chart Airbus A319 100 United Airlines

Airbus A 319-100 has 128 seats divided into 3 classes: First Class, Economy Plus and Economy Class.

First class may accommodate 8 passengers.

The seats of the first class have 2 rows of seats that have 2-2 configuration.

The seats of the first row have limited legroom because of the bulkhead position and have no floor storage during take-off and landing.

The seats 1A and 1F have misaligned windows.

Behind the first class Economy Plus class is located.

Economy plus consists of 7 seats per 6 seats on each.

Passengers of the seats of the 7th row will take advantage of extra space for their legs due to the position of the bulkhead.

As the tray tables are in the armrest, the width of these seats is reduced a little.

The seats of the 20th row are not reclining as exit row is located behind them.

The seats 21A and 21F are considered good seats as they have extra legroom due to the exit row located in front.

Economy class may transport 78 standard seats.

The seats are located in 13 rows and have 3-3 configuration.

The only disadvantage of the seats 34C and 34D is close location of the lavatories and galleys.

The seats of the 35th row are considered bad seats as they do not recline and other passengers and crew members are often passing by.

United Airlines Fleet Narrow Body Aircraft Airbus A319-100 Inflight Amenities Information

  • AC Power. Individual 110v power ports are available in First. In Economy Plus, 110v power ports are shared between seats.
  • Internet. On all A319s United Airlines offers internet service for domestic US flights. Connectivity is available for laptops or mobile devices. The service is available once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet cruising altitude. Click here for more information.
  • Food.Non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased in Economy and are free of charge in Premium Cabins (First/Business). Premium alcohol is also available on select flights for purchase.
    • Premium Cabins: offered snacks on flights under 2.5 hours, offered full meal service with on flights 2.5 hours and longer
    • Economy Class: Snack Shop and Bistro on Board offerings available for purchase on most flights, complementary meals/snacks are available on Caribbean, select Latin America, trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific (excluding continental U.S. to/from Hawaii), intra-Pacific, Micronesia, and South American flights

      More Information

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